Adjectives Starting with Z – 376 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

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Adjectives Starting with Z – 376 Words to Boost Your Vocabulary

What are adjectives?

Adjectives are a very interesting part of speech. They add sense and specific details to the text. Adjectives are commonly described as words that modify nouns and pronouns.

We usually see adjectives placed before nouns and pronouns. The following examples will help you remember:

  • Big house
  • Pretty color
  • Terrible taste

We don’t normally notice, but it’s true that adjectives can also be placed after a noun or pronoun. For example:

  • He is clever.
  • Sharon is short.

Adjectives not only describe the qualities of a noun or pronoun but also the quality. Many, Some, and Few are examples.

z word that describes someone

These words are not always easy to spot, so here is an easy way. Remember that at most times, adjectives answer questions like ‘What kind?’, ‘Which one?’ and ‘How many?

There are also many types of adjectives: approximately 13!

Let’s briefly discuss a few of them.

Descriptive Adjectives. These adjectives describe the qualities and traits of a noun or pronoun—for example, red car, sweet Popsicle, striped shirt.

Coordinate Adjectives. Coordinate adjectives are different describing words that apply to the same noun in a sentence. We separate coordinate adjectives with the use of a coma or ‘and.’

Demonstrative Adjectives. We use these adjectives to demonstrate or refer to a specific thing or person. They include words like this, that, and those.

adjectives beginning with z

Let’s test your skills now.

Adjectives Quiz

Identify the adjectives and choose the correct option.

List of adjectives starting with Z

Zabian Zealous Zebraic Zero-day Zibeline
Zany Zen Zebralike Zero-dimensional Zidanesque
Zapping Zestful Zebrine Zeroeth Ziggety
Zappy Zesty Zebroid Zero-grazed Ziggy
Zatfig Zillion Zebuine Zero-knowledge Zigzag
Zazzy Zippy Zeitgeisty Zeroless Zig-zag
Zealed Zoetic Zejelesque Zerolike Zigzaggy
Zealless Zealess Zeldaesque Zero-marking Zillion
Zealous Zealous Zen Zero-point Zillionth
Zen Zero Zenith Zero-rated Zimbabwean
Zeolitic Zonked Zenithal Zero-sum Zincian
Zero Zany Zenithward Zeroth Zincic
Zestful Zealous Zenlike Zerovalent Zinciferous
Zesty Zestful Zennish Zero-zero Zinckiferous
Zigzag Zesty Zeno Zerzanian Zincky
Zillion Zippy Zenographic Zestful Zincless
Zillionth Zambian Zenoist Zestless Zincographic
Zimbabwean Zen Zenonian Zesty Zincographical
Zinconic Zero Zenonic Zetetic Zincoid
Zingy Zimbabwean Zenonist Zetetick Zinconic
Zionist Zionist Zenophobic Zetlandic Zincous
Zipless Zabian Zenzic Zeugmatic Zincy
Zippy Zambian Zeolitic Zeugopodial Zinelike
Zodiacal Zany Zeolitiform Zeuzerine Zingiberaceous
Zonal Zanyish Zeophagous Zghartan Zingy
Zonary Zanzibari Zeotropic Zhdanovist Zinkiferous
Zoned Zapodid Zeotypic Zhejiangese Zinky
Zoneless Zapping Zephyred Zhing-zhong Zinziberaceous
Zoning Zappy Zephyrless Zhlubby Ziofascist
Zonked Zate Zephyrlike Zhoosh Zionazi
Zoogeographical Zatfig Zephyrous Zionistical Zionist
Zoological Zaydi Zephyry Zipcoded Zionistic
Zygomatic Zazzy Zero Zipfian Ziphioid
Zygomorphic Zealed Zero day Zip-front Ziphodont
Zymontic Zealess Zeroable Ziphiid Zipless
Zealotic Zealful Zeroadic Zoetic Ziplike
Zealotical Zealless Zeroary Zoetropic Ziplocked
Zippable Zirconated Zoaeal Zoftig Zolaesque
Zippered Zirconian Zoantharian Zogist Zolaistic
Zipperless Zirconic Zoanthoid Zoiatric Zoledronic
Zipperlike Zirconiferous Zoanthropic Zoic Zolian
Zippo Zitherlike Zoarcoid Zoidogamic Zombic
Zippy Zitless Zoarial Zoilean Zombied
Ziptop Zitty Zodiacal Zoisitic Zombielike
Zip-up Zizekian Zoeal Zoistic Zombiesque
Zir Zizzy Zoecial Zonal Zombified
Zonary Zonotopic Zoetic Zooeal Zomboid
Zonate Zonotreme Zoetropic Zooecial Zombyish
Zonated Zonular Zoogonous Zooey Zoomedical
Zoned Zonzte Zoographic Zoogamous Zoomed-in
Zoneless Zoobenthic Zoographical Zoogenic Zoomed-out
Zoner Zoocentric Zooid Zoogenous Zoomer
Zonian Zoocephalic Zooidal Zoogeographic Zoometric
Zonifugal Zoochemical Zooish Zoogeographical Zoomorphic
Zoning Zoochoric Zoolatrous Zoögeographical Zoömorphic
Zonipetal Zoochorous Zoolike Zoogeological Zoomusicological
Zonked Zoochotic Zoolithic Zoogleal Zoomy
Zonking Zoocidal Zoolitic Zoogleic Zoonal
Zonky Zoodermic Zoologic Zoogloeal Zoonic
Zonogonal Zooparasitic Zoological Zoogloeic Zoonitic
Zonographic Zoopathic Zoomable Zoöglœic Zoonomic
Zonohedral Zoopathological Zoomagnetic Zoogloeoid Zoonotic
Zonotopal Zoophagic Zoomantic Zoogoing Zoopagaceous
Zoophagous Zoosanitary Zoomaric Zosteraceous Zucchinilike
Zoophilic Zooscopic Zoötic Zosteriform Zuckerbergian
Zoophilous Zoosemantic Zootomic Zosteroid Zuinglian
Zoophobic Zoosemiotic Zootomical Zosterophyllaceous Zuist
Zoophoric Zoosexual Zootoxic Zotzed Zulu
Zoophysiological Zoospermic Zootoxicological Zoukified Zuni
Zoophytal Zoosporangial Zootrophic Zouk-like Zuñi
Zoophytic Zoosporic Zoötrophic Zowerswopped Zunian
Zoophytical Zoosporicidal Zooty Zygoapophyseal Zweckrational
Zoophytoid Zoosporous Zootypic Zygobranchiate Zwinglian
Zoophytological Zootechnic Zooxanthellate Zygocardiac Zwitterionic
Zooplanktivorous Zootechnical Zoppo Zygodactyl Zygaenine
Zooplanktonic Zooted Zoquean Zygodactyle Zygal
Zooplastic Zootheistic Zorched Zygodactylic Zygapophyseal
Zoopsychological Zootherapeutic Zorkian Zygodactylous Zygapophysial
Zooptic Zootic Zoroastrian Zygodont Zygenid
Zoopy Zygophyllaceous Zymoplastic Zygogenetic Zygnemataceous
Zygoid Zygopleural Zymosthenic Zygotal Zygomaticofrontal
Zygomasseteric Zygose Zymotechnic Zygotic Zygomaticomalar
Zygomatic Zygospondylous Zymotechnical Zymic Zygomaticomaxillary
Zygomaticoalveolar Zygosporangial Zymotic Zymocidal Zygomaticosphenoid
Zygomaticoauricular Zygosporic Zymurgic Zymogenic Zygomaticotemporal
Zygomaticofacial Zygosynapophyseal Zymurgical Zymogenous Zygomaxillary
Zygoneurous Zygomycetous Zygomycotic Zymographic Zygomorphic
Zygonic Zymoid Zygomorphous

positive adjectives that start with z

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Bottom line

Adjectives are a member of a class of words that are used to describe nouns and pronouns by indicating their traits and qualities. These words are also used to describe the relative position of a noun or pronoun in time and space.

Refer to the list of adjectives starting with Z above for your next written piece. We also help children understand grammar concepts better with our range of summer workbooks and printable worksheets.

In the next article you can read about adjectives for A.