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60 Best Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Boys in 2020

10-year-old boys can be challenging to shop for. Since they are too old for many toys but too young for popular gifts for teens. The great news is, 10-year-old boys have unique interests, and there are thousands of great options available.

We have compiled our list of the 60 best gifts for 10-year-old boys in 2020. These gifts have been broken up into categories, and feature toys from a variety of price points.

These gifts are highly rated, fan favorites, which means that the 10-year-old you’re shopping for will love them too!


Subscription boxes are a great alternative to a one-and-done gift. With the option to send a single month (up to an entire year) of boxes, subscription boxes are a great way to change up your gift-giving style.

Many subscription box companies also offer gift cards, so they can sign up when it’s convenient to them (like, for instance, summer break).

Subscription boxes are focused on educating kids using fun and engaging activities.

Here are the top subscription gift picks for 2020.

Various Crates, $16.95-$19.96 per Month

Kiwi Crate’s are the preferred subscription for thousands of parents each MonthMonth. And it’s easy to see why! These crates come packed with fun and engaging activities for kids to complete.

Each Month’sMonth’s box has a theme, and all of the activities are designed to help your child learn something new.

There are different boxes to suit different interests, including a STEM, Doodle, and traditional box option.

$25.00 per Month

These boxes are geared towards kids who love Science, Math, and Technology. Each box comes filled with electronics, chemistry, and physics activities.

$24.95-$29.95 per Month

Another STEM subscription box, Groovy Lab in a Box comes filled with all the supplies that your child needs to complete science experiments at home.

Each box also gives kids access to their online lab notebook, where they can practice the scientific method.

Finally, each box includes a unique design challenge to help kids think like engineers in their everyday lives.

$24.90 per Month

MEL Kids boxes are packed with fun activities focused on science. Each box includes a science kit, funny comics, something to build, and activities to enhance logical thinking.

Each box also comes with a unique AR code that accesses more activities from their phones.

$40 per Month/$255 for 6 Months

The perfect subscription box for kids who love cars, R & T Crew subscription boxes are filled with fun activities and information about their favorite vehicles.


Many 10-year-old boys love sports! And in 2020, the options for different recreation activities are boundless.

Most popular sports have created equipment to help athletes develop their skills, and these things make perfect gifts for the 10-year-old who has major league dreams.

However, these sporting toys aren’t limited to popular sports; in fact, there are so many options for kids who love to be outside!

Pint Model, $950

The newest way to travel in style, the Onewheel is the must-have gift of 2020. These single wheel-style skateboards are app-connected and designed to customize to match the style of any rider (with additional accessory purchases).


This solo soccer trainer is perfect for the kid who has dreams of becoming a great soccer star. Affordable and high-rated, the Star Kick Hands-Free Soccer Trainer attaches to a player and a ball. Athletes can practice kicks, dribbling, and more with this trainer.


Made by Razor (the same company who created the scooter), the RipStik Caster Board is part rollerblades and part skateboard. Riders get the same freedom to ride but more versatility. Perfect for kids who love to practice tricks, get outside, and go fast, the Ripstik Ripster Caster Board will be their next favorite toy!


The 2019 outdoor game of the year, Capture the Flag REDUX, combines the classic gameplay of capture the flag with the added challenge of glow in the dark gameplay.

Each game includes 25 game pieces and 12+ hours of batteries. There are instructions for 12 different types of games and can be played with up to 20 players.


Featuring a compact buggy with a powerful electric motor, this dune buggy is sure to provide hours of fun. The tires on this ride-on vehicle are grippy enough to go onto dirt roads, which is perfect for exploring and racing in any conditions.


This versatile board can be used on water and snow. Slippery enough to be used as a snowboard, sled, bodyboard, and more!

Kids will have a blast playing on this Spooner Board, and the best news? It’s low cost, means that it’s a fun way to add some outdoor activities during the winter (or summer!).


This premium designed Ski Skooter is the perfect balance of snowboarding with the extra help of a handle. 10-year-olds love that they don’t have to spend time clipping in and out of the Skooter, but they also like the LED lights, and it’s quick conversion into a sled.

If you endure long winters, this Ski Skooter will fill days with laughter!


With rules like volleyball, Spikeball is a high-action easy-to-play game for up to four people. Spikeball has a loyal following of players, and it’s easy to see why! This game is quick to set up, and kids (and adults) can start playing within minutes.

This game is great for kids who love active games (and kids who need a break from screen time!).


Voted the best Nerf gun, this toy has all the power to win a Nerf war. Featuring a rotating barrel for quick and easy reloads, kids will be the envy of their friends. This gun allows shooters to shot one dart at a time, or it has the option to rapid-fire six darts at once. Darts will soar up to 90 feet!


This trampoline attachment allows 10-year-olds to use their trampoline for more than just jumping. This attachment includes a strike zone so kids can practice their baseball and soccer shots, while not risking losing their baseballs and soccer balls in the process.


The Space Blaster Shooting Game from Sharper Image is a 1-2 player game that lets kids target shoot with a laser. Many reviews mention that kids of all ages love this game, and praise it for it’s continued entertainment (even in quarantine!). If your 10-year-old loves Star Wars, target shooting, or even competition, they will love this game!


This football is an official NFL sized football, but features a unique trait: it’s holographic. Kids will love playing and taking pictures catching this ball because it will look like they are football players of the future!


Aspiring baseball players will love this tool for improving their baseball swings. This product comes with a bat attachment that provides real-time swing feedback. 10-year-olds will be swinging better and hitting more home runs thanks to this tool.

The information is all analyzed and stored in a handy app, so players can track their performance and improvement as they use the analyzer.


This virtual soccer trainer is essential for any kid who wants to improve their skills on the field. This soccer ball is Bluetooth enabled, and can be used independently or with one of the daily live classes offered by DribbleUp. In these classes, players will be given personal feedback to elevate their game.


This game ball is about the size of a grapefruit, but it packs a punch that is certain to get kids moving and laughing. App-enabled, this ball links to a player’s phone, and then players can choose one of ten games to play. These games range from a classic “hot potato”-style game to throwing challenges, and more!

Kids and adults love how portable this toy is, which makes it perfect for throwing into a bag and pulling out whenever somebody’s ready for a challenge!


Many kids love the information that an activity tracker provides. They love to see that they hit their daily movement goals! The Fitbit Ace 2 was designed with kids in mind, which means they are swim-proof, customizable, and have a battery life of five days.

With many students transitioning into virtual learning, a fitness tracker is a perfect gift to ensure they are meeting movement goals independently. Plus, when kids get fitness trackers, many families like turning it into a healthy competition!




This 3D printing pen puts kids in the driver’s seat. Their creativity will be the driving force behind all of their creations. This slim pen is easy to maneuver and easy to store.


Is your 10-year-old a budding movie director? This stop motion kit will help them create and move characters throughout their stop motion videos. This kit comes complete with pieces to customize the figure and is easy-to-use. Kids love manipulating it and creating real-life scenes in stop motion!


If your 10-year-old is an artist, then this tablet is essential for their digital creation. With a full 13.3″ display, it’s intuitive surface responds to any drawing on the screen. The pen (included) has a range of formats, including writing, coloring, and brushstrokes, so that they can bring their visions to life.


At first look, this robot, while intimidating looking it looks relatively simple. But this robot is a powerful toy guaranteed to entertain 10-year-olds for hours! App-connected, this robot can roll, crush, and navigate many different terrains. With lights included, daytime and nighttime play is a breeze. And since it can travel up to speeds of 14 mph, it’s challenging to outrun this robot.


This LEGO kit combines the classic fun of LEGOS with the future of coding. After building the robot, kids can use the app to control it, providing hours of fun while learning how to code.

Kids can build up to five different models; this award-winning toy is a fan favorite!


For expert builders and coders, LEGO has created a more advanced robot. With over 17 design configurations, multiple motors, and more intelligent functions, this robot will keep kids busy for hours.

This robot can be taught how to walk, talk, and even play games! Plus, this set is compatible with all LEGOS, which makes it fully customizable with sets that 10-year-olds already own!


Small enough to fit in your hand, mighty enough to fly outside, this drone is a fun and durable toy! Preprogrammed with tricks, autopilot, and easy to maneuver, this drone packs hours of fun into one small package.


Another app-enabled robot, this one, which is Iron Man-themed, allows kids to write code, to level up on challenges. Kids with no coding experience will have fun getting this robot to move and do tricks.

EVO also grows with your kids, meaning that as they advance their code writing skills, EVO will be able to do more too.


With crystal clear optics and state of the art graphics, Oculus is the gold standard of VR entertainment.


Great for kids who like to tinker, the Raspberry Pi console provides hours of entertainment. With the instructions included, kids will build their own computer that they can use upon completion.

Great for kids who like to build and love computers!


With a strong battery life and big sound, contained in a fun bulldog speaker, kids will love listening to music with their friends!


10-year-olds are getting old enough to participate in fun and interactive games, so a new game is a great option for a gift. Here are 2020’s most sought after games!



With 12 game pieces, players have to work through over 200 challenging brain teasers. Ranging from easy to difficult, kids will love this puzzle game!


Splendor requires players to collect chips and develop their cards to buy mines, transportations, and shops. The winner is the player who earns the most points! This quick-play game (each game lasts around 30 minutes), is a perfect pick for family game night.


Players will take their trees through the full-lifecycle on their way to building a complete forest. With certain risks like planting in the shade and not getting enough water, players will have to strategize their next move if they want to grow their plants and win the game.


This logical and strategy game is the perfect blend of “Guess Who” and “Battleship.” With a bright game board, players must try to guess their opponent’s secret square.


The perfect gift for the Stranger Things enthusiast, this game follows the show’s format of Dungeon’s and Dragons. Players battle their way through the D&D universe and the upsidedown to win the game!


This book is filled with age-appropriate jokes with the one goal: can you hold in your laughter? Families love these jokes and the break from screen time with this fun resource!


This game challenges players to reach the finish line as slowly as possible. Can your 10-year-old get there without going to fast? Buzz the buzzer on your head, and you’ll be forced to freeze in place until it stops.

Easy to play, quick to set up, and guaranteed fun, this game will quickly become a family favorite.


Players make bets on what they think they can and can’t do. Can you balance a spoon? Build a castle of cards? These seemingly simple tasks are challenged by opponents to see who can prove themselves in this fun, family-friendly game.



There are thousands of toys for 10-year-old boys, and it can be hard to comb through them all to find the best. Luckily, we have compiled a list of toys that 10-year-olds want to play with!

A combination of hands-on, strategy, and toys for the jokester, you’re bound to find something in this list.


Can you think of anything more 10-year-old boy than an alien dissection kit? Filled with over 26 levels and 14 pieces, kids will love digging into the slime after they cut the alien open. It doesn’t stop there, with oozing intestines, tearing brains, and crushing bones, this kit will be a favorite!

Prices Vary

Have you ever wanted to design your own amusement park? Now you can with the K’NEX Thrill Ride building sets. Build roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other thrilling rides with these kids.


Unless you have been living in the middle of nowhere, you have seen these costumes all  
 . A fan favorite to add comedy to everyday activities, 10-year-olds will love having their own.


This programmable robot has one job: To protect a bedroom from any intruders. This robot can be programmed for room security with the use of sirens, lights, and sound effects. Only the person with the secret access code, knock, and key cards will be allowed entry.

Prices Vary

Funko Pop toys are mannequins that are modeled after popular characters. Kids love to collect these figurines and will love to show them off to their friends.


Your 10-year-old’s friends will be in stitches with the jokes included in this book. Boasting itself as the BIGGEST joke book ever, you won’t have to worry about listening to the same jokes over and over again.


This kit features all of the ingredients and tools to brew gallons of delicious and creamy root beer. A bonus? Kids will learn about the process of creating CO2 as a by-product of yeast metabolism!

Delicious and educational? Sign us up!


High-tech night vision goggles for the spy in all of us. This headset is comfortable and built to withstand the most dangerous of missions.


Kids get the chance to set up their own high-flying course filled with trampolines, obstacles, and launchers to help get the metal ball to the goal.

This toy encourages critical thinking and fine motor skills.


This is the perfect gift for a budding magician. With the help of online tutorials, kids will quickly learn the skills to dazzle their friends with their ability to move the light.


Perfect for the budding magician, kids will love how easy it is to learn these tricks. Prepare to be amazed as they perform magic right before your eyes!


These interconnecting discs will help kids’ imagination come to life as they construct sculptures. Plus, these toys encourage spatial intelligence and thinking.


Gifts for Gamers

Lots of 10-year-old boys have become entranced with popular video games on the market. Minecraft and Fortnite have taken the world by storm. But 10-year-old’s also enjoy Star Wars, Stranger Things, and Pokemon.

Since many kids already have the basics for gameplay (like an Xbox One), there are countless add-ons and reference books to elevate their gameplay.


Perfect for the 10-year-old who loves Minecraft, this sword/pickaxe transforms instantly to conquer any duel that they encounter. Easily mine for gems or fight a mob– this toy does it all.


With a tag line, “Build taller, farm faster, mine deeper, and automate the boring stuff,” this book will guide kids through coding their Minecraft towns to be the best they can be. This hands-on tool will lay the foundation for coding while still having fun!


What do you get the 10-year-old who has everything for gaming? A shirt to let everyone know they have more important places to be, of course!


Are you looking for a splurge that guarantees to entertain the most avid gamer? Loaded with 3,016 games, kids (and adults) will love playing the classic arcade games that made video games what they are today!


Introduce your 10-year-old into the world of Pokemon trading cards. This set comes with over 160 cards (a mix of classics and new Pokemon), and more to help their gameplay take off!


This is the most coveted console of quarantine, and it’s easy to see why! With the convenience to play on the TV or on-the-go, kids won’t have to pause their game for too long before playing again.


Connected this game controller to your own tablet and get to designing and coding your very own video game! Many people praise this toy for being easy to learn and hours of fun, which means that your 10-year-old will have a blast and learn at the same time!

Did We Miss Anything?

Of course, since there are so many toys out on the market, we most likely missed some favorites. Which toys on this list does your 10-year-old have and love? What toys did we miss?

Let us know in the comments!

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