Go Math Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep Grade 5 Workbooks

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Go Math Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep Grade 5 Workbooks

Go Math Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep – Let’s go!

When looking for additional academic support for your child the options can be overwhelming. A simple search on Amazon will reveal thousands of workbooks, flashcards, stories, toys, games, and more all claiming to be the “fix-all” for your child.

As a parent, if you aren’t a teacher, how are you supposed to wade through all of the options to find the most effective resource? Between time, money, and your knowledge of the content, you want to find something that will help your child on your schedule, budget, and skill level. It makes sense!

One of the most popular resources “Go Math!” has been a go-to for teachers and parents alike.

Go Math! features grade-specific workbooks that are Common Core aligned and that feature a wide range of skills practice through word problems, simple and complex equations, and more (depending on the specific skills being taught).


Go Math! Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep Workbook Format

Both Go Math! and ArgoPrep follow similar formats for skill practice. Broken up into units and lessons, Go Math! Grade 5 units span over a few weeks.

The overview page explains the concepts of the unit and gives an example of how to solve the type of problem present in the lessons.

It provides a short vocabulary list with a definition. This information is delivered in both English on one side and Spanish on the other, making it accessible and usable by many parents.

ArgoPrep’s workbook is broken up into weeks, scaffolding (that’s Teacher talk for increasing difficulty) the concepts as the weeks progress.

A link to a video lesson accompanies each week, meaning that parents who are trying to help their kids have real-time, quick instruction through video whenever they need it!

Each week also features a short, one-sentence summary of the skills being worked on that week.

Go Math! Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep Grade 5 Workbooks

ArgoPrep workbooks feature a mix of standard problems and word problems, exposing students to a variety of mathematical equations. Go Math! Grade 5 features one page of “Extra Practice” at the end of the unit.

ArgoPrep uses day five for an assessment and provides an extra day (day six) for a challenge question.

Go Math! Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep Parent Support

One of the biggest hindrances for children struggling to learn math is because of parent’s struggles understanding math.

Many articles note that parents suffer from their version of “
” when it comes to helping their kids.

Between the transition to Common Core, new methods for solving equations, and parent’s limitations, there are countless reasons that children aren’t getting additional help on homework.

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Schedules, other children, and responsibilities are all valid reasons why parents are unable to provide undivided attention to learning new methods for solving old problems.

Go Math! and ArgoPrep both have provided parents with additional support. As mentioned above Go Math’s Grade 5 unit introductions have a concise model for the type of math that students will be working on. It breaks the problem down into bite-sized steps, perfect for identifying sticky points in solving. Each model also contains a tip to further explain the process.

ArgoPrep’s weekly introductions feature a short summary of the skill being taught. Additionally, each week has a corresponding video that parents and students can access. These videos walk through each problem, demonstrating how to solve the problem and explaining the process.

Go Math! Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep Foundations

There are 
 The expectation is that all students would be able to successfully demonstrate knowledge of all 26 of these standards at the end of 5th grade (not to mention all of the other standards for all of the other content areas too).

It’s can feel like an overwhelming list for a parent of a child who needs additional support.

It can also feel like a shortlist for the parent of a child who needs a bigger challenge. There are so many reasons why your child may need additional work from Go Math! and ArgoPrep.

Per the table below, you can see that ArgoPrep and Go Math! provide support for comprehension of all of the standards for 5th grade.

Each program offers detailed units (through unit plans and weekly plans) that will provide an inclusive and holistic presentation of all of the skills.

Math Grade 5

Go Math! & ArgoPrep

Go Math! Grade 5 and ArgoPrep Grade 5 are both Common Core Standard aligned. Each workbook includes challenging and applicable problems, aligning with the content being taught in the traditional and homeschool classroom.

Go Math! and ArgoPrep include explanations of processes and offer additional work for extra challenge and practice. Choosing either option is a guarantee that your child is receiving standard aligned and relevant support needed for increasing their comprehension in school.

Go Math! Grade 5 vs. ArgoPrep Grade 5 Workbooks

If you, as a parent, are worried about being able to work on the math with your child, ArgoPrep’s additional video explanations are a valuable resource to help parents and students alike work through challenging problems as they arise. Another wonderful benefit of these explanations is their accessibility from the ArgoPrep app or online.

One of the most challenging differences between Go Math! and ArgoPrep is that Go Math! workbooks do not include an answer key to any of their problems (depending on the workbook you get).

The comfort that immediate feedback can provide when learning skills in math is delayed until your child can turn their work in for assessment (or if you purchase on the online copies of the answers).

ArgoPrep provides the answers to all problems at the back of the workbook and through the video explanations, allowing you to support your child through checking answers and helping them process the problems to reach the correct answer.



ArgoPrep brings a new and refreshed approach to math instruction for all grades. If your child struggles with the lack of support that they get from the workbooks from Go Math! they will find the additional resources included in ArgoPrep’s workbooks a welcomed relief. Written specifically to engage children, ArgoPrep employs the help of a cast of characters to bring math to life and make practice fun!

ArgoPrep refuses to sacrifice the quality of instruction despite improvements to the traditional workbook approach. Purchasing a workbook guarantee’s that your child will be getting common core aligned to support and their skills will improve each week as they work through the program.

If you are looking to boost your child’s score, check out ArgoPrep’s award-winning K-8 Math & ELA program!