Adjectives Starting with N – 333 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with N – 333 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

Adjectives are a list of words that help bring a text to life, with vivid details and imagery!

Have you ever imagined how reading would be if there were no descriptive words to boost a text? Imagine if we had no words to tell you how our meal tasted, how an outfit looked, how an experience felt etc.

The descriptive words we’re referring to are adjectives, which are an important part of the speech. In fact, it is only due to adjectives that we can delight, excite, enrage, enthrall and spark a range of emotions with our text.

However, it is not easy to understand parts of the speech without extensive practice and help. This is why we offer a range of common core English resources and ELA video lectures to help children. With extra learning tools, it always becomes easy to understand tricky grammar concepts.

n words to describe someone

Intricacies of Adjectives

It wouldn’t be wrong to describe adjectives as information gatherers. Do you know why? The simple reason is that adjectives primarily provide detailed information about a noun’s color, age, type, size, material, origin, and lots more.

Want to take a look at some examples? Let’s list some down for you below!

  • We have an English table in the breakfast room
  • I love the grey rattan furniture in your garden
  • This dress has a very soft fabric

As you can see in the examples above, the bold words are adjectives because they describe the quality of the noun right after.

Now that you know what adjectives are all about, let’s quickly test how well you have grasped the concept.

positive adjectives that start with n


Choose the adjective from the given options.


List of Adjectives with N

words that start with n to describe someone

Nacreous Nearby Nickeliferous Noncellular Nonretractable
Naevoid Nearctic Nickelous Noncollapsable Nonretractile
Naevose Nebulous Nidicolous Noncollapsible Nonreturnable
Naggy Nebuly Nidifugous Noncombinative Nonreversible
Naive Necessary Nidorous Noncombustible Nonsegmental
Naked Neckless Niggardous Noncommercial Nonsegregated
Namable Necklike Nightertale Noncommittal Nonsense
Namaste Necrobiotic Nimbiferous Noncommunicable Nonsensical
Namaycush Necrologic Nimble Noncompetitive Nonsensitive
Namby-pamby Necrological Nimious Noncondensible Nonsexual
Nameless Necromantical Nitriferous Nonconductive Nonsocial
Namibian Necrophagous Nitrogenous Nonconscious Nonspatial
Napless Necroscopical Nitrohydrochloric Nonconsecutive Nonspeaking
Napoleonic Nectareous Nitrolic Noncontagious Nonspecific
Napped Nectarial Nitromuriatic Noncontroversial Nonspherical
Nappy Nectariferous Nitroprussic Noncooperative Nonstructural
Narcissine Nectarous Nitrosalicylic Noncritical Nonsubjective
Narcissistic Needful Nitrose Noncrucial Nonsubmergible
Narcoleptic Needlelike Nitrosylic Noncyclical Nonsubmersible
Narcotic Needless Nitrous Nondeductible Nonsubmissive
Narcotical Nefarious Nitry Nondestructive Nonsuppurative
Narial Nefast Nitty Nondigestible Nonsurgical
Narrable Negative Nitwitted Nondisposable Nonsweet
Narrative Neglectful Nival Nonelective Nonsyllabic
Narratory Neglective Niveous Nonelectrical Nonthermal
Narre Negligible Nociceptive Nonexclusive Nontraditional
Narrow Negotiable Nocive Nonfictional Nonviable
Nasal Negotious Noctivagous Nonfinancial Normal
Nasicornous Negritic Noctuid Nonfissile Normative
Nasiform Negro Nocturnal Nonfissionable Nosocomial
Nasobuccal Negroid Nocuous Nonflammable Nosohusial
Nasofrontal Negroloid Nodical Nonfunctional Nosological
Nasolachrymal Nemoral Nodous Nonglutinous Nosopoetic
Nasopalatal Nemorous Nodulous Nongregarious Nostalgic
Nasoseptal Neologic Noematic Nonheritable Noteful
Nasoturbinal Neological Noematical Nonhierarchical Noteless
Nasty Neologistic Noetical Nonimitative Noteworthy
Natal Neologistical Noiseless Nonindustrial Noticeable
Natalitial Neotenous Noisome Noninfectious Notifiable
Natalitious Neoterical Noisy Noninheritable Notional
Natatorial Neotropical Nomad Nonintellectual Nourishable
Natatorious Nephridial Nomadic Noninvasive Nourished
Natatory Nephritical Nomenclatural Nonlegal Noxious
Naticoid Nepotal Nomic Nonmaterial Nubiferous
National Nervous Nominal Nonmodern Nubigenous
Nationwide Neural Nominalistic Nonmusical Nubilous
Natural Neurapophysial Nominated Nonnative Nuciferous
Naturalistic Neurologic Nominatival Nonnatural Nude
Natureless Neurological Nominative Nonnegative Numberless
Naturistic Neuromatous Nomopelmous Nonnegotiable Numerable
Naufragous Neuromotor Nomothetic Nonnitrognous Numeral
Naughty Neuromuscular Nomothetical Nonnormative Numerative
Nauruan Neuropathic Nonabrasive Nonobjective Numerical
Nauseative Neuropodous Nonabsorptive Nonoxygenous Numerological
Nauseous Neuropsychiatric Nonadaptive Nonpersonal Numerous
Nautic Neuropsychological Nonaddictive Nonpolitical Numinous
Nautical Neuropterous Nonadhesive Nonporous Numismatic
Nautiloid Neurotomical Nonadsorptive Nonprofit Numismatical
Naval Neurotoxic Nonaerobiotic Nonprognosticative Nuncupative
Navarrese New Nonagesimal Nonprogressive Nutritionary
Navicular Newbie Nonappointive Nonrefundable Nutritious
Navigable Newborn Nonarbitrable Nonrenewable Nutritive
Navigational Newish Nonassertive Nonrepetitive Nymphal
Navigerous Newsworthy Nonassociative Nonrepresentative Nymphical
Navy Nexible Nonautonomous Nonresidential Nymphiparous
Nazarene Nice Noncausal Nonresinous  
Nazaritic Nickelic Noncausative Nonrestrictive  

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Final Thoughts

Adjectives are a part of the speech and consist of
. We rely on these to help enrich our text with fine details and extra information regarding our nouns and pronouns. Any piece of text or speech would fall flat without the use of adjectives. Hence, with our list, you can now ensure your sentences are interesting and detail-oriented.

In the next article you can know about adjectives that start with P.