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Introduction to the RTPS Method

Finding the magic recipe to increasing math and reading scores can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! With ArgoPrep’s proven RTPS Method, students are seeing increases in their math and reading scores in as little as 30 days.

In just 20 minutes per day, students will apply the RTPS Method and begin seeing improvements in their understanding of complex material.

1st Grade Common Core Math Workbook (Daily Practice)
This book is your comprehensive workbook for 1st Grade Common Core Math. By practicing and mastering this entire workbook, your child will become very familiar and comfortable with the state math exam and common core standards. This 1st Grade Common Core Math Daily Practice Workbook includes: 20 Weeks of Daily Math Practice Weekly Assessments State Aligned Common Core Curriculum End of Year Assessment This book has the following topics covered: Week 1 - Adding and subtracting within 20 Week 2- Word problems that involve three whole numbers Week 3 - Properties of operations Week 4 - Subtraction as an unknown-addend problem Week 5 - Add and subtract numbers within 20 Week 6 - Secrets of how to add and subtract Week 7 - The equal sign Week 8 - Add or subtract three whole numbers Week 9 - Count to the number 120 Week 10 - Learning about the ones and tens place value Week 11 - Compare two digit numbers Week 12 - Add and subtract within 100 Week 13 - Finding 10 more or 10 less than a number mentally Week 14 - Subtract multiples of 10 using models and drawings Week 15 - Order three objects by length Week 16 - Adding and subtracting using equivalent numbers Week 17 - Learn and write about time Week 18 - Representing and interpreting data Week 19 - Different shapes and their attributes Week 20 - Two-dimensional shapes, three-dimensional shapes and how to partition circles and rectangles into two or four equal parts End of Year Assessment Each question is labeled with the specific common core standard so both parents and teachers can use this workbook for their student(s). This workbook takes the Common Core State Standards and divides them up among 20 weeks. By working on these problems on a daily basis, students will be able to (1) find any deficiencies in their understanding and/or practice of math and (2) have small successes each day that will build competence and confidence in their abilities. Would you like to have a practice with 1st grade ELA? Check out our 1st grade ELA workbook as well.
Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep: Grade 1-2
12 Weeks of Math, Reading, Science, Logic, Fitness, and Yoga Prepare your child for Grade 2 with our award-winning Kids Summer Academy Grade 1-2. The Kids Summer Academy Series is designed to keep students engaged and prevent summer learning loss. More importantly, students are introduced to Grade 2 concepts so they can be one step ahead when they start their school year. Students will be able to review and practice English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Writing and more! ArgoPrep is a trusted brand used by teachers, parents, and students nationwide. Kids Summer Academy series by ArgoPrep has been carefully crafted by state certified teachers and educators to provide your child with high-quality content and material to prepare for the new school year. In addition, all of our workbooks come equipped with video explanations that you can access for free on our website at This workbook includes: 12 weeks of curriculum for Grade 1-2 Prevent summer learning loss and get ready for Grade 2 Includes Reading, Math, Science, Fitness, Yoga, Logic, and Puzzles Detailed video explanations accessible on our website from anywhere Our workbook has been carefully designed and crafted by licensed teachers to give students incredible learning experience. Students start off the week with English activities followed by Math practice. Throughout the week, students have several fitness activities to complete. Making sure students stay active is just as important as practicing mathematics. We introduce yoga and other basic fitness activities that any student can complete. Each week includes a science experiment which sparks creativity and allows students to visually understand the concepts. On the last day of each week, students will work on a fun puzzle. ArgoPrep is one of the leading providers of supplemental educational products. Give your child the education they deserve!

The RTPS Method consists of two sections. The first, read and train, teach children the information. The second section, practice and support, are the memory makers.

The completed picture, the RTPS Method, works together to help children boost their scores with minimal extra work on their plates.

The RTPS Method guides students through the foundational building blocks for increasing comprehension.

At every intersection, the RTPS Method reinforces what children are learning to make more meaningful connections.



It is during the reading portion that children will receive the information they need to train and practice successfully.

The RTPS Method hinges on the first step, reading. 

While reading, encourage your child to practice close reading techniques. This means highlighting, understanding, and interacting with the information to understand it.

Your child could circle a formula they will later have to apply. Or star a key phrase they will need to use.

Your child’s reading should not be static; instead, it should be a living breathing process. 

They should not mindlessly skim the page, but instead actively read, ask questions, and begin the great work of the RTPS Method.



A man named Thomas William Burgess was only the second person ever successfully to swim across the English Channel in 1911. This treacherous 21-mile swim challenges swimmers with changing tides, rough weather, and the occasional jellyfish.

While most people celebrate those who make it to the finish line, they often forget the tireless training that goes into accomplishing these feats. Burgess has over 80 failed attempts before achieving his goal. 

You would never toss a novice swimmer into the English Channel and expect them to swim across it. This same principle applies to students.

Each time your child “trains” with new information, they are getting stronger. This is because each time they practice with different number sets, text complexities, and the material will look different.

This is a good thing because we don’t care if they can answer 1 + 1 like a robot! We are looking for good, deep learning that allows them to apply their knowledge of addition to any number set thrown at them. Each time they practice, they stretch their brain a little more and learn.

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Training is integral to the learning process because they are building a strong foundation to apply the information later on assessments.

Training differs from practice because the training portion is done under supervision.

Whether it is a teacher, parent, or online demonstration, training is successful when your child is walked through the process (as opposed to leaving them to figure it out).

While training, children should ask questions and make sure they understand the steps and tricks to process through work. 

Once they have completed their training, they will be able to conquer their own English Channel!



Just like learning any skill, practice is critical for boosting scores. The third stage of the RTPS Method centers around the importance of practice.

Unlike the adage, “practice makes perfect,” the goal of practice is not a perfect score (although that is nice too!). 

The goal of practice is to give a child skills to automatically react to any kind of problem they encounter in math and reading. Just like you and I know 1 + 1 = 2 without having to count it on our fingers, we want kids to have the same knee-jerk reaction to problems they read.

 , they are grooming themselves to recall information more efficiently and quicker than when they started. They can automatically react and spend more energy on higher-level challenges.

When students practice enough, they can apply the same principals to more complex problems without having to return and learn new steps. 


Practice Outside of the Pages

Challenge yourself to find new ways to practice. Try using a manipulative (a personal favorite in our home is gummy bears for math practice).

Ask your child to read something to you and talk about what they read. One of my favorite activities to do with my child to practice reading is to complete prereading activities.

This means that before we read a book, we might look at the cover and talk about it. “What do you see? Why do you think that picture is on the cover? Etc.”

Prereading activities will turn the switch on their brain to let them know, “I’m getting ready to read.” When you have conversations around what they are reading, you are increasing their critical thinking skills.

Your ultimate goal is to give them the tools during practice, so they know how to use them during testing.

When using the RTPS Method in your home, consider all of the different things you can do to encourage practicing. Often, practice is sitting with a workbook and practicing skills. Consider the opportunities where the practice may look a little more unconventional as well.



The very best support that students can have while working to increase comprehension is support.

Of course, support can look like a lot of different things. The most important way to support a child is by giving them accurate and timely feedback. 

This means that you should review their work and make any corrections. When a student is learning a new skill, quick and accurate feedback is key to developing understanding.

When children are not corrected early on, there is a risk of incorrect habits forming. Even after learning the correct way to solve a problem, they will have an automatic response to solve the problem of how they initially memorized it (whether it is right or wrong).

By giving them timely feedback, you can walk through problems with them while the information is still fresh.

ArgoPrep workbooks feature online walkthroughs of every problem plus an answer key. Your child won’t have to wait until a teacher grades the work to get feedback. Together you both can check answers and relearn steps as needed!

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  • 30,000+ Practice Questions
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  • 15,000+ Video Explanations
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Create a Positive Learning Environment

Of course, support can also come in the form of reinforcing positive expectations while learning. If your child lacks confidence, is easily frustrated, or doesn’t want to do the extra work, try creating a positive learning environment.

Through encouragement and consistent expectations, your child will know that you are a partner in their learning, which will help them soar and boost their scores.

As the final step for the RTPS method, support, is the cherry on top of the cake. Through supporting your child, you will undoubtedly see their math and reading scores increase.


Let ArgoPrep Help!

When looking for the very best option to improve math and reading scores, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the resources available. ArgoPrep is committed to creating effective practice that anybody can use in their home. Did you know that ArgoPrep has earned numerous awards from organizations run by parents? 

ArgoPrep’s unwavering commitment to increasing comprehension in a manageable way for families to accomplish in their own homes is one of the best features of their products.

If you are looking for a clear and effective method for boosting your child’s scores, look no further than ArgoPrep online practice and workbooks.

One Final Consideration

To make it a positive learning environment, consider setting up a spot in your home that is productive. This could be the kitchen table, a counter, or a desk.

I like to keep my daughter’s learning space in an accessible area in case she needs help. I also like to set up her materials in an organized and convenient place. We have a desk organizer in our dining room filled with art supplies, manipulatives (like Play-doh and bingo dots), her school supplies, and lots of fun colors of pens and pencils.

When my daughter sits down to read through the work, we don’t have to spend 25 minutes collecting supplies, finding a space, cleaning the table, etc. We can sit down and start reading.

It is easy to get caught up in fancy and elaborate schemes to improve reading and math scores, but at ArgoPrep, we have found that the RTPS Method is not only practical but easy to integrate into busy lives.

Instead of spending hours compiling practice materials that may or may not improve scores, apply this method for guaranteed improvement in as little as 30 days!


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