What is 7/12 as a decimal?

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What is 7/12 as a decimal?

7/12 as a decimal is 0.5833…

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A fraction is the representation of the number of parts taken out of the whole parts. It has the numerator and the denominator. The numerator is the value at the top of the fraction and the denominator is the value at the bottom of the fraction.

The decimal form of a fraction is also a representation of the whole number before the decimal point and the fraction after the decimal point.

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The conversion of the fraction to its decimal form is done by the long division method by dividing the numerator by the denominator.

Let us do the division for the given fraction $$\frac7{12}$$.


Since 12 > 7 and it is not divisible, we place a decimal point in the quotient and add 0 to the dividend to make it 70.

Carry out the division in a similar manner by adding 0 in each step.

It can be seen in the last step that the remainder 4 is repeating itself and hence the digit 3 is repeated in the quotient.
Hence the quotient 0.58333…. is a repeating decimal.

A repeating decimal is denoted as $$0.58\overline3$$.

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