SUCH AS- 20 Antonyms and Synonyms

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SUCH AS- 20 Antonyms and Synonyms

Do you tend to overuse “such as” in your content? We all make this mistake but today, we’re going to help you sort this language problem.

A language is a rich form of expression. It takes a wide range of vocabulary to express oneself clearly and emphatically. Using antonyms and synonyms is also an excellent way of enriching your writing and making it more vibrant and colorful. They also help save your texting from sounding too repetitive, especially with vital phrases like “such as”.

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Synonyms and Antonyms – An Easy Solution

Often we find ourselves repeating phrases and words in our writing and speech more than twice. Apart from being frustrating, it reflects very poorly on our language skills and vocabulary strength. Rereading our work brings home the fact that our crafted piece is falling flat and expressionless.

In fact, there exists a thing that we refer to as “semantic satiation”. This is an instance where one realizes how repeating words and phrases have caused a temporary loss of their meaning. But what other alternative do we have you ask?

Synonyms and antonyms dear friends are your best alternatives. Utilizing synonyms and antonyms is a clever solution with multiple benefits. Incorporating those will also lift your piece of writing; make it more fun, comprehensible and enjoyable. From making your text livelier to expanding your vocabulary, antonyms and synonyms are effective language tools.

You will find 20 antonyms and synonyms for “such as” in this article. Hardly any piece of writing or speech in the English language can ever be complete without the usage of “such as”. In fact, it is such a vital phrase that many a times writers and speakers have to be careful about not being too repetitive while using it.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 20 excellent substitutes or contrasting words in place of such as.

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Defining SUCH AS

When we wish to incorporate examples in our text or speech, we generally use “such as” to state those. Let’s look at a sample sentence:

Removing the stems from leafy vegetables, such as silverbeet, spinach or sorrel is an essential requirement for this recipe.

From the sample above, we can clearly see that when we apply “such as” to state examples, we usually follow the phrase with more one noun. Typically, expressive sentences call for more than one example to be more satisfactory for the readers.

In the same way, we can also use the phrase when we’re categorizing subjects. These include items that resemble our context. Let’s look at a sample sentence below:

Countries such as South America feature a large expanse of tropical forests

Can you see what we did in the text above? We emphasized the subject in the text above can be any country similar to that of South America in a particular way. It is also evident that is such usages we typically use a single noun following the phrase “such as”.

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Synonyms for SUCH AS

 Antonyms of Such asMeaning
1.BeingThe nature or essence of
2.For instanceFor example
3.In the same manner withSimilarity in some way
4.Functioning asTo perform the purpose of
5.To put it another wayWays of explaining or clarifying
6.Of the kind mentionedFalling the same category
7.For exampleFor instance
8.Similar toHaving common characteristics
9.In the character ofIn accord with
10.After the fashion ofAfter a sort
12.By its natureParticular characteristic
13.EssentiallyShowing necessary properties or qualities
14.    Serving asActing in the same capacity
15.    As an illustrationAs an example
16.    To give an instanceTo state an example
17.    Among othersSeveral more similar facts
18.    Approximating toAmounting to
19.    Comparable withSimilar in respect
20.    On the lines ofVery like something
21.    Tantamount toEqual to

Antonyms for SUCH AS

  • With the exception
  • On top of everything
  • Further
  • Outside
  • Besides
  • Aside from
  • Exclusive of
  • Excluding
  • Excepting
  • Barring
  • Not including
  • Not counting
  • Leaving out
  • Exclusive of
  • Unlike
  • Omitting
  • But not including
  • Save and except
  • Above and beyond
  • Exempting

For students, it is surely challenging, if not impossible for memorizing the hundreds of antonyms and synonyms for everything. This is why we believe printable worksheets and summer workbooks are great practicing resources for children.

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Sample Sentences using synonyms for SUCH AS

  1. Try to use something that can act as a shield when out in the sun, like a wide-brimmed hat.
  2. We faced several setbacks in our journey, including a missed flight.
  3. You seem to have forgotten one group of people, namely the widows.
  4. Please update us on your travel plans, for instance, your carrier, arrival time, flight number, etc.
  5. Will the customer receive any compensation, for example, a refund, gift voucher, etc.?
  6. The court found her innocent, that is to say, the court could not find any evidence to convict her legally.
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Sample Sentences using Antonyms of SUCH AS

  1. All the groups here, with the exception of pensioners, have received government benefits.
  2. All the company employees, except the third-party contractors, have to undergo random drug testing as per the code of conduct policy.
  3. They experimented with several elements, omitting the primary antibody during the clinical trial.

Final Thoughts

Such as is one of the most concrete phrases in the English language. Often writers and speakers tend to overuse it or sound too repetitive in their text for lack of a better replacement. Our list of antonyms and synonyms will surely be a helpful tool for your future writings.