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Did you know that our words and ideas are raw materials that need tools to get into shape? We call them part of the speech and they’re the tools that polish and beautify our sentences.

Adjectives are such powerful language tools because they make any piece of writing more interesting, detailed, and vibrant.

Language can be quite a challenge to perfect. It takes tons of printable worksheets and common core English resources to master your skills. You can find all of these and lots more in our store to improve your writing and speech tremendously.

Adjectives- Their Uses

There are many uses of adjectives, including describing how many or how much of the nouns or pronouns you’re describing. They also help you discuss the kind of things you want, see, or have experienced, etc. For example:

Place two white chairs on the stage, please.

Here you can see that two and white serve as modifying adjectives in the sentences. We also have other kinds of adjectives, including possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, and number adjectives. This helps to indicate possessions, demonstrate things and persons, etc. and state the number of nouns and pronouns.

Now that we have learned what adjectives are about, let’s see how well we can recognize them in sentences. Are you ready to test your skills with us? Let’s go!

  • Nature
  • Vengeful
  • Befriending
  • People

  • Ocean
  • Revive
  • Fails
  • Majestic

  • Slender
  • Bridal
  • Ramp
  • Walked

  • Every
  • Sandy
  • Beach
  • Evening

  • Neighbor
  • Son
  • Chubby
  • Baby

  • Rains
  • City
  • Flood
  • Torrential

  • Thick
  • Ladle
  • Need
  • Soup

  • Tall
  • Crowd
  • Stand
  • Height

  • Skin
  • Products
  • Cosmetic
  • Sensitive

  • Chemicals
  • Harsh
  • Away
  • Stay

List of Adjectives with M

Maat Manganesious Matutinal Mercable Micrometric
Macabre Manganesous Matutinary Mercantile Micronesian
Macaronic Manganic Matutine Mercenary Microphonic
Maccabean Manganiferous Maudlin Mercerized Microphonous
Macedonian Manganous Maungy Merchandisable Microphyllous
Macerative Mangled Mauritanian Merchant Microphytal
Machiavelian Mangy Mauritian Merchantable Microscopal
Machinal Maniable Mausolean Merciable Microscopial
Machinelike Maniacal Mauve Merciful Microscopic
Machine-made Manic Mauvine Merciless Microseme
Machining Manichaean Maverick Mercurial Microsomal
Macho Manichean Mawkish Mercuric Microsporic
Macilent Manichee Mawky Mercurous Microsthenic
Macled Maniclike Mawmish Mere Microtomic
Macro Manifest Maxi Meretricious Microtomical
Macrobiotic Manifolded Maxillodental Merged Midday
Macrocephalic Maniple Maxim Merging Middle
Macrocephalous Manipulable Maximum Meridian Middle-aged
Macrocosmic Manipulative Mayan Meridional Middle-class
Macrodactylic Mankind Maybe Merino Midget
Macrodactylous Manless Mayoral Merismatic Midi
Macrodont Manlike Mazarine Meritable Mightful
Macroeconomic Manly Mazdean Merited Mightless
Macrognathic Man-made Mazed Meriting Mighty
Macromolecular Manned Mazeful Meritless Migniard
Macropetalous Mannered Mazological Meritocratic Mignon
Macrophyllous Mannitic Mazy Meritorious Migrant
Macropodal Manoeuvrable Meadow Meritory Migrational
Macropodine Manometrical Meager Merke Milanese
Macropodous Manorial Meagre Meroblastic Milch
Macropterous Manque Mealiness Meroistic Mild
Macroscopical Mansard Mealy Merovingian Milesian
Macrosporic Mansuete Mealymouthed Merry Miliary
Macrotous Mantic Mean Merrymaking Miliolite
Macroura Mantled Meandering Mesaconic Miliolitic
Macroural Mantuan Meandrian Mesal Militant
Macrural Manual Meandrous Mesaraic Militar
Macruroid Manuary Meandry Mesaticephalic Militarised
Macrurous Manubial Meaningful Mesenteric Militaristic
Maculated Manubrial Meaningless Meseraic Military
Maculose Manufactory Meanspirited Mesethmoid Milken
Mad Manufactural Measled Meshed Milkful
Madagascan Manumotive Measly Meshy Milkless
Madbrained Manurable Measurable Mesial Milklike
Madcap Manurial Measured Mesic Milky
Madding Manuscript Measureless Mesmeric Milled
Maddish Manuscriptal Meated Mesne Millenarian
Made-up Manx Meatless Mesoamerican Millennial
Madreporian Many Meaty Mesoblastic Millennian
Madreporic Maoist Meazling Mesobranchial Millesimal
Madrilenian Maori Meccawee Mesocephalic Miltonian
Maestoso Map Mechanic Mesocephalous Miltonic
Magdala Maplelike Mechanised Mesodermal Milvine
Magellanic Maplike Mechanistic Mesodermic Minable
Magenta Mapping Meckelian Mesodont Minaceous
Magged Marasritaceous Meconic Mesogastric Minacious
Maggiore Marauding Meconinic Mesognathous Mincing
Maggotish Marble Mecopterous Mesolithic Mindful
Maggoty Marbled Med Mesomorphic Mindless
Magian Marbleised Medallic Mesomyodous Mined
Magical Marbly Meddlesome Mesonasal Mineral
Magisterial Marcasitical Meddling Mesonephric Mineralized
Magistral Marcato Mediaeval Mesonic Mineralogical
Magistratical Marcescent Median Mesophytic Mingleable
Magnanimous Marcescible Medianic Mesopodial Mingling
Magnesian Marching Mediastinal Mesorhine Mingy
Magnesic Marcian Mediated Mesoseme Mini
Magnetical Marcid Mediative Mesosternal Miniard
Magnetiferous Marconi Mediatorial Mesotartaric Miniature
Magnetized Margaric Medic Mesothoracic Minikin
Magnetometric Margaritic Medicable Mesotrochal Miniscule
Magnetomotive Margaritiferous Medical Mesoxalic Minish
Magnifiable Margarous Medicamental Mesozoic Ministerial
Magnific Marginal Medicative Messianic Ministering
Magnificent Marginated Medicean Messy Ministrant
Magnified Margined Medicinable Metabolic Ministrative
Magniloquent Marginicidal Medicinal Metabolous Minoan
Magniloquous Marian Medicolegal Metabranchial Minor
Magnoliaceous Marigenous Medieval Metacarpal Minorat
Magyar Marine Mediocral Metacentric Mint
Mahratta Marish Mediocre Metadiscoidal Minty
Maiden Marital Mediostapedial Metagastric Minus
Maidenlike Maritated Medioxumous Metagenetic Miocene
Maidpale Maritimal Meditative Metagenic Miraculous
Maieutical Maritimale Mediterranean Metagnathous Mirific
Maigre Markable Medium Metagrabolised Mirificent
Mailable Marked Medley Metagraphic Mirk
Mailclad Marketable Medullar Metagrobolised Mirthful
Mailed Markovian Medullary Metaleptic Mirthless
Main Marlaceous Medullated Metallic Miry
Mainpernable Marlitic Medusoid Metalliferous Miscellany
Mainstreamed Marly Meedful Metallike Mischanceful
Maintainable Marmoraceous Meek Metalline Mischiefable
Maintained Marmoreal Megacephalic Metalloidal Mischievous
Maioid Marmorean Megacephalous Metallorganic Mischnic
Maister Maroc Megakaryocytic Metallurgical Miscible
Majestic Maroon Megalesian Metalogical Misconstruable
Major Marooned Megalithic Metalorganic Miscreant
Majorat Marred Megaloblastic Metameric Miscreative
Majorcan Marriable Megarian Metamorphic Miserable
Majuscule Marriageable Megaric Metamorphosic Misogynous
Makable Married Megascopical Metamorphous Mistakable
Makeshift Marron Megaseme Metanephritic Mistful
Malacissant Marrowish Megasthenic Metantimonic Mistreated
Malacozoic Marrowless Meibomian Metapectic Mistrustful
Maladaptive Marrowy Meiocene Metaphoric Mistrustless
Maladjustive Marrried Meiotic Metaphorical Mitigable
Maladroit Marsh Melancholic Metaphosphoric Mixable
Malapert Marshy Melancholious Metaphrased Mobile
Malapropos Marsupial Melancholy Metaphrastic Modifiable
Malar Martial Melanesian Metaphysic Moistful
Malarial Martian Melanic Metapodial Moistless
Malarian Marvellous Melanistic Metasilicic Moistureless
Malarious Marxist Melanochroic Metastable Molestful
Malawian Mascled Melanocomous Metastannic Monadical
Malayan Masculine Melanotic Metastatic Monarchal
Malaysian Mashy Melanuric Metasternal Monarchial
Male Masked Melassic Metatarsal Monarchical
Malecontent Maslin Meleagrine Metathetic Monastic
Maledicent Masochistic Meliaceous Metathoracic Monastical
Maledict Masonic Melibean Metatitanic Moneran
Malefic Masoretical Melicerous Metatungstic Monestrous
Maleficent Mass Melilotic Metavanadic Monetary
Maleficial Massed Meliorative Metayer Monitive
Maleic Masseteric Meliphagan Metazoic Monitorial
Malevolent Masseterine Meliphagous Metempiric Monocarpous
Malevolous Massive Melissic Meteoric Monocrotic
Malformed Massy Mellaginous Meteorical Monoculous
Malgracious Masted Mellic Meteoritic Monodelphic
Malian Master Melliferous Meteoroidal Monodelphous
Malic Mastered Mellific Meteoroligic Monodic
Malicious Masterful Mellifluent Meteorologic Monogynous
Malign Masterless Mellifluous Meteorous Monopersonal
Malignant Masterous Melligenous Methionic Monopetalous
Mallard Mastful Melliloquent Methodic Monophanous
Malleable Masticable Melliphagous Methodical Monophonic
Malleal Masticatory Mellisonant Methodistic Monophyletic
Malleolar Mastless Mellitic Methodological Monoplastic
Malnourished Mastodontic Melodic Methylated Monoploid
Malodorous Mastoid Melodious Methylic Monopodial
Malodourous Mastoidal Melodramatic Meticulous Monopteral
Malonic Masty Meloplastic Metonic Monopyrenous
Malpighian Matchable Meltable Metonymic Monorganic
Malposed Matchless Melted Metopic Monosepalous
Malted Mated Membral Metoposcopic Monospermal
Maltese Matelasse Membranous Metrical Monospermous
Malthusian Mateless Memorable Metrological Monospherical
Maltonic Material Memorative Metronymic Monostichous
Malty Materialistical Memorial Metropolitan Monotonical
Malvaceous Materious Memorizable Metropolitical Monotonous
Mammalian Maternal Memphian Mettled Mootable
Mammary Maternalistic Menacing Mettlesome Mopeful
Mammiferous Materteral Menald Mewing Moraceous
Mammillated Matey Mendable Mexican Morainic
Manable Mathematical Mendelian Miasmal Moral
Manageable Matin Mendicant Miasmatic Mordicative
Manageless Matinal Menial Miasmic More
Managerial Matriarchal Menild Mica Moresque
Manal Matriarchic Meningeal Micaceous Morganatic
Manchu Matrical Meniscal Miching Moribund
Manchurian Matricentric Meniscoid Mickle Morintannic
Mancunian Matricidal Menispermic Micracoustic Morisco
Mandaean Matriherital Menopausal Micro Morne
Mandarinic Matrilineal Mensal Microbial Motiveless
Mandative Matrilinear Menstrual Microbian Moveable
Mandatory Matrimonial Menstruant Microbic Moveless
Mandean Matrimonious Menstruous Microcephalic Multicolor
Mandelic Matripotestal Mensurable Microcephalous Multijugous
Manducable Matronal Mensural Micrococcal Multilane
Manducatory Matronlike Mental Microcosmic Mysterious
Maned Matted Mentholated Microcoustic Mythical
Maneless Matterless Menticultural Microcrystalline Mythologic
Manerial Maturational Mentionable Microdont Mythological
Maneuverable Maturative Mentorial Microeconomic Micrologic
Manful Matured Mephitic Microelectronic Meracious
Manganesian Maturescent Mephitical Microlithic Maturing

Final Thoughts

Adjectives make pronouns and nouns more interesting, by adding details about them. The descriptive words excite the reader’s imagination and help them learn vital pieces of information about a noun and pronoun.

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