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Did you know that 8 out of 10 millennial parents agree that their child is one of their best friends?

The unique and special relationship between a parent and child is paramount for the social, emotional, and educational development of children.

While parents have resources available such as babysitters, grandparents, other trusted adults, teachers, coaches, and more to help with the fundamental “raising” of their child, at the end of the day it is a parent who a child cries for when they are hurt or scared.

The importance of parents is an undisputed topic. Now more than ever a parent’s role in a child’s life is more important than ever.

The emotional, physical, educational, and social wellbeing of a child rests heavily on parents; especially in a world with social distancing and remote learning.

This can feel like a heavy burden, especially now in 2020 while parents are learning to navigate a new normal and still balance work, life, and their sanity!


The Importance of Parents and Social-Emotional Development

Children are reliant on their parents to teach them the correct ways to behave, the right things to say, and even when it’s okay to burp. When they are young they might be hyper-cautious constantly asking, “Can I go outside? May I change my clothes? Can I tickle my brother?” Can I? Can I?”

Children are wired to trust parents and model the behaviors they see in their homes. The way that parents interact with each other, how the family operates together, and how families interact with their friends, are all the road map that a child uses to learn how to behave.

A parent’s importance in the social-emotional development of a child is crucial for children of all ages.

Children also watch their parents learn how to talk about their feelings and process their emotions. Without the help and coaching of a loving parent, a child is unable to navigate how to appropriately react to triggers and can often inappropriately react to stimulus in their lives.

For many children, a safe place to process emotions can also be a listening ear and a loving hug. Supporting the emotional development of a child is fluid and can change from child to child even in the same family. These differences help your child to grow into an independent, confident, and emotionally healthy adult!


The Importance of Parents and Children as Partners in Education

The New Normal

Now more than ever a parent’s role in their children’s education is unavoidable. For millions of families across the world, the classroom has been uprooted and plopped right in the middle of your living room. This can feel weird and foreign for parents and children alike.

But this is also an incredible opportunity for parents and children to learn how to become partners in education.

Instead of only nagging a child to complete their work, a parent has a unique opportunity to sit down with them and talk with them about what they’re working on.

Conversations like this are integral to building critical thinking skills that will serve children well all the way into adulthood.

The new changes to education allow for opportunities to break up the day into more manageable tasks. Instead of powering through 4 hours of schoolwork, consider breaking the day up.

A late brunch, a bike ride, or even a relaxing break playing Animal Crossing together can renew and rejuvenate both children and parents from the challenges of online schooling.


School’s In Session

Does your child shut down when you ask about what they’re learning or what they did in school each day?

Consider asking them specific questions as opposed to broad ones.

Instead of “What’d you learn about today?”, try “What was your favorite class (or part of school) today? What made it fun/cool/interesting?”

For younger kids even a simple, “What was for snack today” will get them talking. The more regularly these conversations happen with your children, the quicker that children will begin to tell you about their day. More importantly, your child will realize how authentically your care about their education.

One of the most important things that a parent can to do support their child’s education is to continue to create a low-stress approach to learning.

Instead of letting the technology struggles and frustration of not understanding new content to dominate the classroom, find opportunities to take a break, make it fun, and always find ways to engage your child in their interests.

When parents are working alongside their children as they navigate their education, you can expect to notice and address sticky spots quicker. This support is paramount for children in creating a positive association with learning!


The Importance of Parents and Educational Support

For many families, the past month has created the daunting challenge of at-home and remote learning.

Between balancing new online platforms, Zoom lectures, and the stress of realizing that your child may not step foot into a classroom for the rest of the school year, the importance of parents as a partner in education is undeniable.

But… for many parents, this might be the first time in your child’s life that you are walking alongside them each day for school.

For many parents, you are trying to navigate working from home while your kids are in the next room (or directly next to you) trying to figure out how to learn online.

Did you know that parent involvement improves children’s behavior in class, improves reading skills, and even improves teacher morale? Think about when you are doing something in your own life. Maybe you have gotten a new job or have taken on a new role at work.

You enjoy sharing the struggles and successes with those closest to you. The same idea applies to your children. When you take an interest in their education, they can feel that love and may be more likely to interact with you about their education.

If your child needs additional help in math or English (or if they are looking for a challenge),  ArgoPrep has hundreds of resources, workbooks, online practice, and more! I would highly encourage you to check our ArgoPrep’s K-8 online learning platform, which also includes two free workbooks shipped to your home if you purchase their annual plan (only $10 per month)! 

This award-winning content is Common Core aligned, readily available, and the preferred educational support by parents everywhere.


The Importance of Parents and Raising Adults

When your child is young they look to you to notice facial expressions, tone, and reactions to daily events.

They see you clapping with excitement when you are watching your favorite team.

Or see how you deal with frustration when you burn your dinner (again).

They are sponges who constantly take notes on how to cope, react, and proactively deal with the challenges humans encounter every day. That is why it makes sense that parents play a pivotal role in building a strong foundation for their child’s transition into adulthood.

Just as your child watches you when they are young, they continue to watch you as you deal with your finances and your career.

They are subconsciously taking notes on the way to handle their money, deal with disappointment, and how to choose a career that will be fulfilling and lucrative.

They watch you as you go back to school and when you work late into the night to advance yourself professionally.

The importance of parents in raising children for the future is obvious in how young adults approach adulthood, money, and career goals. 


Next Steps

Trying to balance providing your child healthy and nourishing meals, intellectual stimulation, lots of fun and laughter, as well as intentional one-on-one tutoring time each day, clean clothes, and toys to stimulate their imagination without too much screen time(!) each day can be daunting when you have one child.

When you have two, three, or four children who you are trying to care for and intentionally spend time with, there are days where this can feel impossible.

By finding hacks that will take some of the pressure off, you will be able to engage your child in a more stress-free and fun way each day!

Take a walk and explore or learn a new hobby together (we’ve heard that homemade pasta brings families closer together).

When it comes to providing more educational support, let ArgoPrep do the heavy lifting, so you can spend less time stressing about if your child is getting the right stuff.

When you use an ArgoPrep workbook, you are guaranteeing that your child is getting high quality, standard aligned, and appropriately-challenging practice in the subjects that are common headaches for kids and parents alike.

In just 10 minutes per day, your child can work through an ArgoPrep worksheet and you can get a warm cup of coffee, and if your child needs some additional support, don’t fear!

ArgoPrep has online video explanations of every single problem in every single workbook. Gone are the days of loathing elementary math homework!

If you are a parent and reading this, it isn’t rocket science that parents are important to a child’s life. Sometimes parents can forget how crucial their role and interest in a child’s life can deeply impact their development.

If you haven’t connected with your child lately, brainstorm ways that you can thoughtfully engage with them today!


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