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Teachers Pay Teachers and ArgoPrep are both fantastic resources for parents, teachers, and students. Let’s check out both services to see which might best suit your educational needs!

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers can buy and sell original educational materials. The site offers over 3 million free and paid resources for grades Pre-K to 12, all of which are created by educators.

ArgoPrep is an award-winning subscription-based learning website that is tailored to students in grades K-8.

In addition to thousands of printable worksheets, tens of thousands of videos, and over 100,000 practice questions, ArgoPrep offers quizzes, drills, and in-depth video lessons broken down into accessible 10–15-minute chunks so that your child can watch with ease.

Each practice quiz comes with video explanations to better accommodate visual and auditory learners. Argo Prep also offers a unique tracking feature that allows you to document your child’s progress.

Both sites offer Common Core materials, though ArgoPrep is completely Common Core aligned.

ArgoPrep vs. Teachers Pay Teachers

Pricing Structure:

ArgoPrep: Monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions
TPT: By product (sellers can have yearly subscriptions)

Grade Levels:

ArgoPrep: PK-8
TPT: PK-12

Common Core Alignment:

ArgoPrep: Yes
TPT: Varies

Video Lessons:

ArgoPrep: Yes
TPT: Yes

Quiz Video Explanations:

ArgoPrep: Yes

Printable Worksheets:

ArgoPrep: Yes
TPT: Yes

Subjects Covered:

ArgoPrep: Common Core, Math and Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
TPT: Arts & Music, English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Math, Social Studies, Science


TPT Pricing:

TPT divides its content into cost-based categories: free downloads, under $5, $5-$10, and over $10. Joining as a buyer is free, but content costs will vary depending on the resource.

TPT offers different deals throughout the year, such as coupons or teacher appreciation sales. They also have a year-round sale section. Users can purchase TPT gift cards to share with others.

As a TPT seller, you can opt for a free membership where TPT will take 45% of commission, or a premium membership ($59.95/yr) where TPT takes 20%.

ArgoPrep Pricing:

ArgoPrep charges $19.99 per family for a subscription. Families require only one subscription that multiple kids can use, no extra charge. ArgoPrep also offers a free 7-day trial that you can cancel at any time.

Aside from subscriptions, users can choose to simply purchase individual workbooks or bundles. ArgoPrep frequently offers sales on certain books and special prices for different packages throughout the year.

Interested in learning more about ArgoPrep’s award-winning program? Check out this short video to see how ArgoPrep can help your child.

Content Quantity

Teachers Pay Teachers offers whole units, full-year curricula, assessments, videos, and more. They are able to maintain such a large database because their site relies entirely on educator-generated submissions.

Some sellers on TPT will offer curriculum bundles where they provide an entire unit of lesson plans.

Since TPT materials come from a range of teachers throughout the United States, the site is able to offer large quantities of content. The decentralized nature of this content, however, means that you might have a harder time predicting the quality and style of what you download or purchase.

Similar to other sharing platforms, there is little quality control or oversight, so content will vary depending on the individual creator. Reviews range from satisfaction with material to frustration over mislabeling, customer service issues, and download complications.

ArgoPrep offers comprehensive materials both online and in workbooks. All material is created by state-certified teachers. Math and English lessons follow Common Core standards in order to effectively help students meet nationwide standards and prepare for state examinations.

Science and Social Studies workbooks follow Next Generation Science Standards and Social Studies Framework.

ArgoPrep also offers free blog content that discusses all facets of education at length, including grammar explanations, science experiments, homeschooling tips, education news, hands-on activities, and parental guides.

They have received awards for Education Hero of the Year, Parent’s Choice Gold Award, Mom’s Choice Gold Award, amongst others, as well as the Homeschool Seal of Approval.


With TPT, teachers and schools can apply for school-funded annual subscriptions in order to avoid paying out of pocket, however families cannot. Once you register, the teaching marketplace allows you to sort through content by its grade level, subject, price, or resource type.

For example, you can exclusively search for worksheets or assessments. The site allows you to follow and review specific content creators to help other users sort through material.

ArgoPrep users can access content on the web, phone, or tablet. All workbooks and quizzes come with free video explanations for each question to help breakdown answers.

Users of ArgoPrep can easily find targeted and comprehensive content already collected into workbooks. These workbooks can simplify the process, particularly for parents, of ensuring that children can meet all educational standards.

ArgoPrep also allows you to create individual child accounts within your subscription so that you can follow their performance and check which videos they have reviewed.

Conclusion: Which is better?

Depending on the student, one service might prove more helpful than another. There is never a single solution for every child, particularly when it comes to learning.

Both TPT and ArgoPrep offer a plethora of resources and tools to help parents, students, and educators boost student confidence, performance, and scores.

TPT can be a very useful way to collect diversified content, as its materials come from different teachers and school districts. If you are willing to wade through a database of resources and reviews, you might want to check them out.

ArgoPrep is a great resource for those who wish to track their children’s progress over time. ArgoPrep also makes it easy to find Common Core content all in one place.

If you are looking for in-depth video explanations to support your children in their workbooks and examinations, you should look into ArgoPrep.

TPT is primarily geared for teachers to use as a classroom resource and ArgoPrep is also a fantastic program to use by teachers in the classroom.

Aside from the 100+ workbooks ArgoPrep has published that is used nationwide by schools in the classroom, ArgoPrep’s K-8 Math & ELA Learning Platform is a fantastic tool to use in the classroom.

Teachers can assign students to watch video lessons, quizzes, and work on worksheets.

Of course, you can always try both! Both programs are affordable and offer different price points depending on what best suits your budget. With ArgoPrep’s 7-day free trial, you have nothing to lose.

Give ArgoPrep a try today!

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