Grade 8 Math Curriculum: Problems You May Face

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Grade 8 Math Curriculum: Problems You May Face

 Grade 8 math curriculum is no joke. If your child is in the last stretch of middle school, you probably already know thisI’ve taught eighth-grade math, but as a person who doesn’t really ‘love math’, the subject matter can be challenging. So, I can sympathize with students and parents. Keeping up with your child’s homework and helping them with assignments is only going to get harder as they head into high school, so if you haven’t signed up for extra help by this point, now is an excellent time. Doing so will allow you to find practice math problems for 8th grade and plenty of other study materials to make this year a lot less painful. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

Behavioral Developments That May Occur

grade_8_math_curriculum_problems_you_may_face_maksimNot only is the math changing; your child is as well. The years of the early teen are some of the most strange and intense yet. (I’m sure you can attest—we’ve all been there!)

During their 8th grade year, your child is likely going through physical, hormonal, and emotional
. They will grow body hair, gain or lose weight as they develop physically, and become more concerned with their image. They may develop acne and have growth spurts. (You’ve probably bought three different shoe sizes at this point. Insane, right?)

Your child may feel as though the world revolves around them. One day, they may feel fabulous about themselves. The next, they may feel that they will never be good enough. The opinions of their peers will probably become a heavy concern for your child. They will begin comparing themselves to other students. Self-consciousness runs rampant at this stage.

Your child is also probably going to argue with you more. (Flashback to the
. A pat on the back for every parent who survived that phase.) This is not to say that they will throw a fit every five minutes; they are simply testing out independence.

What Does This Have to Do with Grade 8 Math Curriculum?


Math problems for 8th grade are probably becoming the least of your child’s concerns. At this stage, they’re more worried about what their friends think of them, or how they’re seen around school. Even if your child has been a golden student thus far, happy to complete their homework every day, and excited to learn, they will begin to prioritize other things. Your child may object to doing their homework at all. This leads to a detriment in their studies, especially in grade 8 math curriculum.

Math is voted as the
subject in school. If your child doesn’t like math, they’re probably not happy about having to work on it. Math problems for 8th grade are more complex than the problems they have studied previously. It’s understandable that they may find it frustrating. Unfortunately, what may have been just challenging before will feel like the end of the world to them now. Getting your child to stay on top of their studies may prove to be a bit of a struggle. As such, working—and getting them to work—to keep their grades up can be just as difficult.

In addition to behavioral issues, there may be issues with the assignments themselves. Helping your child with their homework is difficult unless you’re already well-versed. But even if you are, it is highly likely that you were not taught those math concepts the same way your child is learning them. This can lead to miscommunication and frustration when it comes time for math homework.

How To Keep Those Grades Up

grade_8_math_curriculum_problems_you_may_face_maksim_3Grade 8 math curriculum is crucial. The success your child demonstrates in this grade will affect the classes they take through high school. While there are always chances to improve through schooling, it’s important to create and reinforce healthy studying habits. These will prove to be useful for the rest of their education. Not only that; they will help your child in their future work lives as well.

Begin with finding common ground with your child. Help them understand that you want to assist them in any way you can. Be patient with them; they may not want to accept your help or talk to you about their problems at first.

While being gentle is important, perhaps even more important is standing your ground. If you are too lenient with your 8th grader, they won’t stay on track. Remain firm. You’ll hear backtalk, you’ll deal with argument and objection. If you have to, set consequences for their actions. For example, if they refuse to do homework, you can take their cell phone away. (That one works wonders these days.) Conversely, if they are cooperative and work diligently, you can give it back.

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Your child’s school likely has tutoring available. If necessary, sign your child up for that little extra help in their grade 8 math curriculum. The tutors will be up to scratch with exactly how the concepts are taught, avoiding the aforementioned miscommunication and dodging any subsequent frustrations. For even more help, get in touch with their teacher. They will know where your child needs improvement and some best practices to follow.

Finally, consider signing up for ArgoPrep. It’s engaging and thorough and is sure to effectively prepare your student for all the math to come.