Scholastic vs. ArgoPrep

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Scholastic vs. ArgoPrep

Scholastic and ArgoPrep have both created incredibly useful resources for parents, teachers, and students. Let’s check out both services to see which might best suit your educational needs!


Scholastic is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. It is also a provider of literacy curricula and a producer of children’s media.

How does scholastic work? Scholastic primarily targets classroom teachers. A major part of its services center around its book club that teachers can enroll their classrooms into.

If your child’s teacher subscribes to a book club, you can order your child’s books at home to be shipped directly to you. Parents must have access to the Class Code in order to link their purchase to the club and receive the materials.

Scholastic also has in-store locations where you can purchase books in person.

ArgoPrep is an award-winning subscription-based learning website that is tailored to students in grades K-8.

In addition to thousands of printable worksheets, tens of thousands of videos, and over 100,000 practice questions, ArgoPrep offers quizzes, drills, and in-depth video lessons broken down into accessible 10–15-minute chunks so that your child can watch with ease.

Teachers or parents can order or subscribe to materials, all of which align with Common Core Standards.

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Comparison of Workbooks

Scholastic’s site includes a teacher store, where teachers can purchase classroom materials such as workbooks, digital programs, and library collections. It boasts a wide range of activity and learning books for toddlers to 12th graders.

Prices range from about $2 to $11 per workbook. Scholastic also offers a product line specific for parents and at-home learning, with guided reading materials, picture books, workbooks, and more.

Scholastic also sells math workbooks that reinforce age-appropriate skills outlined on standardized tests.

You can also purchase audiobooks from Scholastic, some of which are free, as well as learn-to-read books that target early readers.

ArgoPrep’s workbooks all align to Common Core Standards, meaning that they abide by state learning goals for math and English language arts.

These workbooks focus on preparing even the youngest of students for college and the real world by boosting test scores and increasing confidence from Kindergarten onward. All material is created by state-certified teachers.

In addition to its Common Core series, ArgoPrep also offers workbooks in Math, Science, and Social Studies. Science and Social Studies workbooks follow Next Generation Science Standards.

They have also created special Summer and Winter Academy workbooks, as well as Brain Hunter workbooks that include over 1000 practice questions and twelve weeks of review. ArgoPrep’s workbooks incorporate entertaining activities, such as fitness exercises, word games, or mazes, to keep students engaged between units.

An important feature of ArgoPrep’s workbooks that is not found in other companies is the incorporation of video explanations of each question in the workbook that can be accessed by any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Let’s admit it, answer key in the back of the workbook is not the perfect solution for students who are struggling how to solve a problem they don’t understand. In addition to answer keys in the back of our workbook, students who need further help can visit our to get a video explanation which has been proven to be incredibly helpful to both students and teachers.

Free Printables

Scholastic offers free printables for all ages. Their categories range from science to sports to holidays. Both teachers and parents can download the PDFs to their computers at no cost.

Buyers can also take advantage of the sale section which includes value packs, discounted collections, and specially priced books. Additionally, eGift cards are available for purchase and use on any product.

ArgoPrep also provides free printable worksheets for K-8 students. kids

Online Learning

Scholastic has opportunities for family at-home virtual learning, as well as digital learning for schools. For $5.99 a month, families can get access to activities, games, and stories for 4–10-year-olds.

Teachers can also purchase a range of yearly subscriptions for media programs, most of which offer free trials. These subscriptions include games and activities to help with literacy.

Pricing for digital resources varies by customer. For schools, prices depend on the number of school buildings. For libraries, prices depend on the size of the served population.

ArgoPrep provides free video explanations for all workbooks available to view on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Each practice quiz comes with video explanations to better accommodate visual and auditory learners.

Argo Prep also offers a unique tracking feature that allows you to document your child’s progress. All materials are completely Common Core aligned.

Every section of the workbook is clearly timestamped for viewer convenience, allowing users to move at their own speeds through each page or chapter

ArgoPrep costs $19.99 per family for a subscription. Families require only one subscription that multiple kids can use, no extra charge. ArgoPrep also offers a free 7-day trial that you can cancel at any time.

ArgoPrep also offers full comprehensive online test prep for the SHSAT, New York City’s Specialized High School Admissions Test, which determines admission into the city’s top public schools.

There are three subscription timelines users can choose from (3 months, 6 months, and 12 months). Each subscription includes a free trial, over 100 video lectures, 1200+ practice questions, 30 hours of video explanations, and a live chat function.

Both the 6- and 12-month subscriptions come with 4 workbooks, and the 12-month subscription also comes with a personalized study plan to fast track student performance.

In addition, ArgoPrep offers free online content through blog posts that discuss all facets of education at length.

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Benefits for Teachers

Scholastic is first and foremost a publishing house, meaning its main goal is to provide fiction and nonfiction books to families and schools. Parents can purchase books for kids, books for toddlers, books for preschoolers, etc.

Teachers can also make book orders, purchasing full library collections in a range of categories, such as Fairytales, Health and Wellness, Spanish and English, Historical Fiction, and more.

The price of these collections depends on category and quantity. For example, schools can purchase a 6,000 K-6 collection for $35,995, or a teacher can purchase a 6-book leveled Guided Reading set for about $17.

Most classroom collections range in price from about $25 to $525 dollars and come with two to 25 books.

Scholastic also offers programs for teachers, such as Scholastic EDGE for younger readers ($629.99), specifically targeted at PreK comprehension and fluency.

Teachers can download free lesson plans for preschool to 8th grade that outline daily skills, required materials, and step-by-step instructions.

ArgoPrep users can access content on the web, phone, or tablet. Users of ArgoPrep can easily find targeted and comprehensive content already collected into workbooks.

These workbooks can simplify the process of ensuring that all children in a class meet their educational standards.

ArgoPrep also allows teachers and families to create individual child accounts within your subscription so that you can follow their performance and check which videos they have reviewed.

Additionally, ArgoPrep has over 100+ workbooks in math, science, social studies, and English Language Arts that are also used nation-wide by schools.

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Conclusion: Which is better?

There is never a single solution for every child, particularly when it comes to learning. Both Scholastic and ArgoPrep offer essential resources and tools for students, parents, and teachers.

Scholastic can be a very useful resource for teachers specifically, as much of its content is geared towards the bulk buying of books. Scholastic is a brand that every teacher is familiar with, that offers thousands of products.

ArgoPrep is a great resource for those hoping to target skills necessary to mastering the Common Core curriculum. For parents and teachers who wish to track their children’s progress over time, ArgoPrep is a strong choice.

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If you are looking for in-depth video explanations to support your children in their workbooks and examinations, you should look into ArgoPrep. ArgoPrep workbooks are also a great fit for the classroom due to its additional digital component.

At ArgoPrep, we believe in being an educational partner to your school by providing you custom tools that you need.

Of course, you can always try both! Both programs are affordable and offer different price points depending on what best suits your budget.

With ArgoPrep’s 7-day free trial, you have nothing to lose. Give ArgoPrep a try today!

With our 30-day return policy, you also have nothing to lose to check out our award-winning workbooks!