Adjectives Starting with D – 296 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with D – 296 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

What are adjectives?

Adjectives are a part of the speech and contain words that describe a noun. These words fill in the gaps or shortcomings in our piece of writing or speech. Grammarians refer to the usage of adjectives as modifying nouns and pronouns.

We generally use adjectives when we wish to quantify or identify unique things or people. The primary purpose of using descriptive words is to enlist or state the qualities of a noun or pronoun. For instance, the silly dog, the blue water, furry coat, and lots more.

Boost your score Adjectives Starting with D

We usually place adjectives before nouns, so that makes it easy for us to spot them. But there can also be sentences that contain more than one or even multiple adjectives. However, adjectives often play more than just one role. Although we know they modify nouns, yet they can also complement linking verbs.

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In the next article you can know about adjectives beginning with E.

d words to describe someone

Adjectives – Their Uses.

There are many uses of adjectives, including describing how many or how much of the nouns or pronouns you’re describing. They also help you discuss the kind of things you want, see, or have experienced, etc. For example:

Place two white chairs on the stage, please.

Here you can see that two and white serve as modifying adjectives in the sentences. We also have other kinds of adjectives, including possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, and number adjectives. This helps indicate possessions, demonstrate things and persons, etc. and state the number of nouns and pronouns.

Let’s run a quick quiz below to test your adjective skills.

Testing Your Adjective Skills

Choose the correct adjective from the given options:

List of Adjectives with D

adjectives beginning with d

Daffy Deformed Devious Dishonest Doable
Daft Degenerative Devoted Dishonorable Documentary
Daily Degraded Devout Disillusioned Dogged
Dainty Dehydrated Dexterous Disinclined Doggish
Damaged Dejected Diabolical Disingenuous Dogmatic
Damaging Delectable Diagonal Disinterested Doleful
Damp Deliberate Didactic Disjointed Dollish
Danceable Deliberative Different Dislikeable Domed
Dandy Delicate Difficult Disliked Domestic
Dangerous Delicious Diffuse Disloyal Dominant
Dapper Delighted Digestive Dismal Domineering
Daring Delightful Digital Dismissive Dorsal
Dark Delinquent Dignified Disobedient Doting
Darkened Delirious Digressive Disorderly Double
Dashing Deliverable Dilapidated Disorganized Doubtful
Daughterly Deluded Diligent Disparaging Doubting
Daunting Demanding Dim Disparate Dovish
Dawdling Demented Diminishing Dispassionate Dowdy
Day Democratic Diminutive Dispensable Down
Dazed Demonic Dingy Displaced Down-and-out
Dazzling Demonstrative Diplomatic Displeased Downhearted
Dead Demure Dire Displeasing Downloadable
Deadly Deniable Direct Disposable Downtown
Deadpan Dense Direful Disproportionate Downward
Deaf Dependable Dirty Disproved Dozing
Deafening Dependent Disabled Disputable Drab
Dear Deplorable Disadvantaged Disputatious Drained
Debatable Deploring Disadvantageous Disputed Dramatic
Debonair Depraved Disaffected Disreputable Drastic
Decadent Depressed Disagreeable Disrespectful Dreaded
Decayed Depressing Disappearing Disruptive Dreadful
Decaying Depressive Disappointed Dissatisfied Dreaming
Deceitful Deprived Disappointing Dissimilar Dreamy
Deceivable Deranged Disapproving Dissolvable Dreary
Deceiving Derivative Disarming Dissolving Drenched
Decent Derogative Disastrous Dissonant Dress
Decentralized Derogatory Discarded Dissuasive Dressy
Deceptive Descriptive Discernable Distant Dried
Decimated Deserted Disciplined Distasteful Dripping
Decipherable Designer Disconnected Distinct Drivable
Decisive Desirable Discontented Distinctive Driven
Declining Desirous Discordant Distinguished Droll
Decorative Desolate Discouraged Distracted Drooping
Decorous Despairing Discouraging Distracting Droopy
Decreasing Desperate Discourteous Distraught Drowsy
Decrepit Despicable Discredited Distressed Drunk
Dedicated Despised Discreet Distressing Dry
Deep Despondent Discriminating Distrustful Dual
Deepening Destroyed Discriminatory Disturbed Dubious
Defeated Destructive Discussable Disturbing Due
Defective Detachable Disdainful Divergent Dulcet
Defendable Detached Diseased Diverging Dull
Defenseless Detailed Disenchanted Diverse Duplicitous
Defensible Detectable Disgraceful Diversified Durable
Defensive Determined Disgruntled Divided Dusty
Defiant Detestable Disgusted Divine Dutiful
Deficient Detrimental Disgusting Divisive Dwarfish
Definable Devastated Disheartened Dizzy Dwindling
Definitive Devastating Disheartening Dizzying Dynamic


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Adjectives starting with:

Final Thoughts

Adjectives describe nouns and pronouns in a sentence. They’re the words that indicate the attributes, quantity, and quality of a noun. Using adjectives helps enrich your text with imagery and vivid dimensions. Remember to refer to our list of adjectives with D for your next written piece.