What is 4/7 as a decimal?

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What is 4/7 as a decimal?

4/7 as a decimal is 0.571428571428………

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Recurring decimals are decimal numbers that have one digit or a sequence of digits that are repeated or recurring.

These decimals are the results of long division from certain fractions. It is not necessary that the long division of all fractions give the remainder 0.

The long division of some fractions gives the same remainders repeatedly or in a sequence and hence the digits in the quotient are repeated.

A recurring decimal may have one repeating digit.

Ex. 0.3333…., 0.7777…

Or a sequence of digits that is repeated.

Ex. 0.28572857….., 0.567567…..

Boost your score Use the recurring decimal concept to find the decimal form of the fraction 4/7 img

Let us take the example of the given fraction.

4 over 7 as a decimal

Here we continue to divide the remainder in each step by adding 0 to the remainder.

As we can see that we have started the division with the number 4, the remainder in the last step is also number 4. If the division is continued the digits 571428 will be repeated over and over.

The division can be stopped when the remainder is repeated.

The decimal form of the fraction $$\frac47$$ is 0.571428571428………

To write this decimal in a finite form, it is written as



Here are some common terms you should be familiar with.

  • In the fraction $$\frac47$$, the number 4 is the dividend (our numerator)
  • The number 7 is our divisor (our denominator)

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