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AdaptedMind and ArgoPrep have both created engaging research-based educational resources. They share the belief that all children are unique and learn in different ways. Let’s check out each service to see which might best suit your educational needs!


AdaptedMind is an in-browser application that provides teacher-created math and reading resources for students K-6. Its online lessons contain 300,000 practice problems and over 30 hours of blackboard video instruction. The site aims to develop essential skills through playing games. AdaptedMind starts at $10 a month per subject subscription.

As an app, AdaptedMind integrates a traditional instructional style into their videos to bring the classroom into the home. Students can print worksheets or complete them online. Correct answers award students with virtual prizes to inspire motivation.

ArgoPrep is an award-winning subscription-based learning website that is tailored to students in grades K-8. In addition to thousands of printable worksheets, tens of thousands of videos, and over 100,000 practice questions, ArgoPrep offers quizzes, drills, and in-depth video lessons broken down into accessible 10–15-minute chunks so that your child can watch with ease.

Teachers or parents can subscribe to ArgoPrep for $19.99. Families can use a single subscription for multiple children at no extra cost. All materials align with Common Core Standards.

Consumer Ratings

Testimonials from AdaptedMind discuss the simplicity of its digital activities. Children have found joy in math while building confidence completing equations. Teachers who use AdaptedMind claim their students have taken better charge of their education because they are excited to learn. These teachers are able to break their classes up into smaller groups and individualize instruction.

However, on SiteJabber, a web-based platform aimed at sorting through trustworthy online businesses, AdaptedMind has received a rating of just 1.82/5 stars. Users complain about recurring credit card charges and free trial issues. They also mention frequent pop-ups that distract from learning. Commonsense.org gives AdaptedMind a rating of 2/5 stars for its slower loading time between screens and its confusing log-on process. On Trustpilot, AdaptedMind has received a rating of 4/5 stars for its ability to encourage kids to like math.

ArgoPrep’s workbooks have received a rating of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, with reviewers noting the depth of content and the balance of topics. Some reviewers point out a few inaccuracies in the answer keys. On EduReviewer, ArgopPrep has received a rating of 4.3/5 stars for its affordability, self-pacing, and practice question quantity.

Most Positive Reviews

Subscribers of AdaptedMind love the platform’s emphasis on joy when it comes to math. They find it easier to get their children to practice equations because the site feels like a game. The curriculum is thorough, and the visuals are entertaining.

Users of ArgoPrep claim the workbooks have made for a seamless transition from school to home, particularly during COVID. The simple explanations of concepts are very easy to follow.

Reviewers cite the readability of the workbooks and the bite-sized lessons as helping children stay engaged and helping parents keep track of their children’s minor errors. Homeschoolers claim the books take away the time and tedium of preparing extensive lesson plans, as they cover all Common Core skills.

Pros and Cons:

AdaptedMind can be a useful resource for individualizing education. It pretests all subscribers to determine each child’s ideal starting point. It also reassesses routinely to keep track of mastered skills and trouble spots. AdaptedMind has a linked YouTube channel full of grade-specific playlists that parents and children can watch for free.

Unfortunately, AdaptedMind’s unreliable payment system and inconsistent graphics may concern or dissuade users from subscribing. The company does not offer an option to pause the subscription, nor do they refund cancelations for partially used subscription periods.

ArgoPrep users can access content on the web, phone, or tablet. Users of ArgoPrep can easily find targeted and comprehensive content already collected into workbooks. These workbooks can simplify the process of ensuring that all children in a class meet their educational standards. ArgoPrep’s workbooks all align to Common Core Standards, meaning that they abide by state learning goals for math and English language arts. These workbooks focus on preparing even the youngest of students for college and the real world by boosting test scores and increasing confidence from Kindergarten onward. All material is created by state-certified teachers.

In addition to its Common Core series, ArgoPrep also offers workbooks in Math, Science, and Social Studies. Science and Social Studies workbooks follow Next Generation Science Standards. They have also created special Summer and Winter Academy workbooks, as well as Brain Hunter workbooks that include over 1000 practice questions and twelve weeks of review. ArgoPrep’s workbooks incorporate entertaining activities, such as fitness exercises, word games, or mazes, to keep students engaged between units.

ArgoPrep provides free video explanations for all workbooks available to view on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Each practice quiz comes with video explanations to better accommodate visual and auditory learners. Argo Prep also offers a unique tracking feature that allows you to document your child’s progress. All materials are completely Common Core aligned. Every section of the workbook is clearly timestamped for viewer convenience, allowing users to move at their own speeds through each page or chapter. ArgoPrep also allows teachers and families to create individual child accounts within your subscription so that you can follow their performance and check which  
  they have reviewed.

Interested in learning more about ArgoPrep’s award-winning program? Check out this short video to see how ArgoPrep can help your child.

How would you compare AdaptedMind and ArgoPrep?

There is never a single solution for every child, particularly when it comes to learning. Both AdaptedMind and ArgoPrep offer essential resources and tools for students, parents, and teachers.

AdaptedMind is a fun way to improve basic math skills and encourage educational independence. ArgoPrep is a great resource for those hoping to target skills necessary to mastering the Common Core curriculum. For parents and teachers who wish to track their children’s progress over time, ArgoPrep is a strong choice.

Of course, you can always try both! Both programs offer different price points depending on what best suits your budget. With ArgoPrep’s 7-day free trial, you have nothing to lose. Give ArgoPrep a try today!


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