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You probably know all about summer camp, but what about math summer camp? There are lots of these programs all throughout the nation. Finding the right one held in your area can be a bit of a challenge. Your child’s grasp and mastery of elementary math are crucial to the remainder of their schooling. Math summer camp is a great way to make sure they get the understanding, help, and community they need. 


Why Consider Math Summer Camp?


Finding a summer camp for any subject is beneficial in many ways. It teaches your child a little bit of independence. Depending on how old your child is, they probably haven’t spent a lot of time away from family. For kids with separation anxiety, the days away may be a bit of a struggle at first; however, camps are meant to engage, teach, and support your child. With the right camp, your child will be having too much fun to miss home for long. 

Many summer camps bring kids closer to nature. A healthy dose of lakes, woods, and sunshine is never a bad thing. New skills are learned in the outdoors. Your child will have the chance to experience things and find passions they may never have encountered before. 

Summer camps teach kids teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. This is especially helpful for elementary math. After math summer camp, your child will know how to ask for help, and how to help others if they need it. Team-driven projects in school will be easier for your child to handle. Math skills are important, but so are social skills. Team projects only become more prevalent as your child moves through schooling. The ability to navigate those tricky situations will serve them well throughout the years. 

Summer Camp and the Summer Slide

If you haven’t heard about the infamous summer slide, you may want to do a bit of reading up on it. Summer is known for its detrimental effect on past learning. Students come back to school after the vacation and often need extensive reviewing. Teachers spend a lot of time reteaching concepts that kids have already learned. This means that time in the classroom is wasted on ideas from last year. Signing your child up for a math summer camp is the perfect way to combat this. They’re immersive, thorough, and will help your child stay ahead of the math game. (Luckily, they still have that “vacation” feel to them. After all, what’s work without play?)

How Does it Work?

When you send your child to a math summer camp, it’s not like sending them to school. In fact, it’s fair to say that it’s nothing like it. They do more than take notes while an instructor writes on a blackboard. They don’t just complete worksheets and take tests. The point of these summer programs is to have fun while learning. They take math out of the box—and out of the schoolhouse. Math concepts are taught and practiced through games, exercises, and even whimsical physical activities.

Teamwork is incorporated in creative ways. Your child will have a chance to showcase their skills and use math in ways never considered in the traditional classroom. Friendly competition via exciting contests and games encourage cooperation and hard work. These activities will give your child feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and success. Your child has probably never felt this way about elementary math. Math accomplishments usually mean good grades and a pat on the back. At summer camp, it means thrilled teammates, prizes, and stories upon their return.

If your child isn’t a fan of math, it might take some convincing to sign them up; however, it’s sure to change their minds about it. 

Finding the Right Math Summer Camp

The first camp you see might not be the best camp you’ll find. Do as much research as you can. Reviews and reputation are extremely important. These will give you pointers as to how well the camp is run and how effective it has been for other students. 

Pay attention to where the camp is held. Helping your child step out of their comfort zone is healthy, even beneficial. However, every child is different and has different needs. Being too far out of that zone isn’t always a good thing. 

Find a list of activities the camp provides. If there’s a particular sport, game, or activity you know your child enjoys, look for those. There’s a camp for every level, location, subject, and taste. The right summer camp experience will be worth every penny and every minute your child spends attending it. 

Finally, for that extra kick against the dreaded summer slide, consider Argo Prep. Our educational program might not be able to send your child fishing in the woods, but it is guaranteed to improve their elementary math skills. With their thorough and engaging instructional videos, paired with aligning physical workbooks, your child will come back to school with all the knowledge and know-how they need to succeed.


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