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What are adjectives?

Have you ever read sentences with adjectives like

  • big, round eyes
  • tattered pages
  • lovely dress

Now imagine the same nouns in complete sentences without the describing words. The text wouldn’t be as interesting, and more importantly, you will feel the need for specific details. This is why we have adjectives. Adjectives are describing words that add meaning and imagery to a written piece.

We use adjectives to add sense to a noun or pronoun by describing its traits and qualities. We can identify adjectives by wondering if a word answers the following questions: ‘What kind?’, ‘Which one?’ and ‘How many?

Let’s have a look at a few examples.

  • She prefers fancy ’ In this sentence, the adjective answers the question of ‘What Kind?’
  • Give me a white pair of earrings. The adjective used in this sentence answers the ‘Which one?’
  • He invited all. This adjective answers the question of ‘How many?’

That is not all about adjectives. To help students grasp grammatical concepts easily, we provide a whole range of workbooks and printable worksheets.

It is also important to understand the correct placement of adjectives. Typically, we see adjectives placed before a noun or pronoun, but that is not the rule. We can also place adjectives after the noun or pronouns we wish to describe. Learn with the help of examples given below:

  • His new car is more spacious.
  • Is Isabelle studious?

Do you understand adjectives? Test yourself with a quick, short quiz.

Adjectives Quiz

Identify the adjectives and choose the correct option.

  • Girl
  • Sarah
  • A
  • Clever

  • Masquerade
  • Planning
  • They
  • Party

  • View
  • Penthouse
  • Gives
  • Stunning

  • Music
  • Taylor’s
  • Favorite
  • Is

  • Ride
  • Car
  • Took
  • Sports

  • Thai
  • Food
  • She
  • Loves

  • Favorite
  • What
  • Color
  • Is

  • Provided
  • Participant
  • Snacks
  • Each

  • Very
  • Punctual
  • Is
  • Mark

  • Worse
  • Than
  • Office
  • Is

List of adjectives starting with X

Xylopolist Xystus Xiphopagus Xenodiagnosis Xerasia
Xylophory Xyston Xiphoid Xenocracy Xerarch
Xylophilous Xyster Xiphias Xenobiotic Xeransis
Xylophagous Xystarch Xilinous Xenium Xenurine
Xylometer Xylotypographic Xesturgy Xenic Xenops
Xylomancy Xylotomous Xerotripsis Xenial Xenophilia
Xylology Xylotherapy Xerotic Xenagogue Xenomorphic
Xyloid Xylorimba Xerothermic Xeme Xenomenia
Xylography Xylopyrography Xerostomia Xanthochroic Xenomania
Xyloglyphy Xerosis Xebec Xanthochroia Xenomancy
Xylogenous Xeroradiography Xanthous Xanthocarpous Xenolith
Xylocarp Xerophytic Xanthospermous Xanthippe Xenolalia
Xylem Xerophthalmia Xanthopsia Xanthic Xenoglossia
Xylary Xerophobous Xanthophyll Xanthareel Xenogenous
Xylan Xerophily Xanthometer Xenogenesis
Xu Xerophilous Xanthoma Xenogeneic
Xography Xerophagy Xanthodont Xenogamy
Xoanon Xerodermia Xanthoderm Xenodochium
Xiphosuran Xerocopy Xanthocyanopsy Xenodochial
Xiphophyllous Xeric Xanthocomic Xenodocheionology


Adjectives are words that modify a noun or pronoun in a sentence by describing its qualities or its position in space and time. These words can add imagery to any text and provide important information about nouns and pronouns.

Don’t forget to refer to our list of adjectives starting with X to bring life to your writings.

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