Factors of 57

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Factors of 57


Heinz 57 makes ketchup. Their number 57 actually comes from other products that they make. It actually means that they have 57 varieties of pickles, believe it or not. So, at the Heinz factory there is a group of employees who are responsible for a set of the pickles. Use the factors to figure out how many employees there could be in the group and how many different types of pickles each employee in the group is responsible for. See if you can figure out both numbers based on the factors of 57.

Factors of 57


Factors of 57 are 1, 3, 19, and 57.


There are certain steps with finding the factors of a number like 57.You may be able to tell right off the bat that 57 does not have a lot of factors for it. First, it is not an even number. Second, it is not a number that has a single-digit multiplication fact for it. However, let’s dig in and see if we can find all of the factors. There might be a surprise set of factors in there that you might not have thought of.

Factors of 57 are 1, 3, 19, and 57

With the Heinz 57 problem, the group of employees could be either 3 or 19 employees. If there are 3 employees, then each of those employees would be responsible for 19 varieties of pickles. On the other hand, there could be 19 employees in the group, and each of the employees in this group would be responsible for 3 varieties of pickles.

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