Adjectives Starting with Y – 60 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with Y – 60 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

What are adjectives?

An adjective is defined as a word that modifies a noun or pronoun. For example: a huge crowd, million stars, pearly jewelry has both nouns and adjectives. We can see that adjectives describe nouns while providing very specific information.

These descriptive words provide readers with imagery and bring life to a text. Adjectives are the words that we use to differentiate between opposite things like dark and light colors or sour and sweet flavors. This is done by describing the traits or qualities of a noun or pronoun. Moreover, these words also tell us about the number of nouns or pronouns.

Boost your score Adjectives Starting with Y - 60 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

For example, in the sentence ‘The instructor picked out 3 members’, the number 3 serves as the describing word for the noun: members.

There are 13 types of adjectives altogether. It is quite an interesting language tool but we understand that grammatical concepts can be tricky. This is why we offer an entire range of workbooks and printable worksheets for help.

words to describe someone that start with y

Some common types of adjectives include:

Descriptive adjectives: These are the most common type of adjectives. Descriptive adjectives simply describe nouns and pronouns in a text. Examples: blue sky, heavy pile, lovely performance.

Proper adjectives: Simply put, proper adjectives are proper nouns used as describing words. For example: Chinese people, Russian newspapers, Greek mythology.

Demonstrative adjectives: These adjectives are used to directly refer to something or someone. For example: this city, those bags, that idea.

Review how much you know about adjectives by taking the quiz below.

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Adjectives Quiz

Identify the adjectives and choose the correct one from the options given.

List of adjectives starting with Y

adjectives beginning with y

Adjectives Index

Adjectives starting with:


Adjectives are describing words. They modify a noun or pronoun and enrich your written text with vibrant and interesting details. We can use adjectives both before and after nouns and pronouns. Remember to use our list of adjectives starting with Y the next time you write.

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