Factors of 49

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Factors of 49


In a large zoom meeting, there are 49 students in it. With this large of a class, the teacher wants the students to answer questions, but not all at the same time. That would be too difficult to manage with all of those answers coming into the chat box. You decide to equally divide this big group. How could you divide this group and how many students would be in each group?

Factors of 49 Introduction

Finding the Factors of 49

The factors for the number, 49, are only a few. It is an odd number, so that eliminates 2 being a factor. There are only 3 factors. One of the factors, 7, has a factor partner of itself which lowers the number of factors even more.

Finding the Factors of 49

Let’s find out the factors for forty-nine. To find out, we will see which numbers 49 or fewer can equally divide into 49. There could be no remainder, or it will not be considered a factor of 49. Let’s gather the factors!

equally divide into 49

Since there are not a lot of factors for 49, it is always best to double check when you realize that you have only a few factors for a number.

With the problem with the teacher’s massive zoom class, there is only one choice and that is 7 groups of 7 students. The teacher could have a group of 7 students answer the questions in the zoom chat box while the other students are doing something else like reading or writing. Then the next group of 7 students will answer the questions. In that way, the teacher can manage the amount of answers coming through the chat box at one time.

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