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Summer math programs for 6th graders are an essential part of success for some students. Whether your child is falling behind, or if you’re looking to simply give them a leg up, they can make a great deal of difference. Luckily, there are many options for your student. You can look for a school-held program, or search for math for 6th graders online.

Why Should I Look Into a Summer Math Program?

The leap from elementary school to middle school can be a challenging one. The curriculum changes, the location changes. The entire structure of schooling itself changes. Your child will be taking on a whole new world, both in social and environmental terms as well as in their studies. Amidst all of this, they may feel that math is just the challenging cherry on a complex cupcake. This was a huge transition for my own daughter who found 6th grade both challenging and exciting.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: math curriculum just keeps getting harder. This is why summer math programs for 6th graders are so vital. They give your child a chance to review what they have learned and get a glimpse into what is to come. They will be able to walk in on the first day with more confidence. Without them, they might feel a little lost.

The infamous summer slide is not a myth—it’s a dangerous and detrimental truth. The span of time between the end and beginning of school semesters is a gap too big to ignore. However, with all the options available today, you can find plenty of practice math for 6th graders. Online programs let you do the studying at home if you so choose. Conversely, programs held in school will have available as much on-site help as you need. Whatever the needs of your child, summer math programs for 6th graders are the perfect way to get them the head start they require.

Finding the Right Summer Math Program for 6 th Graders

Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep: Grade 5-6
Prepare your child for Grade 6 with our award-winning workbook. Prepare your child for Grade 6 with our award-winning Kids Summer Academy Grade 5-6. The Kids Summer Academy Series is designed to keep students engaged and prevent summer learning loss. More importantly, students are introduced to Grade 6 concepts so they can be one step ahead when they start their school year. Students will be able to review and practice English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Writing and more! ArgoPrep is a trusted brand used by teachers, parents, and students nationwide. Kids Summer Academy series by ArgoPrep has been carefully crafted by state certified teachers and educators to provide your child with high-quality content and material to prepare for the new school year. In addition, all of our workbooks come equipped with video explanations that you can access for free on our website at This workbook includes: 12 weeks of curriculum for Grade 5-6 Prevent summer learning loss and get ready for Grade 6 Includes Reading, Math, Science, Fitness, Yoga, Logic, and Puzzles Detailed video explanations accessible on our website from anywhere Our workbook has been carefully designed and crafted by licensed teachers to give students an incredible learning experience. Students start off the week with English activities followed by Math practice. Throughout the week, students have several fitness activities to complete. Making sure students stay active is just as important as practicing mathematics. We introduce yoga and other basic fitness activities that any student can complete. Each week includes a science experiment which sparks creativity and allows students to visually understand the concepts. On the last day of each week, students will work on a fun puzzle. ArgoPrep is one of the leading providers of supplemental educational products. Give your child the education they deserve!
Introducing MATH! Grade 6 by ArgoPrep: 600+ Practice Questions
Introducing Math! by ArgoPrep is an award-winning series created by certified teachers to provide students with high-quality practice problems. This workbook is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Grade 6 mathematics. Our workbooks include topic overviews with instruction, practice questions, answer explanations along with free digital access to video explanations. Practice in confidence - with ArgoPrep! Chapter 1: Ratios & Proportional Relationships  1.1.  Intro to Ratios  1.2. Intro to Unit Rates 1.3. Using Ratios to Solve Problems  1.4. Chapter Test  Chapter 2: The Number System  2.1.  Dividing Fractions  2.2. Dividing Multi-Digit Numbers  2.3. Working with Decimals 2.4. Greatest Common Factors & Least CommonMultiples  2.5. Intro to Rational Numbers  2.6. Rational Numbers on a Coordinate Plane 2.7. Ordering and Absolute Value of Rational Numbers 2.8. Graphing Rational Numbers 2.9. Chapter Test Chapter 3: Expressions & Equations  3.1. Expressions 3.2. Equations 3.3. Independent and Dependent Variables 3.4. Chapter Test Chapter 4: Geometry 4.1. Finding Area 4.2. Finding Volume 4.3. Drawing on a Coordinate Plane 4.4. 3D Figures 4.5. Chapter Test Chapter 5: Statistics & Probability 5.1. Intro to Statistics 5.2. Statistical Data 5.3. Chapter Test  Chapter 6 - Mixed Assessment  Our award-winning Kindergarten Introducing Math workbook is designed to help your child practice and help boost their scores in math. Created by licensed teachers, this workbook offers comprehensive practice questions on all topics students will face at the kindergarten level. Our workbooks are state-aligned and offer topic overviews with instruction, practice questions, answer explanations along with free digital access to video explanations. Unlike other workbooks on the market, our math and ELA workbooks come included with video explanations that's taught by a highly-qualified instructor on our website. Access our videos to your book on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Boost your child's math score with confidence - with ArgoPrep!" Introducing MATH! Grade 6 by ArgoPrep

As with most searches for help with learning, the best place to start is with your child. Why does your child need a summer math program? Is it because they have a difficult history with math? Or is it because they are going to be joining an advanced math class? Is it simply that you wish to provide as much pre-semester study as possible for your 6th-grader-to-be? The answers to these questions may lead to different outcomes in finding the right summer math program.

  with your child. Ensure them that they are capable of success. However, remind them that they are the ones that must put in the work. Talk with them about their fears and let them know that they have plenty of support. Work with them to find and agree on a solution for any issues in math that they may have. Ask them about the goals they wish to achieve. Write them down and hang them up so that your child can see them. With a visual reminder of their own aspirations, they will be prompted to refocus and remember their responsibilities. You may also refer to them later if you feel you need to remind your child of the goals yourself.

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Once you have set a goal with your child, consider what method would work best for them. Does math for 6th graders online seem like a viable option? If they enjoy working on computers and are good at learning concepts on their own, this may be a good option for them. This also allows for flexible scheduling; this way, you don’t have to forfeit soccer practice (or piano, or basketball, or what have you) to make room for math studying.

On the other hand, on-site math programs may be better for your child than math for 6th graders online. If your child needs to ask questions often or focuses more easily in a classroom setting, a school-held program may be the best option. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other parents, teachers, or online forums to get more information.


  about where your child needs the most support. This will give you a better idea of what to look for in a summer math program. In the same vein, get in touch with your child’s future 6th grade math teacher if you can. Discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the curriculum, your child’s strengths and weaknesses, or any other subjects. They will be happy to help.

Finally, if you are still searching for the right summer math program for your child, consider signing up for ArgoPrep’s math program. Not only is it developed to teach and engage your child, but it also has quality math materials available for any grade or level. With video tutorials, matching workbook activities, and detailed instruction, your child is sure to benefit from this math program.

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