What is 2/11 as a decimal?

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What is 2/11 as a decimal?

2/11 as a decimal is 0.181818…

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A fraction is represented by the numerator and denominator separated by a line.

The line in a fraction represents the division of two numbers $$(\div)$$.

The division of the numbers of a fraction is called the converting of the fraction to its decimal form.


Let us find the decimal form of the fraction by dividing 2 by 11

2/11 as a decimal

  • It can be seen that 2 is not divisible by 11 as 11 > 2. To continue the division, place a decimal point in the quotient and add a zero to the dividend to make it 20.
  • Find the number of times 11 can divide 20 and write it below 20. Subtract to get the remainder.
  • Add a zero to the remainder to make it divisible by 11.
  • By repeating the steps you will get the remainder 2. After this, we stop the division because the same numbers are going to be repeated.

We will get a quotient of 0.181818……….

This is called a repeating decimal. This is a decimal in which the decimal digits repeat themselves in a sequence.

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Here we can see that the digits 1 and 8 are repeated. To show the repeating digits in decimal, we place a bar over the digits.
The answer is written as $$0.\overline{18}$$.

Answer: $$\frac2{11}=0.\overline{18}$$



Here are some common terms you should be familiar with.

  • In the fraction $$\frac2{11}$$, the number 4 is the dividend (our numerator)
  • The number 9 is our divisor (our denominator)


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