ArgoPrep launches workbooks nationwide in Costco!

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ArgoPrep launches workbooks nationwide in Costco!

Introducing Math and Science Costco


ArgoPrep has just launched their Introducing Math & Science series for Kindergarten through 3rd grade in Costco’s nationwide. The workbook consists of a 360 page, full-color interior, with 40+ stickers accessible in the back of the workbook.

On top of that, all pages in these workbooks are perforated sheets! This allows you to easily tear out any pages in the workbook and let your child work on individual sheets if desired.

Costco Books IMG1The ArgoPrep Introducing Math & Science series is a MUST-HAVE workbook for your home or classroom. These workbooks include detailed interactive video explanations that can be accessed on our website. What exactly does that mean? 

Interactive Video Explanations

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Well, we take it one-step further than providing just an answer key in the back of our workbooks. One of our licensed-teachers created detailed video explanations to EVERY single question in the workbook.

Sample Video Explanations

This is extremely helpful for students, parents, and teachers who can use the video explanations to either guide students or bridge the gap in a child’s understanding when parents are usually very busy and have no time. 

Easy Navigation via the table of contents 👇🏼

Costco Books Table of Contents

Our goal is to close learning gaps and make education more equitable. This is why we offer video explanations to all our workbooks. There’s no need for a tutor or a frustrated parent to help their child when a student cannot solve a problem. 


Where to buy it? Only $9.49

These workbooks can be found in your local Costco store for under $10! An incredible value at an affordable price. 

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What’s covered in the Introducing Math & Science series?

The workbook is divided where the first half of the workbook is math and the second half is science. In the math section, we cover every unit and topic that is tested on the state-level.

The questions are designed to not only provide high-quality practice, but also assist in students preparing for state exams. 

Here’s a clear example of what our table of contents looks like for our Kindergarten workbook for the math portion.

Chapter 1 – Counting and Cardinality
1.1. Know number names and the counting sequence

1.2. Count to tell the number of objects

1.3. Compare numbers

1.4. Chapter Test

Chapter 2 – Operations & Algebraic Thinking

2.1. Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from numbers

2.2. Chapter Test

Chapter 3 – Numbers & Operation in Base Ten

3.1. Work with numbers 11-19 to gain foundations for place value

3.2. Chapter Test

Chapter 4 – Measurement & Data

4.1. Describe and compare measurable attributes

4.2. Classify objects and count the number of objects in each category

4.3. Chapter Test

Chapter 5 – Geometry

5.1. Identify and describe shapes

5.2. Analyze, compare, create, and compose shapes

5.3. Chapter Test

Chapter 6 – Mixed Assessment



When developing this workbook, we paid very close attention to the design to make sure the content is engaging for students. Nothing is worse than a workbook that puts a child to sleep.

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One of our core beliefs in ArgoPrep is that design is just as important as creating high-quality content. That’s why when you open one of our workbooks, you will be pleasantly surprised to see custom characters and guided practice problems with fun graphics. This allows children to be more receptive to work on supplementary workbooks.


The second part of this workbook has been specifically designed to help students build mastery of foundational science skills that are taught in their grade level.

Taking a look again at our Kindergarten workbook, students will work through the five branches of science: Physical Science, Life Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, and Engineering.

Within the branch of Physical Science, students will learn about force and motion. In Life Science, they will learn more about the external characteristics of plants and animals, as well as how these characteristics help them to survive.

Environmental science explores the environment, our natural resources, and pollution. When students work on Earth Science, they will learn more about the planet and the weather.

Finally, in the Engineering section, students will learn about gathering data, analyzing that data, and making models.

All of our science sections are Next Generation Science Standard aligned. ArgoPrep teaches students science topics using the ArgoPrep 5’Es to science mastery.

ArgoPrep 5’Es

Engaging with the Topic
Read a short text on the topic and answer multiple choice questions.

Exploring the Topic
Interact with the topic on a deeper level by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Explaining the Topic
Make sense of the topic by explaining and beginning to draw conclusions about the data.

Experimenting with the Topic
Investigate the topic through hands-on, easy to implement experiments

Elaborating on the Topic
Reflect on the topic and use all information learned to draw conclusions and evaluate results.

The 5’Es help students build science mastery. Just like the math section, we also offer video explanations to every page in the science section. So if you are feeling lost or simply want teacher guidance, accessing the videos is easy as one…two…three! 


No strings, no catches, no “extra” fees. We don’t believe in charging extra for video explanations. When you buy any ArgoPrep workbook, the video explanations are always free for the workbook you have purchased.


Is this workbook only available in Costco?

Yes! This workbook is exclusively in Costco locations only at the moment. We do not sell this workbook online. If you are unable to find the workbooks in your local Costco store, simply email us at