Adjectives Starting with B – 558 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with B – 558 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

What are adjectives?

The English language consists of a range of words that make our speech and writing more specific and interesting, such as adjectives. Imagine a sentence without the use of adjectives. Wouldn’t they sound uninteresting, flat, and uninspiring?

We have the parts of speech to help us enrich our writing and speech and add a spark of interest. Hence, whenever someone reads what we have written, our words help them envision what we’re describing. This is also why many of us love reading as a hobby, because of how the excellent written content sparks our imagination and helps us visualize scenes.

Boost your score Adjectives Starting with B

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However, in this short article, we will discuss all the interesting adjectives we know of with B.

In the next article you can know about adjectives starting with C.

b words to describe someone

Adjectives- What they are

We use adjectives to modify and describe other words, most typically nouns and pronouns. They are the descriptive words that help us craft more specific content and spark imagery in the reader’s mind. Adjectives help lift any piece of writing or speech and make it an interesting read for the audience.

For example, ‘The adorable dolphins put up a remarkable show.”

Just like that, adjectives can make even the simplest bit of information sound interesting and vivid. We use adjectives typically to quantify and identify unique things and individuals. For this purpose, we position them usually before pronoun or noun that we’re modifying.

However, there are also certain instances when we may place adjectives after nouns and pronouns. They’re a straightforward part of the speech to learn and with time, it becomes almost an effortless thing to use adjectives like a pro.

Let’s run you through a quick quiz to test your adjectives skills.

positive adjectives that start with b

Testing Your Adjective Skills

Choose the adjective from the options given.


List of Adjectives with B

adjectives beginning with b

Babbling Befuddled Biographical Blushing Bright
Baby Beginning Bite-sized Boastful Bright-eyed
Background Belching Biting Bodacious Bright-red
Backhanded Believable Bitter Bohemian Brilliant
Bacterial Bellicose Bizarre Boiling Briny
Bad Belligerent Black Boisterous Brisk
Bad-tempered Bellowing Black-and-blue Bold Bristly
Baffled Bendable Blamable Bookish Broad
Baffling Beneficial Blameless Booming Broken
Bald Benevolent Bland Boorish Broken-Hearted
Balding Benign Blank Bordering Bronchial
Balmy Bent Blaring Bored Bronze
Bandaged Berserk Blasphemous Boring Bronzed
Banging Best Blatant Born Brooding
Bankable Betrayed Blazing Bossy Brown
Banned Better Bleached Both Bruised
Bantering Better Off Bleak Bothered Brunette
Barbaric Better-Late-Than-Never Bleary Bouncing Brutal
Barbarous Bewildered Bleary-Eyed Bouncy Brutish
Barbequed Bewildering Blessed Boundless Bubbly
Barefooted Bewitched Blind Bountiful Budget
Barking Bewitching Blindfolded Boyish Built-In
Barren Biased Blinding Braided Bulky
Bashful Biblical Blissful Brainless Bumpy
Basic Big Blistering Brainy Bungling
Battered Big-City Bloated Brash Buoyant
Batty Bigger Blonde Brassy Bureaucratic
Bawling Biggest Bloodied Brave Burly
Beady Big-Headed Blood-Red Brawny Burnable
Beaming Bighearted Bloodthirsty Brazen Burning
Bearable Bigoted Bloody Breakable Bushy
Beautiful Bilingual Blooming Breathable Busiest
Beckoning Billable Blossoming Breathless Business
Bedazzled Billowy Blue Breathtaking Bustling
Bedazzling Binary Blundering Breezy Busy
Beefy Binding Blunt Bribable Buzzing
Beeping Bioactive Blurred Brick
Befitting Biodegradable Blurry Brief


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Final Thoughts

Adjectives are the descriptive words that enrich our text with vivid and vibrant details. Our list of adjectives with B will surely prove handy when you’re crafting your next piece of writing.