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Math apps for 5th graders are an excellent way to sneak some practice into your child’s routine. Chances are, your child is a big fan of game apps. In this day and age, most kids know their way around a phone or a tablet. As such, they also know their way around apps, especially by the time they approach 5th grade. Some may even know exactly where to find them and how to get them! If your child is an app fanatic, a math app is perfect for them. They don’t have to love math to love playing these games!

Why Should You Download Math Apps for 5th Graders?


For starters, the best math apps for 5th grade will engage your child in a productive way. They are designed to reinforce what they have learned. If your child is already a gaming whiz, they are sure to be enthusiastic about a new math app. Math apps for 5th graders are also perfect for students who aren’t big fans of math. If you’ve got a reluctant math-learner, they probably need a little convincing when it comes to studying. Math apps make this a breeze. Let’s say you place a math practice sheet in front of your child. Besides that, you place a tablet with a math app open and ready to be played. Given the choice, which one would your child go for? Nine times out of ten (perhaps more!) would choose the math app without a second thought.

Math apps for 5th graders make portable math studying a breeze. What’s easier to carry around: a textbook and a binder full of practice sheets, or a smartphone? Unless you’re a bodybuilder, you probably chose the device. Additionally, some of the best math apps for 5th grade are available without an internet connection. This means your child can get in some study time no matter where they are. Your child can play a game or two in the car or after they finish their homework at home.

Choosing the Best Math Apps for 5th Grade


Math apps create a variety of learning techniques. Variety is important for thorough and effective learning. When your child plays a game that exercises a concept they are learning in math, they see it in a new light. They practice the concept in a different context. Perhaps the app shows your child a new way to correctly solve problems in a way they haven’t learned. Or perhaps it simple cements the method in place. Either way, your child is sure to benefit from a new form of math practice.

It should be noted that even the best math apps for 5th grade should not be used as a substitute for other study materials. While they have their benefits, a balance should be found. Perhaps playing math games can serve as a reward for your child finishing their homework without a fuss. Or, they can be designated to weekends only. Math apps for 5th graders are a great addition to your child’s curriculum. However, there is no denying the importance of traditional study methods and material.

Tips for Finding the Best Math Apps for 5th Grade


First, it is helpful to consider the device on which you plan to download the app. Do you have an Apple device? Or is it an Android? Some math apps are not available for both.

Next, do a little research. Read about the app in its description. What does it claim to include? Does it match up with the things your child is learning? Sift through some reviews. These will let you know what other parents think of the app. Is it thorough? Does it live up to its description? Did other kids learn something new with the app? If applicable, are the advertisements overwhelming? If you choose to pay for an app, is it worth it? Will it guarantee a high-quality experience for your child? Is it buggy or slow? After all, your student is going to have a hard time learning from a game if it shuts down every few minutes.

Don’t settle for anything you don’t feel comfortable with. You know the needs of your child, probably better than anyone. If something doesn’t seem right, keep looking. There are plenty of different options. As aforementioned, there will likely be paid options available. While it may seem silly to pay for a little game, the paid options may have benefits worth the cash. Ad-free or higher level games will probably require a small amount of money. If you prioritize these things, keep in mind that you will likely have to pay for them.

Finally, once you’ve found the right app, don’t be afraid to play a few rounds! If it’s engaging, appropriate, and educational, you’ve found the one.

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