Adjectives Starting with O – 903 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with O – 903 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

Adjectives are descriptive words that help us add an extra touch of excitement, intensity, and cohesiveness to our sentences. Our nouns and pronouns would sound rather plain and dull on their own if we don’t add descriptive words for them.

Besides, readers wouldn’t find anything enticing in a piece of writing and would perhaps not want to read at all. This is why we rely heavily on the use of adjectives to improve the quality, structure, and information level of our sentences.

We know grammar concepts can confuse anyone. They can be really tricky at times but it helps to have extra resources. We offer book video explanations and common core English resources to help make language concepts easier for children to understand.

o words to describe someone

Adjectives – What they are

There are many uses of adjectives, including describing how many or how much of the nouns or pronouns you’re describing. They also help you discuss the kind of things you want, see, or have experienced, etc. For example:

Place two white chairs on the stage, please.

Here you can see that two and white serve as modifying adjectives in the sentences. We also have other kinds of adjectives, including possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, and number adjectives. This helps indicate possessions, demonstrate things and persons, etc. and state the number of nouns and pronouns.

Let’s run a quick quiz below to test your adjective skills.

words starting with o to describe someone

Boost your score Adjectives Starting with O


Choose the adjective from the given options:

List of Adjectives with O

Oafish Offensive Onomastic Orphaned Overdue
Oak Off-field Onomatopoeic Orphic Overeager
Oaken Off-guard On-road Orthodontic Overeducated
Obdurant Offhand Onrushing Orthodox Over-educated
Obdurate Off-hand On-scene Orthoepic Over-elaborate
Obedible Official Onscreen Orthogenetic Overemotional
Obedient Officiary On-screen Orthogenic Overemphatic
Obediential Officinal Onshore Orthognathic Overenthusiastic
Obedt Officious Onside Orthogonal Overexcitable
Obeisant Offish Onsite Orthograde Overexcited
Obeisaunt Off-key On-site Orthologous Overexerted
Obese Off-kilter Onstage Orthometric Overexerting
Obfuscatory Off-limits On-stage Orthopedic Overexposed
Obituary Offline On-the-job Orthoptic Overextended
Object-based Off-line On-the-spot Orthorhombic Overfamiliar
Objectionable Off-peak Ontic Orthostatic Overfatigued
Objectionable Off-piste Ontogenetic Orthotopic Overfed
Objectional Off-put Ontologic Orthotropic Overflowing
Objective Offputting Ontological Os Overfocused
Objectless Off-putting Onward Oscillating Overfond
Object-oriented Off-road Onygenaceous Oscillatory Over-fond
Objectual Off-sale Onymous Oscine Overforceful
Oblate Offscreen Onyx Oscitant Overforested
Oblationary Off-screen Oo Osculating Overforward
Obligate Offshore Oob Osculatory Overfragrant
Obligated Offside Oofy Osmobiotic Overfraught
Obligational Offsides Oolitic Osmolar Overfree
Obligatory Offsite Oozy Osmometric Overfreighted
Obliged Off-site Opacating Osmotic Overfrequent
Obliging Offstage Opacifiable Osseous Overfriendly
Oblike Off-street Opacous Ossicular Overfriezed
Oblimin Off-target Opacular Ossiculate Overfruitful
Oblique Off-the-ball Opalescent Ossiferous Overfucked
Obliquid Off-the-cuff Opaline Ossified Overful
Oblite Off-the-peg Opaque Ossom Overfulfilled
Obliterable Off-the-rack Open Os-specific Overfull
Obliterated Off-the-record Openable Osteal Overfurnished
Obliterative Off-the-shelf Open-air Ostensible Overfussy
Oblivious Off-the-shoulder Open-and-shut Ostensive Overgenerous
Oblong Off-the-wall Open-armed Ostentatious Overgreedy
Obnoxious Off-track Open-book Osteoarthritic Overgrown
Obscene Off-white Opencast Osteogenetic Overhand
Obscurant Oft-repeated Opencut Osteogenic Overhanded
Obscure Ogival Opened Osteoid Overhasty
Obsequious Ogreish Open-ended Osteopathic Overhead
Observable Ohmic Open-eyed Osteoporotic Overheated
Observant Oily Open-faced Ostial Overhyped
Observational Ok Open-handed Ostrich-like Overinclusive
Observed Okay Open-hearted Other Overindebted
Observing Old Open-hearth Otherwise Overintense
Obsessed Olde Opening Other-worldly Overinvested
Obsessional Olden Open-minded Otic Overinvolved
Obsessive Older Open-mouthed Otoscopic Overionized
Obsignatory Oldest Open-plan Ototoxic Overish
Obsolescent Oldfashioned Opensightly Otterless Overjealous
Obsolete Old-fashioned Opensource Otterlike Overjittery
Obsoleter Old-growth Opephoroid Otter Overjoyed
Obstacle-ridden Old-hat Operable Out Overjoyous
Obstacular Oldish Operant Out of work Overjubilant
Obstetric Oldline Operatic Out-and-out Overjust
Obstetrical Old-line Operating Outback Overkeen
Obstetricious Old-maidish Operational Outboard Overladen
Obstetrick Old-school Operationalist Outbound Overland
Obstinant Old-time Operative Outbred Overlarge
Obstinate Old-world Opercular Outcast Overlayered
Obstreperous Ole Operculate Outclassed Overloaded
Obstructed Oleaceous Operculated Outcoming Overlookable
Obstructive Oleaginous Operose Outcut Overlooked
Obstruent Oleanolic Ophidian Outdacious Overly
Obtainable Olefinic Ophiolitic Outdate Overlying
Obtrusive Oleic Opiate Outdated Overmastering
Obtuse Olent Opinionated Outdoor Overmighty
Obtuse-angled Oleochemical Oppilative Outdoorsy Overmodest
Obverse Oleographic Opponent Outer Overmotivated
Obviating Oleophilic Opportune Outermost Overmuch
Obvious Oleophobic Opportunist Outfitted Overmuscled
Occasional Oleoresinous Opportunistic Outflowing Overneat
Occidental Oleose Opposable Outflung Overnew
Occipital Oleraceous Opposed Outgoing Overnice
Occluded Olfactive Opposing Outgunned Overnight
Occlusal Olfactory Opposite Outjutting Overnighter
Occluse Oligaemic Oppositional Outland Overoptimistic
Occlusional Oligarchic Oppositive Outlandish Overpessimistic
Occlusive Oligarchical Oppressed Outlaw Overplayful
Occulent Oligomeric Oppressional Outlawed Over-polite
Occulomotor Oligopolistic Oppressive Outlined Overpriced
Occult Oligosaline Opprobrious Outlying Overproof
Occultic Oligosemic Opsonic Outmoded Overproud
Occultistic Oligosynaptic Optative Outmost Overqualified
Occultive Oligotrichous Opthalmic Out-of-body Overraced
Occultural Oligotrophic Optic Out-of-character Overracked
Occupational Oliguric Optical Out-of-context Overrank
Occupiable Olivary Optimal Out-of-court Overrash
Occupied Olive Optimific Out-of-date Over-rated
Occurrent Olivelike Optimistic Out-of-order Overreaching
Ocean-going Olympian Optimum Out-of-pocket Overreactive
Oceanic Olympic Optional Out-of-print Over-reactive
Oceanward Omakase Optoelectronic Out-of-service Overread
Ocellar Omani Optokinetic Out-of-state Overready
Ocellated Omasal Optomotor Out-of-town Overrefined
Ocher Ominous Optospintronic Out-of-work Overriding
Ochre Omissible Optothermal Outraged Overripe
Ochreous Omissive Optotypic Outrageous Over-ripe
Ochrous Ommatidial Optronic Outright Oversea
Ocreate Omnibus Opulent Outshore Overseas
Octabasic Omnipotent Opuntiaceous Outside Oversensitive
Octacore Omnipresent Oracular Outsize Over-sensitive
Octacosanoic Omniscient Oral Outsized Overserious
Octacyclic Omnivorous Orange Outspoken Oversewn
Octagonal Omohyoidean Orangey Outspread Oversexed
Octahedral Omophagic Orangish Outstanding Overshot
Octal Omophagous Orangy Outward Oversimplistic
Octameric Omosternal Oratorial Ouvrierist Oversize
Octangular Omotic Oratorian Oval Oversized
Octanoic Omphacine Oratorical Ovaloid Overslow
Octogenarian Omphacitic Orbicular Ovarian Oversmoothed
Octogynous Omphalic Orbiculate Ovate Oversnowed
Octoic Omphalinoid Orbital Ovation Oversocialized
Octoid On Orbitary Ovenproof Oversoft
Octolateral On-air Orbitual Oven-proof Oversolar
Octolocular Onanistic Orbless Over Oversolicitous
Octonary On-camera Orblike Overabundant Oversophisticated
Octonionic On-campus Orchestral Overachiever Oversparred
Octonocular Once-removed Orchestrated Overachieving Overspecific
Octopaminergic Oncogenetic Orcish Overactive Overspeeding
Octopartite Oncogenic Ordained Overage Overstated
Octopean Oncogenomic Ordeal Overaged Oversteered
Octopetalous Oncologic Orderable Overaggressive Overstimulated
Octopian Oncological Ordered Overalert Overstrung
Octopic Oncoming Orderly Overall Overstuffed
Octopine One Ordinal Overalled Oversubscribed
Octoploid One-armed Ordinary Overanxious Oversuspicious
Octopodal One-day Ordinate Overapt Overt
Octopodous One-eighth Ordurous Overarm Over-the-counter
Octopoid One-eyed Orectic Overattentive Over-the-top
Octopoidal One-fifth Oregonian Overawed Overtight
Octopolar One-fourth Organic Overbanked Overtired
Octosyllabic One-gallused Organismal Overbearing Overtouristed
Octuple One-half Organismic Overblown Overtroubled
Ocular One-handed Orgasmic Overbold Overtrusting
Odd Oneiric Orgastic Overbooked Overturnable
Oddish One-legged Orgiastic Overbreathed Overturned
Odds-on One-ninth Orgulous Overburdened Overuniform
Odd-toed One-note Orient Overbusy Overvaliant
Odic One-off Oriental Overcareful Overwater
Odiferous One-on-one Orientated Overcast Overweening
Odinic One-piece Orientating Overcautious Overweight
Odious One-pot Orientational Overcharged Overwhelmed
Odobenine One-quarter Oriented Overcivilized Overwhelming
Odometric Onerous Orienting Overclad Overwrought
Odometrical One-seventh Origenian Overclaimed Overzealous
Odontoid One-shot Origenist Overclear Over-zealous
Odorant Onesided Origenistic Overclose Ovid
Odoriferous One-sided Originable Overclothed Oviform
Odorless One-sixth Original Overcluttered Ovigerous
Odorous One-stop Originary Overcoached Oviparous
Odourful One-tenth Originative Overcoated Ovular
Odourless One-third Originless Overcoatless Ovulational
Oecumenic Onetime Orinasal Overcoming Ower
Oecumenical One-time Orinocan Overcommitted Owing
Oedematous One-to-one Orkish Overcomplicated Owlish
Oedipal One-touch Ornamental Overconcerned Own
Oenological One-track Ornate Overconfident Owned
Oenophilic One-way Ornery Overconscientious Ownerless
Oestral Ongoing Ornithogenic Overconscious Oxalic
Oestrogenic On-going Ornithological Overconsiderate Oxblood
Oestrous On-hand Ornithophilous Overcounted Oxeyed
Off Onioned Orogastric Overcritical Ox-eyed
Off-air Onionless Orogenic Overcurious Oxonian
Off-base Onionlike Orogenital Overdamped Oxyacetic
Off-beam Oniony Orographic Overdelicate Oxygenic
Offbeat Oniric Orographical Overdependent Oxyntic
Off-book Onirocritic Orolabial Overdetermined Oxytocic
Off-broadway Onkus Orolingual Overdeveloped Oyster
Off-campus Onlest Orological Overdocumented Oysterish
Off-center Onlie Oromucosal Overdominant Oysterless
Off-colour Online Oronasal Overdone Oysterlike
Offduty On-line Oroqen Overdoped Oystery
Offenceless Onlooking Orosensory Overdosed Ozone-friendly
Offended Only Orosirian Overdramatic
Offending On-off Orotund Overdressed


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Final Thoughts

Adjectives describe nouns and pronouns in a sentence. They’re the words that indicate the attributes, quantity and quality of a noun. If you need help with language, you can find our resources to get the extra practice you need for refining your

In the next article you can know about adjectives beginning with Q.