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Adjectives- what are they?

Adjectives are among the most important language tools. They bring life and imagery to text while also providing vital information. You wouldn’t be able to imagine what certain texts are trying to convey if there were no adjectives.

  • Colorful

However, adjectives and other grammar tools that are a part of speech can be really confusing at times. For this reason, we provide children with help through our summer workbooks and printable worksheets.

While ‘adjectives’ is a fun topic to study, it is also a vast one. There are approximately 13 types of adjectives, and studying each one of them can confuse children. To help you out, let’s briefly discuss a few common ones with examples.

Descriptive adjectives

These types of adjectives modify a noun or pronoun by simply describing its quality or trait. For example:

  • I want to buy a gold
  • She loves pink
  • We had some delicious

Possessive adjectives

Possessive adjectives express ownership and possessiveness. For example:

  • I will spend the weekend with my
  • She is living with her
  • Don’t touch his

Demonstrative adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives are adjectives that are used to describe the position of a noun or pronoun in time or space. For example:

  • Sit in that car and wait.
  • Are those books yours?
  • I will never forget that
  • This is not the time to joke.

Adjectives Quiz

Identify the adjectives and choose the correct answer from the options given.

  • Caught
  • Fresh
  • Dinner
  • Brother

  • Pass
  • Bag
  • Please
  • My

  • Equipment
  • This
  • All
  • Are

  • Colorful
  • Love
  • Parrots
  • She

  • Car
  • Blinded
  • Bright
  • The

  • All
  • Spilled
  • She
  • The

  • Ball
  • Rolled
  • Bed
  • Tennis

  • Friends
  • Travis
  • Plenty
  • Has

  • Wool
  • Loves
  • She
  • Blankets

  • Coming
  • Trip
  • Road
  • Are

List of starting with W

Wrapped Wailing Wealthy Welcoming Watchful
Wrapped Waiting Weaning Well Waxy
Wreathed Wakeful Weaponed Whimsical Wearing
Wreckage Walk-in Weaponless Wholehearted Wearisome
Wrecked Walking Wearisome Wholesome Wearying
Wringing Walloping Weary Willing Well
Writhing Wan Weathered Winning Whiney
Written Wandering Wedded Winsome Willing
Wrong Wanting Wee Wise Wild
Wronged Wanton Weedy Witty Wise
Wrought Ward Weekly Wonderful Winning
Wry Ware Weighted Wondrous Wonderful
Waste Warlike Weightless Worthy Worrying
Wasted Warm Weighty Well-adjusted Wordy
Wasteful Warmer Welch Well-aware Worrisome
Watchful Warmest Welcoming Well-balanced Wrapped
Waterproof Warning Well Well-behaved Wrong
Watertight Warring Well-defined Well-dressed Wasteful
Watery Washable Well-done Well-endowed Wavy
Waved Washed Well-earned Well-groomed Weak
Wavering Weak West Well-heeled White
Waxen Weakened Western Well-intentioned Winsome
Wayward Weak-willed Westward Well-known Wondrous
Wavering Wealthless Wet Well-liked Worse
Wavery Wealthy Which Well-read Worst
Wavy Weaning Whichever Well-received Worthless
Wax Weaponed Whimpering Well-rounded Worthy
Waxen Weaponless Whiskered Well-spoken Welsh
Waxy Wearable Whispering Wailing Warmer
Wayfaring Weariable Whistling Waiting Warmest
Waymarked Wearie White Wanting Waspy
Wayn Weariful Whole Wary Wasted
Wayside Weariless Wholehearted Waste Wealthy
Wayward Wearing Wholesale Wasted Weird
Waywise Wearish Wicked Wasteful Well
Waywitty Wearisome Wicker Waterlogged Wide-eyed
Wayworn Wearproof Wide Watery Wolfish
Wazzed Weary Wide-eyed Wavering Worn
Well-advised Wearying Widespread Waxen Worshipful
Well-appointed Weasel-faced Widow Weak Wacken
Well-argued Weaselish Wifeless Weakened Wacko
Well-aware Weasellike Wifelike Wearisome Wacky
Well-balanced Weasel-like Wiggly Weary Wadable
Well-behaved Weaselly Wild Wee Wadeable
Wellbeseen Weasely Wilding Weedy Wafer-thin
Wellborn Weastward Willful Weighty Waged
Well-born Weasy Willing Weird Wageless
Wellbred Weathered Willsome Wet Wagering
Well-bred Webless Wily Wheezing Waggish
Well-built Weblike Windblown Whimpering Waggly
Wellcome Webometric Windy Whining Waggy
Well-conceived Websafe Wingless Wicked Wagonless
Well-connected Wedded Winter Wily Wagonlike
Well-considered Wee Wintery Withering Wagonload
Well-covered Weedy Wise Witless Wagsome
Well-crafted Week-long Wishful Wobbly Wah-wah
Well-defined Weekly Witty Wolfish Waid
Well-deserved Weekold Wizardly Woozy Waifish
Well-developed Weekslong Woeful Worn Waiflike
Well-disposed Weensy Wonderful Worried Waify
Well-documented Weeny Wonderstruck Worrisome Wailing
Well-done Weepful Wondrous Worrisome Wainscoted
Well-dressed Weepy Wooded Worse Wainscotted
Well-earned Weerish Wooden Worthless Waistcoated
Well-educated Weest Woodland Wrathful Waist-deep
Well-endowed Weetless Woodsy Wrinkled Waisted
Well-equipped Weeviled Woolen Wrong Waist-high
Wellerian Weevilled Wordless Wrongful Waistless
Wellesian Weevilly Wordy Wacky Waiting
Wellesleyan Weighted Work Warmhearted Waivable
Well-established Weightless Workable Warriorlike Waiverable
Well-favoured Weighty Working Wary Waivered
Well-fed Weird Worldly Weary Wakeable
Well-groomed Weird-ass Wormed Welcoming Wakeful
Well-heeled Weirdish Wormy Wholesome Wakeless
Well-intentioned Weirdling Worn Wholesome Waker
Well-kept Weirdsome Worried Wicked Walk-in
Well-knit Weirdy Worrying Wild Walking
Wellknown Weirlike Worse Wishful Walloping
Well-known Wel-begone Worst Woeful Walt
Well-liked Welch Worth Worried Walty
Well-liking Welcome Worthy Wrathful Waltzlike
Well-lit Welcoming Wounded Wenchish Wamble-cropped
Well-made Weldable Wretched Wenchless Wambly
Well-off Well Wriggling Wenchlike Wan
Well-oiled Well-adjusted Wrinkly Wenchly Wandering
Well-read Westward Wrong Wenchy Wankish
Well-received Wet Wrought Wertrational Wanky
Well-rounded Wetproof Whichever Wery Want-away
Well-spoken Wetside Whilome West Wanted
Well-tempered Wetsuited Whimmy Westabout Wan-thriven
Well-to-do Wettable Whimpering Westbound Wanting
Well-traveled Wettish Whimpery Wester Wantish
Well-versed Whacky Whimsical Westering Wantless
Well-willing Whalelike Whimsome Westerly Wanton
Well-wishing Whally Whineling Western Wantoner
Well-worn Wharflike Whiney Western christian Wantsome
Well-written Whatso Whingey Westernmost Wanty
Welsh Wheat Whingy Whining Wany
Wenchful Wheaten Wick Whiny Wapanese
Willowy Wheatish Wicke Whippy Waped
Willsome Wheatless Wicked Whip-smart Wapentakal
Willy Wheatlike Wicker Whirly Wappened
Wily Wheezing Wickered Whiskered Waqfed
Windblown Which Wickerlike Whispering Ward
Windbound Wifeless Wicketless Whispery Ware
Windburnt Wifelike Wickless Whispy Wareless
Windchilled Wifely Wicklike Whist Warful
Windfallen Wifey Wide Whistful Warheaded
Windful Wifish Wide-angle Whistlable Warkand
Windless Wifty Wide-awake Whistleable Warless
Windowless Wiggly Wide-bodied Whistlelike Warlike
Windproof Wild Wide-eyed Whistlerian Warly
Windy Wild-eyed Wide-field Whistle-stop Warm
Wine-colored Wilding Wide-ranging Whistling Warmer
Wine-coloured Wildish Widescreen White Warmest
Wineful Wilful Widespread White-bread Warmhearted
Wineless Willful Widish Whitecollar Warm-hearted
Winelike Willing Widow White-collar Warmish
Wingbacked Willless Widowed White-glove Warm-up
Wingless Will-less Widthless Whole Warning
Wingy Willowed Wieldy Wholehearted Warrantless
Winksome Willowish Wiery Wholemeal Warrened
Winky Willowlike Wishful Wholesale Warrenlike
Winless Wonky Wishy-washy Wholesome War-ridden
Winly Wonted Wispen Wholistic Warring
Winnable Wontish Wispish Wobblesome Warriorlike
Winne Woo Wisplike Wobbly Warrish
Winning Woo woo Wispy Wobegone Warsome
Winsome Wooable Wistful Woeful Warted
Winter Wood Witeless Woegeous Wartish
Wintery Wooded Witful Woeless Wartless
Winy Wooden Withering Woful Wartlike
Wipeable Woodfree Withstandable Woggish Wartorn
Wiperless Woodland Withy Wojus War-torn
Wirable Woodless Witless Wole Warworn
Wise Woodsy Witnessable Wolfish Wary
Woolen Woofy Witnessless Wolflike Washable
Wooley Wool-dyed Witsome Wolven Washed
Woolly Wooled Witter Wonderful Washed-out
Woolly-minded Worldly Witty Wonderous Washed-up
Wooly Wormed Wizard Wondersome Washen
Woo-woo Wormy Wizardly Wonderstruck Washing-up
Woozy Worn Wizened Wondrous Washy
Wordless Worn out Worn-out Worrying Waspish
Wordy Worn-down Worriable Worryless Waspless
Work Worn-in Worried Worse Wasplike
Workable Worrit Worriless Worshipful Wasp-waisted
Working Worry-free Worrisome Worst Waspy


Adjectives are a class of words that modify a noun or pronoun. These words are also sometimes known as ‘ 
 . They are very useful to written texts as they add imagery and details that can spark interest and emotions.

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