Adjectives Starting with J – 143 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with J – 143 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

Have you ever imagined how sentences would be like without descriptive words? Nobody would enjoy reading then. This is why we love adjectives so much because they provide us with all the exciting descriptive words we need.

The parts of the speech are essential language tools. Do you know why we call them that? It is because they help us bring structure, cohesiveness, and meaning to our speech and writing. In this short article, we will teach you what adjectives are all about.

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j words to describe someone

Adjectives – What they are

Adjectives are descriptive words that help modify the nouns and pronouns in our sentences. They’re the words that help us inform the readers about the quality, state, attributes, etc. of the noun or pronoun under discussion.

Extra details always help readers grasp the message better while visualizing what the writer is conveying. Do you know why details of your best friend’s adventurous trek up the mountain or your cousin’s beach wedding always excite you?

They sound utterly thrilling because of the details that the writers or speakers provide you through descriptive words. If your friend tells you, “I went jet skiing in the shallow waters of the Bahamas. Trust me, the rush of adrenaline and the majestic view of the life underwater was the most exhilarating experience I’ve had.”

Can you guess why the above example was delightful to read? The descriptive words including shallow, majestic, and exhilarating, etc. created a sense of excitement in the senses. This is just what adjectives do with their power of description.

Now that you know what adjectives are all about, let’s try a little quiz to test your skills.

descriptive words that start with j

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Choose the adjective from the given options:

Adjectives Starting with J

Jacketed Jolly Junoesque Jarring Jointed
Jacobean Jovial Jabbering Jaundiced Joker
Jaded Joyful Jacketed Jaunty Jokey
Jadish Joyous Jamaican Javan Joking
Jaggy Joysome Jammed Javanese Jolif
Jamaican Jubilant Jangling Jaw-dropping Jolly
Jammed Judicious Japanese Jawed Jolted
Jangling Juicy Jaundiced Jawless Jolting
Jarred Junoesque Jawed Jazzed Jolty
Jarring Just Jazzed Jazzy Jordanian
Jaunty Justifiable Jeering Jealous Journalistic
Jawed Justified Jerky Jeering Jovial
Jealous Jabber Jewish Jeffersonian Jovian
Jeering Jaded Jinx Jejune Jowly
Jerky Jagged Jinxed Jelled Joyful
Jestful Jam Jobless Jellied Joyless
Jesting Jammed Jogging Jellylike Joyous
Jewish Jarring Joined Jeopardizing Joysome
Jiggish Jaundiced Jointed Jerking Jubilant
Jocular Jealous Judas Jerkwater Judaic
Joculatory Jeering Judge Jerky Judaical
Jointed Jeopardizing Judiciary Jerry-built Judaistic
Jolly Jittering Juicy Jessant Judas
Journalistic Jittery Jumbled Jestful Judge
Jovial Job-killing Jumbo Jesting Judgmental
Joyful Jobless Jumping Jesuit Judicable
Joyless Joker Junior Jesuitic Judicial
Jubilant Jolted Just Jesuitical Judiciary
Judaic Jolted Justifiable Jet Judicious
Judaistic Jumpy Justified Jet-black Jugular
Judge Jumpy Juvenile Jetting Juiceless
Judgmental Junky Jabber Jeweled Juicy
Judicial Jaded Jabbering Jewelled Julian
Judiciary Jake Jacketed Jewish Jumbled
Jugular Jaunty Jacksonian Jiggered Jumbo
Juiceless Jazzy Jacobean Jiggish Jumentous
Junior Jealous Jacobinic Jiggling Jumping
Jurassic Jestful Jacobinical Jihadi Jumpy
Jurist Jesting Jaculable Jilted Jungian
Just Jim-dandy Jade Jim-dandy Jungly
Justifiable Jimp Jaded Jimp Junior
Justified Jittery Jadish Jingling Junky
Jutting Jocose Jagged Jingly Junoesque
Juvenile Jocoserious Jaggy Jingoistic Jural
Jaculable Jocular Jailed Jinx Jurassic
Jake Joculatory Jain Jinxed Juridic
Jaunty Jocund Jainist Jittering Juridical
Jazzy Jokey Jake Jittery Jurisdictional
Jessant Jolly Jam Job-killing Jurisprudential
Jeweled Jovial Jamaican Jobless Jurist
Jiggish Joyful Jamesian Jocose Juristic
Jim-dandy Joyless Jammed Jocoserious Jury-rigged
Jocose Joyous Jam-packed Jocular Just
Jocoserious Jubilant Jangling Joculatory Justifiable
Jocular Judgmental Jangly Jocund Justificative
Jocund Judicious Janus-faced Jogging Justificatory
Jokey Juicy Japanese Joined Justified
Jolif Jumpy Jarred Joint Jutting
Juxtaposed Juvenile


Adjectives Index

Adjectives starting with:

Final Thoughts

Adjectives are descriptive words that help us describe our pronouns and nouns in detail. With these words, we can bring a piece of text to life and make it interesting and exciting for the readers.

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