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What are adjectives?

Adjectives are words that restrict or add to the sense of a noun or pronoun. They are an exciting part of speech as they can give any text imagery by describing the nouns in it.

These are the same set of words that you use to tell your friend about the melodious song you recently heard. And more importantly, you wouldn’t be able to describe your feelings towards unfunny memes if there were no adjectives!

We make it easier for you to grasp the difficult concepts of grammar through our range of workbooks and printable worksheets.

Adjectives describe the qualities and traits, and states of being of nouns so that it’s easier to spot them. Words like many, few, and thousands that describe the number of nouns are also adjectives.

These words tell us how a noun or pronoun looks, tastes, smells or feels. At the same time, they answer questions like ‘What kind?’, ‘How many?’, and ‘Which?’ Asking yourself if a certain word answers these questions should help you easily identify adjectives.

Let us see a few examples:

  • “The flawed system of the bank needs to be fixed soon”. Here, we know what kind of system the writer is talking about.
  • “That short-heighted girl is calling you”. Here, the writer tells us which girl they’re referring to.
  • Millions of people were affected due to the pandemic”. Here, we are told the number of people the writer wants to tell us about.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how an adjective modifies nouns, test yourself by answering the short quiz below.

Adjectives Quiz

Choose the correct adjective from the given options:

  • Replaced
  • Father’s
  • Car
  • Old

  • All
  • Sick
  • She
  • Week

  • Young
  • Talk
  • Man
  • You

  • Cough
  • Today
  • Bad
  • Kenneth’s

  • Black
  • Like
  • Coffee
  • Have

  • Classical
  • Like
  • You
  • Music

  • New
  • Help
  • Assignments
  • Student

  • Injured
  • Blast
  • People
  • Sixteen

  • Excellent
  • Poem
  • Recital
  • That

List of adjectives starting with R

Rabid Rested Reactive Ransomed Reducible
Racial Restored Realistic Rapacious Reductionist
Radiant Restrained Reasonable Raped Reductive
Radioactive Restrictive Reassured Rapid Redundant
Raging Retired Reassuring Rapid-fire Redux
Rainy Retroactive Rebellious Rapt Reechoing
Rambling Reusable Receptive Raptorial Reedlike
Rampant Revealing Relaxed Rapturous Reedy
Random Reverse Relaxing Rare Reefy
Rank Reversible Relentless Rarefied Reeking
Rapid Revolting Religious Rarified Reentrant
Rare Revolutionary Remorseful Raring Referable
Rash Rewarding Remorseless Rascally Referenced
Rasping Rhetorical Resentful Rash Referent
Raspy Rhythmic Resilient Rasping Referential
Rational Ribbed Resolute Raspy Refillable
Ravenous Rickety Resourceful Raspy Refined
Raving Right Respectable Rastafarian Reflected
Raw Rightful Respectful Ratable Reflecting
Reactive Rigid Responsible Rateable Reflective
Ready Ripe Responsive Ratified Reflex
Real Risky Revengeful Ratiocinative Reflexed
Realistic Ritualistic Reverent Rational Reflexive
Reasonable Robotic Reverential Rationalist Reformable
Rebel Rocketing Romantic Rationalistic Reformative
Rebellious Rocky Rabid Rationed Reformatory
Receding Rolling Racist Ratlike Reformed
Recent Romantic Radiant Rattlebrained Reformist
Receptive Roomy Radical Rattled Refractile
Reciprocal Rose Radioactive Rattlepated Refractive
Reckless Rounded Rambling Rattling Refractory
Recognizable Ruby Rampant Ratty Refreshed
Recognized Rugged Rancid Ratty Refreshful
Rectangular Ruling Random Raucous Refreshing
Recyclable Ruptured Rank Raunchy Refrigerant
Red Rushed Rare Ravaged Refrigerated
Reddish Rustling Rattling Ravaging Refrigerating
Redeemable Radiant Ratty Ravening Refulgent
Referential Rakish Ravenous Ravenous Refundable
Refillable Rapid Raving Raving Refurbished
Reflective Rapturous Ravished Ravished Refutable
Refundable Rare Ravishing Ravishing Regal
Refurbished Raucous Raw Raw Regardant
Regional Ravishing Ready Rawboned Regardful
Regretful Ready Real Rayless Regardless
Regrettable Real Rebel Razed Regenerate
Relative Realistic Recent Razorback Regenerating
Relaxed Reasonable Reciprocal Razor-edged Regent
Relevant Reassured Reckless Reachable Regimental
Reliable Reassuring Reclusive Reactionary Regimented
Relieved Receptive Red Reactionist Regional
Religious Recognizable Red-blooded Reactive Registered
Remaining Recognized Reddened Readable Regnant
Remarkable Redolent Refined Ready Regressive
Remedial Refreshing Regal Real Regretful
Remote Refundable Regular Realised Regrettable
Removable Regal Reigning Realistic Regular
Renewable Reigning Relevant Realizable Regulated
Rented Relatable Reliable Realized Regulation
Repairable Relaxed Religious Reanimated Regulative
Repaired Relaxing Remarkable Rear Regulatory
Repeated Relevant Repelling Rearing Rehabilitative
Repellent Reliable Republican Rearmost Reigning
Repetitious Relieved Repulsive Rearward Reincarnate
Repetitive Remarkable Reputable Reasonable Reinforced
Replaceable Renewable Respected Reasoned Reinvigorated
Repressive Repairable Resplendent Reasoning Reiterative
Rescued Reputable Retired Reasonless Rejected
Reserved Reputed Retired Reassured Rejective
Resident Rescued Rich Reassuring Rejoicing
Residual Resilient Richer Rebarbative Relatable
Resonant Resolute Richest Rebel Related
Respective Resounding Ridiculous Rebellious Relational
Rested Resourceful Rigid Rebellious Relative
Restored Respectable Roman Reborn Relativistic
Restrained Respectful Romanian Recalcitrant Relaxant
Restrictive Respective Rotund Recalcitrant Relaxed
Retired Responsible Rough Receding Relaxing
Retroactive Responsive Round Receivable Releasing
Reusable Rested Rounded Received Relentless
Revealing Restored Rowdy Recent Relevant
Reverse Revamped Royal Receptive Reliable
Reversible Rewarding Rude Recessed Reliable
Revolting Rhetorical Rumpled Recessional Reliant
Revolutionary Rich Russian Recessionary Relieved
Rewarding Richer Rabbinic Recessive Religious
Rhetorical Richest Rabbinical Rechargeable Relinquished
Rhythmic Right Rabble Recherche Relocated
Ribbed Rightful Rabelaisian Reciprocal Reluctant
Rickety Ripe Rabid Reciprocative Remaining
Right Ritzy Racemose Reciprocatory Remarkable
Rightful Riveting Rachitic Reckless Rembrandtesque
Rigid Robust Racial Reclaimable Remediable
Ripe Romantic Racist Reclaimed Remedial
Risky Roomy Rackety Recluse Remindful
Ritualistic Rosy Racking Reclusive Reminiscent
Robotic Royal Racy Recognisable Remiss
Rocketing Rabble Raddled Recognised Remittent
Rocky Rabid Radial Recognizable Remorseful
Rolling Racist Radiant Recognized Remorseless
Romantic Radical Radiate Recoilless Remote
Roomy Radioactive Radiating Recollective Removable
Rose Ragged Radical Recombinant Removed
Rounded Rampant Radio Reconcilable Remunerated
Ruby Rancid Radioactive Reconciled Remunerative
Rugged Rasping Radiographic Reconciling Renal
Ruling Raspy Radiological Recondite Renascent
Ruptured Raw Radiolucent Recondite Rending
Rushed Reactive Radiopaque Reconstructed Renegade
Rustling Reasonless Radiophonic Reconstructive Renegotiable
Radiant Rebellious Radiosensitive Recorded Renewable
Rakish Recalcitrant Radiotelephonic Recoverable Renewed
Rapid Reckless Raffish Recovered Renewing
Rapturous Reclusive Raftered Recovering Reniform
Rare Regretful Ragged Recreant Renowned
Raucous Regrettable Raging Recreational Rentable
Ravishing Relentless Raiding Recriminative Rental
Ready Reluctant Raimentless Recriminatory Rented
Real Remedial Rainbow-colored Recrudescent Renunciant
Realistic Remorseful Raining Rectal Renunciative
Reasonable Remorseless Rainless Rectangular Reorganised
Reassured Remote Rainproof Rectifiable Reorganized
Reassuring Repellent Rainy Rectified Repairable
Receptive Reprehensible Raisable Rectilineal Repaired
Recognizable Repressive Raiseable Rectilinear Repand
Recognized Repugnant Raised Rectosigmoid Reparable
Redolent Repulsive Raising Recumbent Repayable
Refreshing Resentful Rakish Recuperative Repeatable
Refundable Restless Rakish Recurrent Repeated
Regal Restrictive Rallentando Recurring Repellant
Reigning Reviled Rallying Recursive Repellent
Relatable Revolting Ramate Recurvate Repelling
Relaxed Ridiculing Rambling Recurved Repentant
Relaxing Riotous Rambunctious Recusant Repetitious
Relevant Risky Rambunctious Recyclable Repetitive
Reliable Rotten Ramose Red Replaceable
Relieved Rotting Ramous Red-blooded Replete
Remarkable Rough Rampageous Redbrick Replicable
Renewable Rudimentary Rampant Reddened Reportable
Repairable Rueful Ramshackle Reddish Reported
Reputable Ruined Rancid Redeemable Reposeful
Reputed Ruinous Rancorous Redeemed Reprehensible
Rescued Rumpled Random Redeeming Representable
Resilient Rusted Randomised Redemptional Representational
Resolute Rusty Randomized Redemptive Representative
Resounding Ruthless Randy Redemptory Represented
Resourceful Rutted Ranging Redheaded Repressed
Respectable Rambunctious Rangy Redistributed Repressing
Respectful Rampageous Rank Redolent Repressive
Respective Rampant Ranked Redoubled Reproachful
Responsible Rapturous Ranking Redoubtable Reprobate
Responsive Rational Ransacked Reduced Reproducible


Bottom Line

Adjectives are words that are important to bring life to any text. They are also called ‘describing words’ as they are mainly used to describe people and things along with feelings and thoughts. Use our list of adjectives with R for writing your next piece.

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