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Two times two? More like time for multiplication games! 4th grade is when things in math get a little trickier. I mentioned this before, but out of all of the elementary grades that I taught, 4th was the toughest. It’s not that the multiplication used in fourth grade is different, but it is required. If a child is still struggling with his or her facts, 4th grade math concepts are going to be tough to conquer. That’s where 4th grade math activities online can help. The internet holds a slew of practice opportunities for your child, from addition quizzes to practice tests. 

Math Topics Your Child Will Learn in 4th Grade

The exact topics your child will learn will depend on the standards of your state, as well as the school they attend. If you live in one of many states that have adopted Common Core, your child will be learning math as follows:

  • Expand knowledge of place value to 1,000,000 and understand how to use place value with multi-digit products and quotients
  • Use the distributive property to develop efficiency in finding products and quotients (the distributive property involves groups of numbers, rather than the whole. For example: if 15×2 equals 30, then the distributive property says that (10×2) + (5×2) also equals 30.)
  • Deepen fraction understanding: learn fraction equivalence, relationships, and basic operations with fractions (for example: knowing that the fraction 10/15 is equal to 2/3, and being able to explain why)
  • Define rules, characteristics, vocabulary, and dimension understanding of basic shapes in geometry; also learn how to find unknown dimensions of shapes using rules and properties of shapes (for example: knowing that an isosceles triangle has two equal sides, being able to identify the triangle, and find a missing length based on knowledge and given information)

Multiplication plays a big role in 4th grade. Math activities online can help your child get comfortable with it—as well as preparing them for math down the line. 

Multiplication Games: 4th Grade Practice on the Computer

For many 4th grade math activities online, you need nothing but a computer. (In other cases, extra materials can help; more on those options later.) 

The most straightforward option is to browse some multiplication games. 4th grade math sites present many options. Most should have a few things in common: they should be fun, colorful, engaging, and a little challenging. It’s certainly fun and games at this point, but it shouldn’t be too easy. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a pointless venture. There is such a thing as too difficult, however, so make sure to do a little browsing with your child to make sure it’s a good fit. There are tons of sites that offer these games; the more you look, the more you’ll find. 

Some options include

App Options

Math apps are another place to find multiplication games. 4th grade math practice in an app can be taken anywhere on a mobile device. This means that instead of watching a YouTube video in the backseat on the way to Grandma’s house, your child can practice multiplication the whole way there. There’s a game for every 4th grader’s favorite thing! Animals, food, colors—the list continues. Multiplication games, 4th grade math or otherwise must be FUN. Taking an interactive approach makes this easier to accomplish. 

Many of the apps are free, but some higher-quality ones may require a small fee. For example, if you want an app aligned to Common Core standards, it may cost a little money. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for basic multiplication practice, free options may suit your child just fine.

Here are some favorites:

  • Math vs Zombies
  • Motion Cake
  • King of Math 2

There are apps out there that are maintained by teachers. This is extremely helpful to educators who want to provide a relevant, educational game for their students. They can play in the classroom or at home. In the same vein, some apps can be monitored by parents. This allows for a more personalized and safer practice experience for your child. 

Digital Worksheets

Other 4th grade math activities online include digital worksheets and problems. These are similar to traditional worksheets, except they come in digital form. They may be multiple choice or require a manual typed-in solution. While these are not much different from pencil and paper, they often include instructional videos or fun icons and sounds. Perhaps not as fun as a game, but all in all more fun than a regular worksheet!

Multiplication Games: 4th Grade Practice from the Printer

Printables allow you to turn 4th grade math activities online into physical math practice materials. This lets your child have a hands-on experience, which is a beneficial and effective aspect of learning. Printables can be found in the form of coloring pages, board games, templates for notes and work, worksheets, game instruction, flashcard sets, and much more. They are often free to use. However, as aforementioned, don’t overlook paid options. Quality over quantity is a virtuous statement when it comes to your child’s education. 

Similarly, Argo Prep’s exclusive education program is worth every penny. With thorough, step-by-step videos, your child won’t miss a thing in multiplication. To drive math points even closer to home, ArgoPrep features an extensive gallery of workbooks and textbooks, all aligned with Common Core and coincided carefully with the instruction videos.


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