1st Grade Math: Worksheets Vs Activities Online

1st Grade Math: Worksheets Vs Activities Online

There’s no denying that 1st grade math activities online are growing in popularity. Most educators that I know are really learning to incorporate online math into their daily routines. But how much? How is online curriculum changing the game? Does this mean a prospective end for physical 1st grade math worksheets? Let’s take a look at history, statistics, and where the trends seem to be going. We’ll also give you some tips for finding a healthy balance between books and the web.

Online Math: Some History

We’ve come a long way. The idea of “distance learning” began in the 1720s in Boston. Lessons were taught by mail. Fast-forward a few hundred years to the 1920s, and things have developed. Around this time, Penn State offered courses via radio lessons. Fast-forward some more to 1969: the Department of Defense invents the internet. As one can imagine, online education skyrocketed from there. By 2000, a variety of new online education tools had been developed and implemented. Improvements in technology lowered the overall costs of online learning, speeding the progression even further.

Some Fast Stats

  • Currently, 98% of colleges and universities offer online courses and degrees.
  • According to a survey, 33% of college students are taking courses online.
  • 68% or so of teachers use instructional technology in K-12 classes.
  • From 2010 to 2014, the percentage of school districts that offered online courses in the US went from 50% to 75%.
  • From 2009 to 2014, the number of K-12 students went from 1.5 million to just under 3 million.

Future Prospects (of 1st grade math worksheets and more)

Whether it’s college courses, high school tests, or 1st grade math activities, online curriculum is only becoming more prominent. Computer skills are becoming an increasingly important ability as more and more education takes place on a screen. Student profiles and portfolios will likely become an important factor in schooling. Many young students value the impact of technology in classrooms. Some even regard it as necessary.

This will indubitably keep the computer ball rolling. The flexibility and individuality of online education will allow for personalized, career-based education. The cost of online courses has gone down and will likely continue to do so as technology improves and permeates schooling. With these lower costs, more parents and students will opt for it over traditional school.

So, should you ditch the 1st grade math worksheets and switch to online only? The answer is no. At least, not yet. Traditional school is still a norm and is going anywhere. As far as we can see, papers and pencils still have a firmly established place in education. However, there is no denying the growing presence of online components in your child’s education.

Next Steps

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Your little student is likely already extremely familiar with computers. They have probably done some 1st grade math activities online, played some games, and more. If they haven’t at home, they will at school. Don’t let this intimidate you. While many people oppose the growth of online education, it’s impossible to contest the advantages it has.

Educational resources and support have never been easier to access. For the environmentally conscious, digitization of information saves materials, cuts down commute emissions, and promotes minimalism. In my own classroom, we cut down on paper significantly by switching to online resources. Whether or not we like it, the internet is becoming more intrinsic in our daily lives. Your child will need to understand the basics of working a computer at the very least. Encourage productive use of computers to sharpen their skills.

Variety is essential to learning. Allow for a combination of physical and virtual learning. 1st grade math worksheets will exercise handwriting and computation. Alongside that, 1st grade math activities online will help your child become familiar with the ins and outs of computers. Seeing similar concepts in different contexts can help cement them in place.

Learning Styles

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Depending on the needs of your child and their learning style, one may factor in more than the other. The school your child attends may also have an impact on this. Some schools are more tech-heavy than others. These will change the amount of online practice your child gets.

If you are unsure how much online practice your student gets, ask their teacher. They will be able to give you a breakdown of what is being taught online and the extent that the internet is used. This can help you gauge how well your child does with it. It can also tell you how much you should implement online practice at home.

Ensure that your child works with high-quality resources. It’s easy to find 1st grade math worksheets on the web, but making sure they’re right for your child may not be. It’s important that the 1st grade math activities online match up with the ones they are doing in school. Keep up to date with what your child is learning and keep watch over what internet platforms they are using.

Finally, give thought to ArgoPrep’s education program. It cuts out the need to sort out the highest quality web material. Additionally, they have a range of physical study materials with correlating online tutorials.