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What are adjectives?

Adjectives are descriptive words, with which we can quantify and identify individuals and unique things. We rely on parts of the speech in the English Language to refine and give structure to our sentences.

We can place sentences before our nouns or pronouns or even after them, depending on your sentence type. However, you can also use more than one adjective in a sentence. After all, being descriptive and detailed helps the readers visualize the scenes or information that the writer is describing.

Let’s briefly take a look at the kind of adjectives we have.

Possessive Adjectives

It is easy to figure by the name that possessive adjectives refer to a possession. Some examples include their, our, its, her, his, your and my. You may have already noticed that these same possessive adjectives also serve as possessive nouns.

Coordinate Adjectives

We separate coordinate adjectives with the word ‘and’ or by using a comma. Coordinate adjectives describe the same noun in a sentence. There are many sentences in which we often have to list several attributes of a noun. Take a look at an example:

The bright and sunny day was ideal for a picnic at the beach.

Bright and sunny are the two coordinate adjectives in our example above.

Demonstrative Adjectives

The beauty of adjectives is that they’re so easy to guess by their names and determine the purpose they serve. Demonstrative adjectives help us refer to or demonstrate specific things, animals and people. For example: that, this, those and these.


Interrogative Adjectives

We have three interrogative adjectives that help us modify nouns too. We use them these adjectives to ask questions. They include whose, what, and which. For example:

  • Whose bag is this?
  • What time should I reach?
  • Which color suits you best?

Quiz- Let’s Test Your Skills

Now that we have taught you what adjectives are, let’s test your skills on the concept. Choose the adjective from the options below:

  • Gown
  • Which
  • Boutique
  • most
  • Delicious
  • Bake
  • Cookies
  • you
  • Neighborhood’
  • House
  • Own
  • Gorgeous
  • Beach
  • Visit
  • Decided
  • Warm
  • Thirst
  • Chilled
  • Juice
  • Orange
  • Fanciest
  • Fit
  • Own
  • Anymore
  • Favorite
  • My
  • Dainty
  • Earrings
  • Suits
  • Simple
  • Me
  • Life
  • Student
  • Naughtiest
  • James
  • Class
  • Stakes
  • Town
  • Juiciest
  • Restaurant


List of Adjectives with C

Cackling Chilling Combative Conservative Coveted
Caged Chilly Combined Considerable Cowardly
Cagey Chivalrous Comfortable Considerate Cowering
Calculable Choice Comforted Consistent Coy
Calculated Choking Comforting Consoling Cozy
Calculating Choppy Comical Conspicuous Crabby
Callous Chronological Commanding Conspiratorial Cracked
Calm Chubby Commemorative Constant Crackling
Calming Chuckling Commendable Constitutional Crafty
Camouflaged Chunky Commercial Constrictive Craggy
Cancelled Cinematic Committed Constructive Crammed
Cancerous Circling Common Consumable Cramped
Candid Circular Communal Consummate Cranky
Cantankerous Circumstantial Communicable Contagious Crashing
Capable Civil Communicative Containable Crass
Capricious Civilian Communist Contemplative Craven
Captivated Civilized Compact Contemporary Crawling
Captivating Clammy Comparable Contemptible Crazy
Captive Clamoring Comparative Contemptuous Creaking
Carefree Clandestine Compassionate Content Creaky
Careful Clanging Compelling Contented Creamy
Careless Clapping Competent Contentious Creative
Caring Clashing Competitive Contextual Credible
Carnivorous Classic Complacent Continual Creeping
Carpeted Classical Complaining Continuing Creepy
Carsick Classifiable Complete Continuous Crestfallen
Casual Classified Completed Contoured Criminal
Catastrophic Classy Complex Contractual Crippled
Catatonic Clean Compliant Contradicting Crippling
Catchable Cleanable Complicated Contradictory Crisp
Caustic Clear Complimentary Contrarian Crispy
Cautious Cleared Compound Contrary Critical
Cavalier Clearheaded Comprehensive Contributive Crooked
Cavernous Clever Compulsive Contrite Cropped
Ceaseless Climatic Compulsory Controllable Cross
Celebrated Climbable Computer 3 Controlling Crossed
Celestial Clinging Computerized Controversial Crotchety
Centered Clingy Concealable Convenient Crowded
Central Clinical Concealed Conventional Crucial
Cerebral Cliquish Conceited Conversational Crude
Ceremonial Clogged Conceivable Convinced Cruel
Certain 2 Cloistered Concerned Convincing Crumbling
Certifiable Close Concerning Convoluted Crumbly
Certified Closeable Concerted Convulsive Crumply
Challenged Closed Concise Cooing Crunchable
Challenging Close-minded Concurrent Cooked Crunching
Chance 3 Cloudless Condemned Cool Crunchy
Changeable Cloudy Condensed Coolest Crushable
Changing Clownish Condescending Cooperative Crushed
Chanting Clueless Conditional Coordinated Crusty
Charging Clumsy Confident Copious Crying
Charismatic Cluttered Confidential Coquettish Cryptic
Charitable Coachable Confirmable Cordial Crystalline
Charmed Coarse Confirmed Corner 3 Crystallized
Charming Cockamamie Conflicted Cornered Cuddly
Chattering Cocky Conflicting Corny Culpable
Chatting Codified Conformable Corporate Cultural
Chatty Coercive Confounded Corpulent Cultured
Chauvinistic Cognitive Confused Correct Cumbersome
Cheap Coherent Confusing Correctable Cumulative
Cheapest Cohesive Congenial Corrective Cunning
Cheeky Coincidental Congested Corresponding Curable
Cheerful Cold Congressional Corrosive Curative
Cheering Coldhearted Congruent Corrupt Curious
Cheerless Collaborative Congruous Corrupting Curly
Cheery Collapsed Connectable Corruptive Current
Chemical 3 Collapsing Connected Cosmetic Cursed
Chewable Collectable Connecting Cosmic Curt
Chewy Collegial Connective Costly Curved
Chic Colloquial Conscientious Cottony Curvy
Chicken 3 Colonial Conscious Coughing Customary
Chief Colorful Consecutive Courageous Cut
Childish Colorless Consensual Courteous Cute
Childlike Colossal Consenting Covert Cutting


Final Thoughts

Adjectives are the describing words that help us modify nouns and pronouns. The next time you need help crafting your content with adjectives start from C, you will have our handy list to assist you.



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