Factors of 45

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Factors of 45

In math class, your teacher presents you with a word problem using the triangle below. You realize that you need to divide the angle in half. To divide the 45 degree angle, you want to use the factors of 45 since you are so familiar with factoring.

Can you use factors of 45 to know which degree to split this angle in half?

Can you use factors of 45

Remember, you won’t have a remainder with factors. So, factors are whole numbers.

Factors of 45 are 1 and 45

The images below show the factors of 45. To find this, you had to find which numbers from 1 to 45 can divide into 45 without having a remainder.

Factors of 45 are 1 and 45

Many boy bands have 5 members in them. Therefore, if we multiplied the 5 members by 9 groups, that would equal 45. Those are two factors for 45. Wow! That is a lot of boy bands.

The other factors for 45 are 1 and itself, 45. So, all of the factors are 1, 5, 9, and 45.

Remember back to the angle from the word problem in your math class. Let’s see if you can use the factors of 45 to see where to divide this angle in half. Since you will be dividing it in half, you will need to equally divide the number, 45, by 2.

Since it is an odd number, you will not be able to use a factor of 45 to help you with this problem. Therefore, the answer is no.

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