Factors of 62

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Factors of 62


A common problem for many people is losing weight. However, the best way to lose weight is to have a plan. A woman weighs 62 pounds over her ideal weight and wants to lose weight each week for the next several weeks until it is summer. Then she will feel good about getting into her bathing suit. As this woman is preparing for her weight loss, she decides that she wants to lose an average of 2 pounds per week. How long will this take this woman to lose the weight. At what point would she need to start her weight loss journey if she wants to lose the weight by the beginning of June? To do this, you will need to find the factors of 62.

Factors of 62

How many factors?

The factors of 62 needs to be considered carefully because it may seem that there are more factors for this number than there actually are. The factors of 62 are the numbers from 1 through 62 that can equally be divided into 62 without having a remainder.

To find the factors of 62, you need to write down the first two factors that apply to all factors. Those are 1 and itself, so it is one and 62. Then determine if 62 is an even number. It is an even number, so 2 is a factor as well as its factor partner. The factor partner is the number multiplied to 2 will equal 62. What number multiplied with 2 will equal 62? This number is 31. Then, see if any numbers between 3 and 30 are factors of 62. In this case, there are not. Thirty is the only number with 62 that you have to go up to. That is because there will not be another number higher than the middle number that can equally divide into a number like 62.

The factors of 62 are the following.

How many factors

Let’s look back at the woman’s weight loss plan. She wanted to lose an average of 2 pounds per week so that she could lose a total of 62 pounds. We have learned that 2 is a factor of 62 because 62 is an even number. We need to find 62’s factor partner. So, what number times 2 equals 62? That number is 31. It will take this woman 31 weeks to lose an average of 2 pounds per week. If she wants to have those pounds off by the beginning of June, we will need to count back 31 weeks from June first. Let’s look at a calendar to find out.

How many factors

Of course, different years will vary with the number of weeks. However, on average, thirty-one weeks before the first week of June would put it at early November. So, this woman would need to start her diet at the very latest would be early November in order to shed the pounds by the beginning of June.

Factors of 62 1, 2, 31, and 62.

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