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 It’s all about the material. Finding a great 2nd grade math workbook online can be tricky. While it’s convenient and often cheaper (heads up to all our thrifty readers!), there are some drawbacks. As with finding any schooling for 2nd grade, there are things to look out for. The world-wide-web has a lot to offer—but not all of its offers are worth taking. 


Parents, teachers, and tutors alike search for textbooks for many different reasons. Your child may be homeschooled. You may be looking to get them ahead of the game during the summer. Or, you may be looking for physical materials to match some 2nd grade online math curriculum.

Of course, there’s always the dreaded ‘math homework’ that can require at a 2nd grade math textbook necessary. As a teacher, I almost always had to supplement the school adopted curriculum with sources 2nd grade online math sources I found online. 

No matter the reason for finding a 2nd grade math textbook online, the necessity for caution remains. Have you ever ordered something online, only to receive it and discover that it looks absolutely nothing like the listing pictures? This may have worked out all right with a pair of pants, but textbooks are a different story. For that reason, knowing how to make the right selection is important.

Get Familiar with the Curriculum


We don’t mean that you should attend class every day with your student. Just take some time to get to know the topics your 2nd grader is learning. If your child attends traditional school, this task is simple. Topics are usually laid out in a class syllabus that will be brought home. Depending on the teacher, your child will most likely be asked to keep it for future reference throughout the year. (It’s probably in that big stack of papers your child is given on the first day of school. You know, the one you have to sort through and sign.) 

On the other hand, this can be a bit trickier for homeschoolers. If you’re a homeschooling veteran, you know that each state has different requirements. These

are listed for educators, parents, and students alike. Dig into those and take notes. It’s important to know what your child must learn throughout the 2nd grade. Online math forums and state sites will have helpful information on standards. Compile an organized list of math topics for your student. This list will come in handy when you’re finding a 2nd grade math textbook online. You can refer to it to ensure that the contents are up to scratch. 

Not All Textbooks are Created Equal

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Just as the pants you ordered, some textbooks are better—or worse—than others for teaching 2nd grade. Online math resources will have reputations that precede them, so take advantage of that. Don’t stop at the textbook listing. As great at the site may make it sound, be wary. (After all, they won’t make any sales if they talk about the drawbacks of their own products.) Sort through some reviews. These will give you an idea of both sides of the textbook; the good, as well as the bad. Pay attention especially to what is said about the student’s experience with it. If it seems that there are repetitive complaints about difficulty understanding the concepts in the book, bad explanations, inaccuracy, discrepancies, or other issues, it might be a good idea to keep the search going. 

Similarly, if a textbook has no reviews, this may be a bad sign as well. If you have no feedback to look at, it’s going to be very difficult to tell exactly how well it’s going to do for your child. If you’re pretty set on a textbook like this, just make sure it’s got everything on your list (remember the one you made in the first step?). It may also be helpful to browse samples of the pages. See if the page has a satisfaction guarantee, a money-back policy, or other policies that hold the site accountable for their products. These show confidence in the product and its effectiveness. They provide a safety net for you and your student in case the book doesn’t turn out to be the right fit. 

Make Connections


Get in touch with other parents, especially other homeschoolers. There are plenty of
out there that will be able to help you find a 2nd grade math textbook online to fit your needs. The forums may also have valuable state standard information and other pointers.
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