Adjectives Starting with K – 129 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with K – 129 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

Adjectives are a part of the speech and are very useful. They are descriptive words that help us make our nouns and pronouns more exciting and interesting for the readers. Moreover, adjectives help us provide the vital information our reader would need regarding a noun or pronoun.

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Since grammar plays an integral part in our speech and writing, it is essential to perfect all the concepts. However, doing so is not all that easy for the English language is far trickier than one can imagine. This is why we offer you ELA video lectures that can help you perfect your language skills.

Now let’s turn our attention back to the adjectives below.


Adjectives are descriptive words that help us modify nouns and pronouns. We use them to list the attributes, quality, and status, etc. of the noun or pronoun under discussion.

Adjectives are descriptive words that help modify the nouns and pronouns in our sentences. They’re the words that help us inform the readers about the quality, state, attributes, etc. of the noun or pronoun under discussion.

It is also easy to incorporate adjectives in our sentences because they usually come right before the noun or at times after.

k words to describe someone

This way, forming sentences with adjectives becomes easy. Now that we have explained what this part of the speech is all about, let’s take a short quiz to test our skills. Are you ready? Let’s begin:

Quiz on Adjectives

Choose the adjective from the given options:

descriptive words that start with k

List of Adjectives with K

Kaleidoscopic Knurled Kin Kerned Kleptomaniacal
Keeled Krumhorn Kind Key Klutz
Keen Kurdish Kinder Keyboard Klutzy
Keltic Kuwaiti Kindergartner Keyed Knackered
Kerned Kvetch Kindest Keyless Knackish
Key Kyrgyzstani Kingless Keynesian Knacky
Keyboard Kaleidoscopic Kingly Khaki Knagged
Keyed Keen King-size Kick-ass Knaggy
Kick-ass Key Kinky Kid Knarled
Kiddie Kind Kissable Kiddie Knavish
Kidney Kindered Kissy Kiddish Kneecap
Kilted Kind-hearted Kittenish Kiddy Kneed
Kimbo Kindly Kleptomaniac Kiddyish Knee-deep
Kin Kingly Klutz Kidney Knee-high
Kind Knightly Knackered Killable Knee-jerk
Kindergartner Knowing Knavish Killer Knee-length
Kind-hearted Knowledgeable Knightly Killing Knifelike
Kindless Known Knobby Kill-joy Knightage
Kindly Kooky Knockout Kilted Knightless
Kindness Kosher Knotty Kimbo Knightly
Kindred Kid Knowable Kin Knitted
Kinematic Kiddy Knowledgeable Kinaesthetic Knobbed
Kinetic Killing Known Kind Knobbly
Kingdomed Kindless Knucklehead Kinder Knobby
Kinghtly Klutzy Kooky Kindered Knockabout
Kingless Knagged Korean Kindergartner Knockdown
Kingly Knaggy Kosher Kindest Knocked-up
Kingy Knarled Kurd Kindhearted Knock-kneed
Kipper Knavish Kuwaiti Kind-hearted Knock-on
Kittenish Knee-jerk Kvetch Kindled Knockout
Knackered Knobby Kyrgyzstani Kindless Knotless
Knackish Knuckled Kabbalistic Kindly Knotted
Knacky Key Kafkaesque Kindness Knotty
Kneecap Kiddyish Kaleidoscopic Kindred Knowable
Kneed Kind Kaleidoscopical Kinematic Knowing
Knee-deep Kindhearted Kampuchean Kinesthetic Knowledgeable
Knee-high Kind-hearted Kantian Kinetic Known
Knee-jerk Kindless Kaput Kingdomed Knuckled
Knee-length Kindly Karyokinetic Kinghtly Knucklehead
Knightage Knightly Kashmiri Kingless Knurled
Knightless Knocked-up Katabatic Kinglike Ko’d
Knobbed Kaput Katabolic Kingly Kokka
Knobby Keen Katari King-size Kookie
Knockdown Kempt Katharobic King-sized Kooky
Knock-kneed Kentuckian Kayoed Kingy Koranic
Knock-on Kenyan Kazakhstani Kinky Korean
Knotless Kept Kechuan Kiplingesque Kosher
Knotted Key Keeled Kipper Kosheren
Knotty Kick-ass Keen Kissable Krumhorn
Knowable Kid Keltic Kissy Kurd
Knowing Kiddish Kempt Kitchen Kurdish
Knowledgeable Killer Kentuckian Kitschy Kuwaiti
Known Kill-joy Kenyan Kittenish Kvetch
Knuckled Kilted Kept Kleptomaniac Kyphotic

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Adjectives starting with:

Final Thoughts

Adjectives are descriptive words that help us describe our pronouns and nouns in detail. With these words, we can bring a piece of text to life and make it interesting and exciting for the readers.

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