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So, you’ve made it through 6th grade math: on to 7th grade math. Online practice may be an option you have not yet considered. This, of course, depends on the child and the situation. For most homeschoolers, using computers is probably an everyday part of schooling. For traditional students, computers sure aren’t new, but taking advantage of them at home may be. Even with my own middle schooler, I’ve made sure to embrace online practice options. There is a place for textbooks, a place worksheets, and individual instruction, but as an educator and a mom, I’ve found individual practice options using tech just as beneficial.

Technology at Home, Technology in Class

Computers are becoming more and more of a classroom staple. Assignments must often be typed, tests are taken online, homework is given digitally, entire courses are taught via the internet. There’s no getting around it—digital learning is growing. Middle school math is no exception. There are plenty of advantages to this, however. Most workplaces require some level of skill with technology. (Yes—even in places like restaurants.) Working with computers throughout schooling lets students become familiar with basic functions and essential abilities. There’s no denying how valuable those are. 

My own son is a great example of how this can play out in real life. This year, he turned 17 and got his first ‘real’ job at a fast-food restaurant. Before his training, I went over some things that I felt like he would need to know. One of these was how to count back money. If you’re over 30, this is probably something you learned long ago. You’d be surprised by how many teens have no clue how to subtract from a total in their heads and give back the correct amount of change. My child was no exception.

My solution? I pulled out the monopoly money. Although he appreciated the sentiment, he said, “Mom, I bet there’s a computer game or app for this.” Of course, there was. Since then, he’s passed training and is working on becoming a certified trainer himself. Because of his work ethic (go mom) and tech skills (thanks, teachers), he has made himself a valuable part of the team. Your middle school student obviously isn’t ready to work, but what he or she is learning now will be invaluable when the time comes.

7th Grade Math and the Internet

Additionally, technology widens horizons. Books are fabulous—we love them here at ArgoPrep—but so is the internet. The internet allows for more communication between students, educators, parents, and tutors alike. It gives people the chance to learn on their own time as well as in the classroom. It gives students the ability to choose any topic they like and get to understand it in any way they want. The resources available are countless, which comes in handy for students of 7th grade math. Online practice opens new and valuable doors for kids in every grade. Whether it’s a leg up during the semester or to combat that summer slide, there are more ways than ever to benefit from browsing some 7th grade math online.

Finding Help Math Online

The type of resource to look for depends on your child. Are they a visual learner? Then they’ll probably benefit from math demonstration videos. Take ArgoPrep’s learning platform, for example. It’s chock-full of the best instructional videos for 7th grade math. Online practice videos may not be enough, however: visual learners may benefit even more through writing through the problems and solutions themselves. ArgoPrep has that portion covered, too. With their extensive workbook selection and textbook sets, a multi-sided approach to learning 7th grade math online and at home is made possible. 

You can also find physical learning tools for 7th grade math online. Flash cards are a great example. You can quiz your student for a social and visual learning experience. Or, if they’re a solitary learner, flash cards make it easy for students to quiz themselves. There are also templates for interactive journals and tips for note-taking that can be found. Workbooks for extra practice, all the notebooks and graph paper your child will ever need, and tools like rulers and protractors are available online as well. No trip to the office supply store necessary. 

7th Grade Math: Other Options

Study and support groups are also available for 7th grade math. Online practice and question forums give your student the opportunity to ask exactly what they need to get to the next step. They also allow for discussion, positive reinforcement, and tips from students they would otherwise never meet.  

In the same vein, 7th grade math tutors are available via online programs and forums. While there are usually tutoring sessions held in school, homeschooling or studies over the summer may require a bit more than what is provided. Tutors can be hired out in many different ways, thanks to the internet. You can find local tutors online who will come and study with your student directly in your home. Alternatively, a great many tutors offer their services digitally. This usually comes in the form of a video call over Skype or some other communication platform. No webcam? No problem. There are tutoring chats available as well for a one-on-one study session. Online tutors, depending on where you look and the particular tutor you have chosen, are available all day, around the clock. They can work with any schedule and can help with any subject. 

App Options for 7th Grade Math Online Practice

They say there’s an app for everything. And, to an extent, it’s true. You might not be able to find an app that turns lead to gold (sorry, alchemists), but you can definitely find some for 7th grade math. Apps include instruction, videos, games, and more. And they come with a plus: they’re often free. While a free math app probably won’t teach your child the entire course, it can certainly help with practice. Games are a great way to cement some math concepts into place. They’re fun, visual, interactive, and often reward-based. One of the greatest incentives to do anything is to win, after all. 

We’ve mentioned it before, but we should mention it again: consider Argo Prep for your child’s studies. Their programs are comprehensive and all-in-one, leaving no room for any more 7th grade math struggles.


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