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When you’re learning grammar concepts, the most important tools you will meet are the parts of speech. Adjectives are one of the most essential language tools because they bring our text to life with imagery and vivid details.

The majority of English language sentences need nouns and pronouns to sound complete. However, they alone are not enough to make our writing or speech sound cohesive and complete. We need to include more descriptive words that accurately and thoroughly convey what we wish to, to the reader.

Do you know how we can do that? Adjectives are our best friends for this purpose!

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Adjectives- What they are

Adjectives are  
  that help us modify nouns and pronouns. We use them to list the attributes, quality and status etc. of the noun or pronoun under discussion. We all crave details and more information for everything, don’t we?

This is exactly what the adjectives provide. Now let’s suppose your best friend is vacationing in the Bahamas. Would you find meagre pieces of information like, ‘I’m on a holiday” satisfactory? Most definitely not and we wouldn’t either in your place.

However, what you’d find truly interesting is something like this; “Hey, I’m vacationing in the Bahamas. The place is sensational, ethereal and picturesque. Wait till you see pictures of pink-sand beaches, chic resorts and the water sports I’m enjoying here.”

Did you see what made the above example come alive and spark your imagination? Words like pink-sand, picturesque, sensational, and chic added the details your information-hungry brain wanted.

This dear friend is the magnificent power of adjectives. The descriptive words help readers imagine and visualize the scenes that the writer is trying to create with words.

Now that we’ve taught you about adjectives, let’s run a quick quiz to test your skills. Are you ready for it? Let’s go!


Quiz on Adjectives

Choose the adjective from the given options.

  • Raincoat
  • Yellow
  • Wearing
  • Today
  • Garden
  • Lawns
  • Manicured
  • Perfect
  • Grandpa
  • Fascinating
  • Stories
  • Always
  • Breakable
  • Glasses
  • Carefully
  • Handle
  • Village
  • Cottages
  • Wrecked
  • Stormy
  • Silly
  • Excitedly
  • Barked
  • Dog
  • Cheeks
  • Rosy
  • Mine
  • Wish
  • Before
  • Placed
  • Sizzling
  • Platters
  • Snacks
  • Best
  • Rolls
  • Crispy
  • Neighbor
  • Son
  • Chubby
  • Baby

List of Adjectives with I

Icelandic Illegal Imaginary Impressionable Impressive
Iconic Illegible Imbecile Impressionist Imprintable
Icy Illegitimate Immaculate Impressionistic Imprisonable
Ideal Ill-fated Imposing Ill-favoured Imprisoned
Idealized Illicit Impoverished Ill-fitting Improbable
Identifiable Illogical Impractical Ill-formed Impromptu
Identified Immature Impregnable Ill-gotten Improper
Ideological Immeasurable Impressed Ill-humored Improvable
Idiotic Immodest Impressionable Illiberal Improved
Idle Immoral Impressionist Illicit Improvident
Idolized Immovable Impressive Illimitable Improving
Idyllic Impassable Imprisoned Ill-informed Improvised
Iffy Impatient Improbable Ill-intentioned Imprudent
Ignited Impenetrable Impromptu Illiquid Impudent
Ignorant Imperfect Improper Illiterate Impugnable
Ignored Imperialistic Improved Ill-judged Impulsive
Ill Impersonal Improving Ill-looking Impure
Illegal Impetuous Improvised Ill-mannered Inaccessible
Illegible Impious Imprudent Ill-matched Inaccurate
Illegitimate Implausible Impudent Ill-natured Inactive
Illicit Implosive Impugnable Illocutionary Inadequate
Illuminated Impolite Inactive Illogic Inadmissible
Illusionary Imposing Inadequate Illogical Inadvertent
Illusive Impossible Inadmissible Ill-omened Inadvisable
Illusory Impoverished Inadvertent Ill-prepared Inalienable
Illustrative Impractical Inadvisable Ill-starred Inalterable
Imaginable Imprecise Inane Ill-suited Inane
Imaginary Improbable Inappropriate Ill-tempered Inanimate
Imaginative Improper Inarticulate Ill-thought-out Inapparent
Imbalanced Imprudent Inaudible Ill-timed Inapplicable
Immovable Impure Inbound Illuminated Inappreciable
Immune Inaccessible Inbred Illuminating Inappropriate
Immunized Inaccurate Indefeasible Illuminative Inapt
Immutable Inactive Indefinable Illusionary Inarguable
Impacted Inadequate Indefinite Illusionistic Inarticulate
Impaired Inadmissible Indelicate Illusive Inarticulated
Impatient Inadvisable Indentured Illusory Inartistic
Impeded Inane Independent Illustrational Inattentive
Impelled Inapplicable Indescribable Illustrative Inaudible
Impending Inappropriate Indestructible Illustrious Inaugural
Imperceptible Inapt Indeterminate Imageable Inauspicious
Imperfect Inarticulate Indian Imaginable Inauthentic
Impervious Inattentive Indicative Imaginal Inbetween
Impish Incoherent Indicatory Imaginary Inboard
Implanted Incompetent Indigenous Imaginative Inborn
Imploring Ineffective Indigent Imagistic Inbound
Imposed Infamous Indirect Imbalanced Inbred
Impressed Insane Indiscriminate Imbecile Inbuilt
Impressible Insecure Indiscriminating Imbecilic In-built
Imprisoned Insidious Indisposed Imbricate Incalculable
Impromptu Insignificant Indisputable Imitable Incandescent
Improvable Insulting Indistinct Imitative Incantatory
Improvised Irrational Individual Immaculate Incapable
Impure Irresponsible Individualist Immanent Incarnate
Inactive Irritating Individualized Immaterial Incarnational
Inborn Idealistic Induced Immature Incautious
Inclined Idiosyncratic Indulgent Immeasurable Incendiary
Inconsequential Illogical Inebriated Immediate Incensed
Inconspicuous Imaginative Infuriating Immemorial Incessant
Incursive Imbecile Ingrained Immense Incestuous
Indebted Imbecilic Ingratiating Immersive Inchoate
Indelible Immature Ingratiatory Immigrant Inchoative
Indelicate Immodest Ingrown Imminent Inch-perfect
Indonesian Immoral Inharmonious Immiscible Incidental
Industrialized Impartial Inherent Immiserated Incipient
Ineligible Impassioned Inheritable Immobile Incisive
Inert Impassive Inherited Immoderate Inclinable
Infected Impatient Inheriting Immodest Inclined
Inferior Impersonal Inhibited Immoral Inclusionary
Infirm Impertinent Initial Immortal Inclusive
Infrequent Impetuous Injured Immotile Incognito
Initial Impious Injurious Immovable Incoherent
Inky Imploring Innocent Immoveable Incoming
Inlaid Impolite Innovative Immune Incommodious
Inland Imposing Inoffensive Immunized Incommunicable
Ideal Impractical Inoperable Immunogenic Incomparable
Idealistic Impulsive Inquiring Immunologic Incompatible
Identifiable Inattentive Intent Immunological Incompetent
Illuminating Incensed Iambic Immutable Incomplete
Imaginable Incestuous Iatrogenic Impacted Incomprehensible
Imaginative Inclined Ice-cold Impactive Incompressible
Immaculate Incoherent Ice-free Impaired Inconceivable
Immense Incorrigible Icelandic Impalpable Inconclusive
Immortal Indecent Icky Impartial Incongruent
Impassioned Indecisive Iconic Impartible Incongruous
Impeccable Independent Iconoclastic Impassable Inconsecutive
Imperial Indiscreet Iconographic Impassible Inconsequent
Important Indiscriminate Iconological Impassioned Inconsequential
Imposing Indiscriminating Ictal Impassive Inconsiderable
Impressive Individualistic Icteric Impatient Inconsiderate
Improvable Indulgent Icy Impeachable Inconsistent
Improved Ineffable Icy-cold Impeccable Inconsolable
Inarguable Ineffectual Ideal Impecunious Inconspicuous
Incandescent Inexact Idealistic Impeded Inconstant
Inclusive Inexhaustible Idealized Impelled Incontestable
Incorruptible Infantile Idealogical Impending Incontinent
Increasing Infatuated Ideal-typical Impenetrable Incontrovertible
Incredulous Inflexible Ideational Impenitent Inconvenient
Independent Infuriating Ident Imperatival Inconvertible
Indestructible Ingenious Identical Imperative Incorporative
Indispensable Inhumane Identifiable Imperceptible Incorporeal
Individual Innovative Identificatory Imperceptive Incorrect
Indivisible Inquisitive Identified Imperfect Incorrigible
Indomitable Inquisitorial Ideographic Imperfective Incorruptible
Indulgent Insane Ideologic Imperial Increasing
Industrious Insatiable Ideological Imperialist Incredible
Inexhaustible Inscrutable Idiolectal Imperialistic Incredulous
Inexpensive Insecure Idiomatic Imperious Incremental
Infallible Insensitive Idiopathic Imperishable Incriminatory
Infinite Insidious Idiosyncratic Impermanent Incubatory
Influent Insincere Idiotic Impermeable Incumbent
Influential Insipid Idiot-proof Impermissible Incurable
Informal Insistent Idle Impersonal Incurious
Informed Inspirational Idolatrous Impertinent Incursive
Innocent Inspired Idolized Imperturbable Indebted
Innocuous Insulting Idyllic Impervious Indecent
Inquiring Insurrectional Iffy Impetuous Indecipherable
Inquisitive Intelligent Igneous Impious Indecisive
Inseparable Intense Ignited Impish Indecorous
Insightful Interesting Ignoble Implacable Indefatigable
Inspirational Intolerant Ignominious Implantable Indefeasible
Inspired Intriguing Ignorable Implanted Indefensible
Instant Introspective Ignorant Implausible Indefinable
Instinctive Introvert Ignored Implementable Indefinite
Instinctual Introverted Ileal Implemental Indelible
Instructive Irate Ileoanal Implicational Indelicate
Instrumental Irrational Ileocaecal Implicative Indentured
Intact Irresponsible Ileocecal Implicatory Independent
Integral Irreverent Ileocolic Implicit Indepth
Integrated Irritable Ileocolonic Imploring In-depth
Intellectual Idealistic Ileorectal Implosive Indescribable
Intelligent Idealized Ileovesical Impolite Indestructible
Intended Identical Iliac Impolitic Indeterminable
Interchangeable Identifiable Ilk Imponderable Indeterminant
Interested Identified Ill Imponderous Indeterminate
Interesting Ideographic Ill-advised Importable Indeterministic
Intimate Ideologic Ill-assorted Important Indexical
Intrepid Ideological Ill-behaved Imported Indian
Intriguing Idiomatic Ill-bred Importunate Indicative
Intrinsic Idiotic Ill-conceived Imposable Indicatory
Intuitive Idle Ill-conditioned Imposed Indictable
Invaluable Idolized Ill-considered Imposing Indifferent
Inventive Idyllic Ill-constructed Impossible Indigenous
Invincible Ill Ill-defined Impotent Indigent
Inviting Illegal Ill-directed Impoverished Indigestible
Involved Illegitimate Ill-disguised Impracticable Indignant
Irresistible Illicit Ill-disposed Impractical Indigo
Icy Illiterate Illegal Imprecise Indirect
Idiotic Illuminated Illegible Impregnable Indiscernible
Ignorant Illusive Illegitimate Imprescriptible Indisciplined
Ignored Illustrious Ill-equipped Impressed Indiscreet
Ill Imaginable Ill-fated Impressible Indiscriminate


Final Thoughts

Adjectives make pronouns and nouns more interesting, by adding details about them. The descriptive words excite the reader’s imagination and helps them learn vital pieces of information about a noun and pronoun.

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