Adjectives Starting with V – 430 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with V – 430 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

What are adjectives?

Adjectives are a very useful and interesting part of speech. They are ‘describing words’ that help us describe nouns and pronouns to make any text interesting for our readers. Adjectives tell specific details about a noun or pronoun while also making our sentences thought-provoking and vivid.

We often find adjectives placed before a noun or pronoun. See these examples:

  • Beautiful dress
  • Huge hall
  • Silly dog

However, we can also place adjectives after nouns and pronouns. We can do this later in the sentence or even right after. Here are a few examples to help you understand better:

Later in the sentence:

  • That guy is
  • She looks

Right after a noun or pronoun:

  • These are the only solutions
  • Look for any seats
  • She is three years older than me.

Now that you’re aware of basic information about adjectives, let’s test your skills. Make sure to remember the role they play and how there are a variety of placement options.

v words to describe someone

Adjectives Quiz

Identify the adjectives in the sentences below and choose the correct answer from the options given.

List of adjectives starting with V

Vaccinated Villainous Verifiable Vibrant Veratric
Vaginal Violated Verificative Victorious Verbal
Vagrant Violent Veritable Viewable Verdurous
Vague Virgin Vermicious Vigorous Verecundious
Vain Virtual Vermiculous Vile Veridical
Valedictory Visible Verminous Vendible Vast
Valid Visored Vermiparous Veneficious Vaulting
Validatory Visual Vermivorous Venerable Vegetable
Valued Visualized Vernaculous Vengeable Vegetarian
Valved Vital Vernal Vengeful Vegetative
Vanadous Vivid Verrucous Venomous Venatical
Vandal Voiceless Versable Venatorial Vendable
Vanilla Volunteering Versatile Venatical Vegetarian
Vapid Voyeuristic Versicolor Vendable Valuable
Vapored Vacillant Versimilous Vegetive Veiled
Vaporific Vacillatory Versual Veinless Venerable
Vaporing Vacuolated Vertebral Veinlike Venetian
Vaporizable Vacuous Vertebrarterial Veinous Venezuelan
Vapory Vacuum-packed Vertical Velamentous Venomous
Variable Vadose Vertiginous Veliferous Verbal
Variant Vafrous Vesical Vellicative Venatorial
Varied Vagal Vesiculous Velutinous Vegetable
Various Vagarious Vesperal Venatical Vegetative
Varying Vagient Vespertinal Vanished Voyeuristic
Vascular Vagile Vestigial Vanquishable Voyeuristical
Vassal Vaginal Vexatious Vaporized Vulnerable
Vast Vaginopennous Viable Vaporous Vulturous
Vaulty Vagous Vibrational Variable Vellicative
Vaunted Vague Vicarious Vascular Velutinous
Velvety Vagus Vicennial Vast Valiant
Verbal Vain Viceregal Vaulting Validated
Verbose Vainglorious Vicinal Vedantic Validatory
Verdant Valedictory Vicious Vedic Valorous
Verifiable Valent Vicissitudinous Vegetal Voraginous
Veritable Valerianaceous Victorious Vegetarian Vortical
Vernacular Valerianic Vietnamese Vegetational Vortiginous
Versatile Valeric Viewable Vegetative Voyageable
Versed Valery Vigesimal Vaunted Validated
Very Valetudinous Vigorous Vauntful Validatory
Viable Valiant Villenous Vauty Valorous
Vicarious Valid Villous Vectigal Valuable
Vigilant Valkyrian Viminal Vagrant Valueless
Vigorous Vallar Vimineous Vague Vulgar
Violet Vallary Vinaceous Valiant Vagabond
Viral Vallatory Vinal Vaster Volumetric
Virtual Valorous Vincentian Vasty Volumetrical
Visible Valuable Vincible Vatic Voluminal
Visual Valueless Vindemial Vatical Voluminous
Vital Vanadic Vindicable Vaticinal Voluptuous
Vivid Vandal Vindicative Vaulty Voracious
Vocal Vandalic Vindictive Vicious Versatile
Vocational Vandyke Vinous Vigilant Vicarious
Voiceless Vanilla Violable Vindictive Vassal
Voluntary Vanillic Violaceous Visionary Vast
Vulnerable Vanished Violascent Voracious Volitient
Valiant Vanishing Violative Vulgar Volitional
Valid Vanquishable Violent Vasiform Voiceful
Valuable Vanward Violescent Vasoconstrictor Voiceless
Velvety Vapid Violet Vasodilator Voidable
Venerable Vaporable Violuric Vasoformative Volcanic
Venturesome Vapored Viperous Vasomotor Volitable
Verbal Vaporiferous Viral Vassal Volitient
Verbose Vaporific Virent Vainglorious Volitional
Verdant Vaporing Virescent Vehement Vituperrious
Verifiable Vaporish Virginal Vengeful Vivacious
Veritable Vaporizable Viricidal Venturesome Vivificative
Versatile Vaporized Viridescent Verbose Viviparous
Versed Vaporose Virological Versatile Vivisectional
Vibrant Vaporous Virtual Vicarious Vizierial
Vicarious Vapory Virtuous Varioloid Vociferous
Victorious Vapourific Virucidal Variolous Vulgar
Vigilant Vapourisable Virulent Variorum Vulnerable
Vigorous Vapourised Viscoidal Various Vain
Visionary Vapourish Viscometric Varying Vindictive
Vital Vapourous Viscosimetric Vas Vinegary
Vivacious Vapulatory Viscous Vascular Violent
Vivid Variable Visible Vituperative Volcanic
Voluptuous Varian Visional Variegated Vitreous
Voracious Variant Visionless Varietal Vitrescible
Vacant Varicelliform Visitable Variformed Vitrifiable
Vagrant Variciform Visitatorial Variolar Vitriolizable
Vague Varicolored Visitorial Variolic Vituperable
Vain Varicoloured Visualized Variolitic Vituperative
Vapid Varicose Vitelligenous Vicious Venomous
Vegetative Varicous Viticultural Vile Vexed
Vengeful Varied Vitiliginous Villainous Vexing

adjectives beginning with v

Adjectives Index

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Final thoughts

Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns. They can be placed both before and after a noun or pronoun. If you find adjectives to be tricky, check our range of summer workbooks and printable worksheets. And don’t forget to make use of our list of adjectives starting with V.

In the next article you can know about adjectives that start with X.