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Why limit your student to plain paper for 3rd grade math? “Interactive notebook” is a term circulating the internet and growing in popularity. But what exactly is an interactive notebook? What makes it so? What’s the best way to find one online? 3rd grade math can be a challenge, but finding fun ways to study doesn’t have to be.


What are Interactive Notebooks?

These innovative study tools come in many shapes and sizes. They usually include hands-on activities for your child to complete. They are most often visual-oriented, rather than instruction-oriented. A good 3rd grade math interactive notebook should be both informative and entertaining for your student. It should combine the structure of math and thorough instruction. At the same time, it should allow the freedom to explore the concepts.

More Information

When it comes to interactive notebooks, here are many varieties to choose from. Some serve well as standalone study tools and they don’t require other books or curriculum. Other varieties are integrated with other course materials. In some cases, you may have to order a 3rd grade math interactive notebook in conjunction with a textbook. Or, you may find online 3rd grade math courses with interactive notebooks for your child to work on alongside them. For example, ArgoPrep’s list of workbooks and textbooks coincides with detailed video explanations. This combination allows for multiple approaches to learning, both by hand and online. 3rd grade math may come easier to your student if they have more than one way of finding the solution.

How are they Beneficial?

Interactive notebooks allow your student to create a personalized learning experience. They can be used both in and out of the classroom. This is especially helpful for teachers. An instructor can provide students with guidance as to what to include in their journal. They give the students the “bones” of the content, so to speak. Students must then fill the rest of their own accord. They can do this at home or in the classroom.


With a 3rd grade interactive notebook, students can create a self-driven study tool. Through the flow of creativity centered on their studies, they have the opportunity to think outside of the box. Also, they can build their own personalized learning instrument and fill it with questions, notes, pictures, colors, and more. With the freedom to create as they please, the rules and restraints of math don’t seem so bad.

With interactive notebooks, students have the opportunity to learn in many ways. The hands-on instruction and a multitude of activities allow for many approaches to learning. Your child’s chances of nailing a concept are higher with these fun and colorful tools.

Searching for Interactive Notebooks


Pricing for these varies greatly. You may find a 3rd grade interactive notebook for $40. Conversely, you may find one for $10. Pay attention to whether they are sold alone, or as a bundle with other materials. Oftentimes, they will be sold alongside online 3rd grade math curriculum. This may come in the form of videos, textbooks, or other materials. Many sites offer additional material free or at a discount if you purchase them together. While searching, ensure that you’re stocked up on creative materials as well. This can include highlighters, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue, or whatever you feel is necessary. If you’re already well-stocked on these at home, then lucky for you—you’re set!

If you’re on a budget, don’t let that stop you. There are interactive notebooks pre-made to match any budget. On the other hand, you may want to consider making your own. If your child is not already making their own interactive notebook in the classroom, you can create one at home. Seriously, you don’t need fancy equipment or any special booklet. A simple notebook, preferably with graph paper, will work just fine.

Interactive Notebook Options


If you want some more specific instructions, there are tons of tutorials out there online. 3rd grade math textbooks that your child uses daily can be a massive help. Take a look at what they’re studying. Help them create a table of contents for their notebook. Be sure to leave plenty of space! Number each page as if it were a regular workbook. This will help with organization and keeping track of where to find each lesson. Don’t forget to let your student be creative. These notebooks are just as much about fun as they are about learning math. Pull out those crayons and markers. Stickers can be a fun addition as well.

Create chapters for each math lesson. Have them create a notes section for each chapter. Furthermore, they can create sections for questions, example boxes, areas for problems and solutions, and more. Remember to write back to the table of contents!

If you’re still searching for the right interactive activities, consider ArgoPrep. As aforementioned, it includes both online instruction and tutorials and coinciding at-home workbooks. There are online 3rd grade math options available as well.


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