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More than 500K teachers, kids and parents have already seen huge results. It’s your turn now.
Moms Choice Gold Award
Moms Choice Gold Award
Homeschool  Seal of Approval
Homeschool Seal of Approval
Parent’s Choice Gold Award
Parent’s Choice Gold Award
National Parenting Product Award
National Parenting Product Award
Tillywig Brain Child Award
Tillywig Brain Child Award
Education Hero of The Year
Education Hero of The Year
The EdTech Cool Tool Award
The EdTech Cool Tool Award
The EdTech Leadership Award
The EdTech Leadership Award
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Ready to see why our K-8 award-winning program is the right fit for your child?
K-8 Math and ELA Video Lectures
Your subscription includes ALL grades so you can access video lessons from different grades. We cover and teach every topic your child needs to know for their grade level! All of our video lessons are taught by licensed-teachers and the videos are designed to be engaging!
image K-8 Math and ELA Video Lectures
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Practice Questions Tailored for Each Grade
Practice makes perfect and inside our platform, students can take quizzes to see if they have mastered a particular topic. More importantly, we offer video explanations to our quizzes so if your child gets stuck on a question, they can always watch a video explanation.
Unlimited Printable Worksheets
Print thousands of worksheets from our database. We are constantly creating math worksheets for grades K through 8! What's the difference between ArgoPrep math worksheets and other worksheets you can find online? Every worksheet we create is designed with beautiful illustrations to keep your child engaged.
We understand how coronavirus has impacted your child’s education for the past several months.
Let us do the hard work and help your child avoid learning loss. In a recent survey of 500 parents, 93% of parents reported ArgoPrep is significantly helping their child improve their skills.
Access to all your children in one place
Parents can easily create child accounts with separate access with no additional charges. Parents will be able to track the progress of their child on the dashboard and see how they performed on quizzes or even which video lessons they watched.
image Access to all your children in one place
image image Unlimited educational resources
Unlimited educational resources
We are really happy to say we are constantly uploading more resources such as printable worksheets so our users have continuous access to new materials. With the click of a button, parents can print beautiful worksheets so their child can work on it.
Track Progress
We understand tracking progress is critical. Our online system is designed to help you understand and improve your skills. Not only can you see what questions are correct or incorrect, we also have detailed video explanations to all of our quizzes so you can watch videos to understand how to solve the problem correctly.
image Track Progress
Raise Your Child’s Math and Reading Scores!

Practice Questions
Video Lectures
Worksheets, Games and more
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Your Child Moves Ahead of the Class With ArgoPrep
We understand your worry!
That is why we are removing all barriers, and bringing the best curriculum and teachers together.
14 Day Free Trial
7 Days Free Trial
Sign up, worry-free! There is absolutely no obligation. You can cancel your trial at anytime.
ArgoPrep was awarded 15 educational awards just in the past 12 months!
Licensed Teachers
Licensed Teachers
Our materials, lessons, and quizzes are created by state-certified teachers.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need ArgoPrep’s K-8 subscription?
If you are looking to help your child boost their Math and English scores, ArgoPrep is the perfect solution for you. With the subscription, you will be able to access video lessons, quizzes, drills, and printable worksheets.  
Do I have access to only one grade?
You will have access to our entire Kindergarten through 8th grade online resources. You can use one subscription for multiple children! We understand the importance of high-quality resources and affordability. We want to provide you with everything you need in one place, so with one simple subscription you are able to access resources and practice from all grades in Kindergarten through 8th grade. 
Do I need to pay for each child?
One subscription is all you need if you have more than one child. We do not charge extra for additional child accounts.
How do I cancel my free trial?
Super simple! Once logged in, click on your name and then the Subscription Details button. You can cancel your subscription with just one click. 
What our customers have to say
Don’t take our word for it...
star star star star star
Very comprehensive book. Some chapters are quite challenging but quite doable. Very pleased with the quality of the books. The main advantage is online video lectures. This Kindergarten workbook will definitely help child to be ready for school and beyond.  
Karl B.
icon Verified customer
star star star star star
My 3rd grader uses this book to practice what he learned at school. Thanks to the video explanations, we analyze topics with which certain difficulties arise. My son can learn from it independently and I just check the answers. An excellent addition to the main program.
Anna D.
icon Verified customer
star star star star star
Wow. Very comprehensive materials. Our family has used many different online education platforms. This one for sure is one of my favorites. For the price, they charge you really get a lot. Worksheets, quizzes, drills, video explanations, lectures, and great support. My child is in 4th grade and for this grade, they have 50+ video […]
Daisy Harmon
icon Verified customer
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