What is 8/9 as a decimal?

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What is 8/9 as a decimal?

8/9 as a decimal is 0.888…

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  • The decimal form of a fraction is representing the whole number and the fraction part is separated by the decimal point.
  • The decimal form of a fraction gives accurate values sometimes and approximate values sometimes.
  • The long division method is used to find the decimal value of the fraction.

To perform a long division, divide the numerator by the denominator where the numerator is the dividend and the denominator is the divisor.

8 over 9 as a decimal


You can start the division by placing a decimal point in the quotient and adding zero to the dividend. This is done only in cases where the divisor is greater than the dividend and hence cannot be divided.

As we can see that 9 > 8, a decimal point should be placed in the quotient, and 0 has to be added to the divisor to make it divisible by 9.

The first step of the division gives 8 as the remainder. After adding 0 to this, we get 80 again which will give the same digits in the quotient.

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This form of a decimal in which one or a sequence of digits are repeated is called the repeating decimals or the recurring decimals.

If the fraction is divided continuously, the resulting answer will be 0.888….

8/9 as a decimal

This answer can be written in a terminating form as $$0.\overline8$$.



Here are some common terms you should be familiar with.

  • In the fraction $$\frac89$$, the number 8 is the dividend (our numerator)
  • The number 9 is our divisor (our denominator)

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