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Studying isn’t like it used to be.

3rd grade math online practice is becoming popular. Pencils and papers have been joined by screens and keys, resulting in a vast expanse of learning opportunities.

Albeit these can be helpful, navigating these new territories can prove to be challenging.

Of all the grades I’ve taught, third is my favorite. Students really get to dive into math. They learn multiplication, division, and so much more.

All of these things are needed for real-world math.

3rd grade math online has never been more accessible. However, the sheer number of options available have the capacity to send you down a rabbit hole of decision-making.

How do you ensure that you provide the highest quality 3rd grade math practice for your child?

How do you know you can trust sites to truly help your child learn?

Are there any benefits of 3rd grade math online practice, or should you stick with pencil and paper?

Don’t let these questions discourage you. Caution is always key, but there are ways to find the answers.

Before finding the right website for your child to practice, you will need to become familiar with what their teacher will cover in 3rd grade math.


Your child will learn:


  • Properties of two-dimensional shapes
  • The basics of fractions through physical representation and examples
  • Multiplication and division understanding, operations, and strategies from 0-100
  • And more


Choosing High-Quality Practice Sites

Firstly, before clicking straightaway into a math site, take a look at the name of the site. Do a little research on the site.

Browse some reviews. Do the reviews boast a boost in students’ grades? Do they seem to focus on how entertaining the site is, or are they studded with compliments on how well they reinforce learning?

Secondly, once you become comfortable with a particular site or list of sites, spend a little time on the site yourself.

Does it fit your child’s studies? Does it include 3rd grade math online practice, or is it centered on middle school level math practice? Sort through the activity categories. Play a few of the games.

If answer keys are a part of the site, check and double-check that they are correct and not misleading. If you cannot get comfortable with the way a math site works, your child undoubtedly won’t either.

And finally, if the interface is straightforward, the curriculum is thorough, and the activities are engaging, then you’ve found an ideal 3rd grade math online forum.

While this process takes time, you may not have to go through it at all. ArgoPrep is designed to provide the best study reinforcement experience possible for your child.

Consider signing up for our learning platform that has been tried and tested for safety and effectiveness.  As a seasoned educator, I would definitely recommend it to all parents!


How 3rd Grade Math Online Practice Can Help Your Child

So you’ve found the right 3rd grade math online platform. Your child will benefit from this new type of practice in several ways.

To begin, the obvious must be stated: practicing online is very different than practicing on paper, both in the way that the practice is done, and the nature of the information displayed.

The site may have the problems and equations written in slightly different ways than your child is used to.

Moreover, it may guide your child through a new way to solve an equation. This is a healthy challenge for them, as learning in a variety of ways is extremely beneficial.


Your child will learn to interpret and recognize similar patterns in different contexts. However, avoid mistaking new positioning of the same equations for different types of equations altogether.

This will only confuse you and your child and will hurt the learning process, rather than help it. If you are unsure if the site’s activities and your child’s current studies coincide, get in touch with their teacher.

They will be able to clear up any misunderstanding and send you in the correct direction.

As well as the benefits of new exercises, computer skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s day and age.

Without the basic skills at the very least, your child may eventually fall short of their peers. Utilizing math sites is a productive way to cover both their math studies and their computer skills.

Through the application of 3rd grade math online, your child will learn how to navigate screens, improve hand-eye coordination, get comfortable with a mouse, and practice typing.


Finding a Balance

Keep in mind that while online practice is beneficial, it should in no way be the only tool employed. While online math practice is on the rise, pencil and paper aren’t going anywhere; they simply are no longer the sole method of study.

Typing has not phased out writing by hand. Encouraging handwritten practice will aid in cementing crucial writing skills, which are vital in your child’s schooling.

Incorporate online practice with handwritten practice by using online tutorials to explain concepts or playing relevant math games after they complete their homework. You can even schedule online and offline days; for example, designate

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as “online practice” days. However you balance math practice for your 3rd grader, online practice is sure to give them a boost.

Still, haven’t found the perfect math site? ArgoPrep is designed to turn your child’s struggles with learning into a love for learning.


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