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Testing Mom and ArgoPrep are both fantastic test-prep services for parents, teachers, and students. Let’s check out both sites to see which might best suit your educational needs!


Testing Mom is a membership-based program that offers test prep services as well as connections to an array of educational websites. Members have access to practice questions, printables, practice tests, and interactive games.

Primarily, Testing Mom caters to Pre-K to 8th grade students in ELA, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. They use a specific scoring system to help students improve their scores more efficiently. The program is accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation.

ArgoPrep is an award-winning subscription-based learning website that is tailored to students in grades K-8. In addition to thousands of printable worksheets, tens of thousands of videos, and over 100,000 practice questions, ArgoPrep offers quizzes, drills, and in-depth video lessons broken down into accessible 10–15-minute chunks so that children can watch with ease. All materials align with Common Core Standards.


Testing Mom offers over 100,00 practice questions for tests throughout the US and Canada. They have a directory of over 40 tests, including ELA Common Core, cognitive ability (CogAT), and nonverbal ability (NNAT) exams. Users can access 100 free questions from Testing Mom simply by signing up. Subscribers can also practice using Testing Mom’s app, Test Quest.

Testing Mom also provides online practice quizzes and tests that members can access immediately upon subscribing. The company runs a tutoring program, Testing Mom Tutoring Center, where New York City tutors work one-on-one with students online.

ArgoPrep’s K-8 workbooks align to Common Core Standards. These workbooks focus on preparing even the youngest of students for their higher education by boosting test scores and increasing confidence. All ArgoPrep material is created by state-certified teachers.

In addition to its Common Core series, ArgoPrep also offers workbooks in Math, Science, and Social Studies. Science and Social Studies workbooks follow Next Generation Science Standards. They have also created special Summer and Winter Academy workbooks, as well as Brain Hunter workbooks that include over 1000 practice questions and twelve weeks of review. ArgoPrep’s workbooks incorporate entertaining activities, such as fitness exercises, word games, or mazes, to keep students engaged between units.

ArgoPrep also provides free video explanations for all workbooks available to view on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Each practice quiz comes with video explanations to better accommodate visual and auditory learners. Argo Prep also offers a unique tracking feature that allows you to document your child’s progress.

In addition, ArgoPrep also offers full comprehensive online test prep for the SHSAT, New York City’s Specialized High School Admissions Test, which determines admission into the city’s top public schools. Each subscription package includes a free trial, over 100 video lectures, 1200+ practice questions, 30 hours of video explanations, and a live chat function.

Both sites offer free blog posts that discuss different topics relating to education, testing, and parenting.


Testing Mom advertises its price as $10.99 per month, however, Testing Mom costs differ depending on the selected package.

Users can choose from three different membership tracks (Top 1% Fast Trak, Ace the Test, and T.O.T). Each membership differs in cost (between $20 and $170 dollars for one month) and comes specific perks, including training calls with the site’s co-founder and at-home learning activities. Rates also decrease for longer subscriptions. Interested parents and teachers can search for Testing Mom coupon codes online.

Testing Mom also sells specific practice tests, flash cards, and problem-solving activity bundles that range from around $20 to $80. Clients can speak privately with the founders of Testing Mom for $200-$250 per 45 minutes. Testing Mom offers 100 free questions for those who would prefer a trial run before purchasing.

At ArgoPrep, Families require only one subscription that multiple kids can use, no extra charge. A twelve-month membership, the site’s most popular plan, costs $9.99 a month and saves subscribers fifty percent per month. ArgoPrep also offers a free 7-day trial that users can cancel at any time. Aside from subscriptions, users can choose to purchase individual workbooks or bundles. ArgoPrep frequently offers sales on certain books and special prices for different packages throughout the year.

ArgoPrep also provides free printable worksheets for K-8 students, all of which meet Common Core Standards. Parents and teachers can download the printables directly to their devices. These worksheets provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for students while focusing on specific skills. They can be used as practice or assessments.

Interested in learning more about ArgoPrep’s award-winning program? Check out this short  
  to see how ArgoPrep can help your child.


Users can access Testing Mom’s resources on computers, tablets, and phones. They can also print materials for offline practice. Testing Mom has created an app called Test Quest, which provides users with practice questions for popular tests.

ArgoPrep users can also access content on the web, phone, or tablet. All workbooks and quizzes come with free video explanations for each question to help breakdown answers. Users of ArgoPrep can easily find targeted and comprehensive content already collected into workbooks. These workbooks can simplify the process, particularly for parents, of ensuring that children can meet all educational standards.

ArgoPrep also allows you to create individual child accounts within your subscription so that you can follow their performance and check which videos they have reviewed. Interested in learning more about ArgoPrep’s award-winning program? Check out this short  
  to see how ArgoPrep can help your child.


Testing Mom has received an average of 4.13 stars according to reviews on Site Jabber. Consumers mention the multitude of practice quizzes and positive customer service experience. Other Testing Mom website reviews note the practicality of the program and the Digital Tutoring system.

ArgoPrep’s workbooks have received a rating of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, with reviewers praising the depth of content and the balance of topics. On EduReviewer, ArgopPrep has received a rating of 4.3/5 stars for its affordability, self-pacing, and practice question quantity.

Conclusion: Which is better?

No single test-taking strategy works for every child. When it comes to education, all students learn differently. Both Testing Mom and ArgoPrep offer essential testing resources and tools for students, parents, and teachers.

Testing Mom can be useful for students who would like to improve their scores on a range of specific tests. If you are looking to prepare for a gifted and talented program or a preparatory school exam, Testing Mom might be a good resource.

ArgoPrep is a great program for those hoping to target skills necessary to mastering the Common Core curriculum or preparing for any state exams. If you are searching for in-depth video explanations to support your children in their workbooks and examinations, you should look into ArgoPrep.

Of course, you can always try both! Both programs are affordable and offer different price points depending on what best suits your budget. With ArgoPrep’s 7-day free trial, you have nothing to lose. Give ArgoPrep a try today!

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