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Skip counting by 2’s

Jenna is in front of a long flight of stairs. She decides to climb them by leaving one stair in between.

She leaves out the first step and steps on the second step and leaves out the third step and steps on the fourth one and so on.

So the number of steps she hops on are 2, 4, 6, ……..

We can see that 2 is added each time. These are the multiples of 2.

The values obtained by adding by 2 are called the multiples of 2.

The consecutive multiples of 2 can be written by leaving a number in between.

Example: Write 2, skip 2, write 4, skip 5, write 6, and so on.


Multiples of 2 are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 …

Multiples of 2 and even numbers

The multiples of 2 are also called even numbers.

The even numbers are the numbers that are divisible by 2. The multiples of 2 are also divisible by 2 and hence all the multiples of 2 are also even numbers.

How to identify the multiples of 2?

All the multiples of 2 are even numbers.

How do we identify even numbers?

Even numbers are the number that ends with the digits 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8.

All the numbers, no matter how large they are, that end with the digits 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 are even numbers and are also the multiples of 2.

Identify the multiples of 2 from the following numbers.

To identify the multiples of two, start by observing the last digit of each of the numbers.
The last digit of 360 is 0
The last digit of 568 is 8
The last digit of 22 is 2
The last digit of 7800 is 0 and so on.

List out all the numbers that have 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 as their last digits or one’s digit. These are the numbers that are the multiples of 2.

Here the multiples of 2 are 360, 568, 22, 7800

The nth multiple of 2.

We know that

  • The first multiple of 2 is 2
  • The second multiple of 2 is 2×2 = 4
  • The third multiple of 2 is 3×2 = 6
  • The tenth multiple of 2 is 10×2 = 20
  • The nth multiple of 2 is 2n.

That is any number of multiples of 2 can be found by multiplying the term by 2.


Find the 20th multiple of 2.

The 20th multiple of 2 is 20×2 = 40

“Multiples” Challenge!

What is the position of the value 512 in the sequence of the multiples of 2?


We could find the value of any number of multiples of 2 by multiplying the number by 2.
When the value is given and we need to find the position of the value in the multiples of 2, we perform the opposite of the multiplication operation i.e divide.

To find the position of the number 512, divide the number by 2.

512 ÷ 2 = 256

So the number 512 is the 256th multiple of 2.

Check what I know?

Write down the first 15 multiples of 2.

Find the two nearest multiples of 2 to the number 95.

Find the difference between the 15th and the 9th multiples of 2.

Max has pulled out all the socks from his laundry in a basket. He is trying to put the socks as pairs in his sock rack. If he has counted 58 socks in the basket, how many pair would he make from it?

Find the number of multiples of 2 till the number 108.

Nina is making a necklace of beads. She has red beads and green beads. If
she uses one red bead and one green bead alternatively, what will be the
color of the 16th bead if she started with a red bead?

A school has 1876 students. If there are an equal number of boys and girls
in the school. Find the number of boys.

In the given table, color or circle the multiples of 2 to bring out the message



Frequently Asked Questions

The even numbers are the numbers divisible by 2. For a number to be divisible by 2 it should be a multiple of 2. Hence all the even numbers are multiples of 2 and all multiples of 2 are even numbers.

The significance of the number 2 is it helps in finding the value of items in pairs. Like a pair of socks, a pair of gloves etc.

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