Adjectives Starting with E – 211 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with E – 211 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

What are adjectives?

Do you wonder what adjectives are and how you can use them in your written text and speech? Let us help you learn about adjectives in this article.

Adjectives are a part of the speech that is comprised of descriptive words. We use these to describe a thing, place, or person. Adjectives describe or modify both nouns and pronouns. If we didn’t use adjectives in our text at all, people wouldn’t find reading interesting even slightly.

Boost your score Adjectives Starting with E

Hence, the main purpose of using adjectives is to tell people how delicious or disastrous your meal was, how adventurous or relaxing your vacation was etc. We know grammar has tricky concepts and it takes time to perfect these. You can use our printable worksheets to strengthen your skills.

positive adjectives that start with e

Intricacies of Adjectives

It wouldn’t be wrong to describe adjectives as information gatherers. Do you know why? The simple reason is that adjectives primarily provide detailed information about a noun’s color, age, type, size, material, origin, and lots more.

Want to take a look at some examples? Let’s list some down for you below!

  • We have an English table in the breakfast room
  • I love the grey rattan furniture in your garden
  • This dress has a very soft fabric

As you can see in the examples above, the bold words are adjectives because they describe the quality of the noun right after.

Now that you know what adjectives are all about, let’s quickly test how well you have grasped the concept.

words that start with e to describe someone


Adjectives Quiz

Choose the adjective from the given options.


Adjectives with E

adjectives beginning with e

Each Electrical Enhanced Eternal Expandable
Eager Electrifying Enigmatic Ethereal Expanded
Early Electronic Enjoyable Ethical Expanding
Earnest Elegant Enlarged Ethnic Expansive
Ear-piercing Elementary Enlightened Euphemistic Expectant
Ear-splitting Elevated Enormous Euphoric Expected
Earthshaking Elfish Enough Evasive Expedient
Earthy Eligible Enraged Even Expeditious
East Elite Ensuing Evenhanded Expendable
Eastern Eloquent Enterprising Evening Expensive
Easy Elusive Entertained Eventful Experimental
Eatable Emaciated Entertaining Eventual Expert
Eccentric Embarrassed Enthralled Everlasting Expired
Echoing Embarrassing Enthused Every Expiring
Ecological Embattled Enthusiastic Evil Explainable
Economic Embittered Enticing Evocative Explicit
Economical Emblematic Entire Exacerbating Exploding
Economy Emboldened Entranced Exact Exploitative
Ecstatic Embroiled Entrepreneurial Exacting Exploited
Edgy Emergency Enumerable Exaggerated Explosive
Editable Eminent Enviable Exalted Exponential
Educated Emotional Envious Exasperated Exposed
Educational Emotionless Environmental Exasperating Express
Eerie Empirical Episodic Excellent Expressionistic
Effective Empty Equable Exceptional Expressionless
Effervescent Enamored Equal Excessive Expressive
Efficacious Enchanted Equidistant Exchangeable Exquisite
Efficient Enchanting Equitable Excitable Extemporaneous
Effortless Encouraged Equivalent Excited Extendable
Effusive Encouraging Erasable Exciting Extended
Egalitarian Encrusted Erect Exclusive Extension
Egocentric Endangered Eroding Excruciating Extensive
Egomaniacal Endearing Errant Excusable Exterior
Egotistical Endemic Erratic Executable External
Eight Endless Erroneous Exemplary Extra
Eighth Endurable Eruptive Exhausted Extra-large
Either Enduring Escalating Exhausting Extraneous
Elaborate Energetic Esoteric Exhaustive Extraordinary
Elastic Energizing Essential Exhilarated Extra-small
Elated Enforceable Established Exhilarating Extravagant
Elderly Engaging Estimated Existing Extreme
Electric Engrossing Estranged Exotic Exuberant

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Final Thoughts

Adjectives are descriptive words that help enrich your text with vivid and interesting details. Every English language letter has a long list of adjectives starting with it, such as adjectives from C in our list. Make sure to broaden your vocabulary with these and impress readers with your fine language skills!

You can consider F adjectives list in our next article.