Kindergarten Readiness – Checklists Can Help

Kindergarten Readiness – Checklists Can Help

What is Kindergarten Readiness?

Kindergarten readiness is knowing whether your child is mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for school. Experts say that Kindergarten readiness is an essential first step in their academic life and forming relationships. In this article, we will discuss how using a kindergarten readiness checklist and interactive programs can support this process.

In the transition into learning, we must prepare them on their first school experience where they get their introduction to learning and their first connections. For example, accomplishment or failure in this early stage may affect motivation and confidence for the rest of their academic career.

In this preparation, we must evaluate how well they are developmentally ready to communicate and listen in order to support those values. Knowing your child’s communication and listening style will help them with getting along with peers as well as their teacher. This is very important to get them started on the skills that will continue in their academia.

As young children are entering the wide world of schooling, we must make sure that they are prepared. When there is no single way to determine whether every child is ready to start school, a Kindergarten Readiness Checklist can give you an idea of skills that are needed.

What is a Kindergarten Readiness Checklist?

What are some things you can do to prepare your child for success?

A kindergarten readiness checklist indicates what skills children have previously acquired as they progress through the pre-kindergarten school year. It also shows where your student lands in their abilities. Some of the skills include:

    • Listening to stories without interrupting
    • Making a comparison between big/little
    • Following the rules/sharing
    • Hold pencil correctly
    • Cut with scissors
    • Identify numbers 1-5
    • Retell a story
    • Write names

You are able to use the kindergarten readiness checklist to check off skills within each quarter of the learning year and see your child’s progress. Every child has his or her unique skills that may not be included, but this will not hinder them from entering school.

How Does a Checklist Help with Kindergarten Readiness?

We must ensure that they are ready to take on the big world of academia by guiding their learning. Parents can use this kindergarten readiness checklist as a tool as an early indicator and begin preparing children for entering kindergarten. Many parents have agreed that a readiness checklist has helped them ask the necessary questions as a parent to determine a child’s prerequisites for school. It also helps them determine what kind of activities are needed before starting school.

It is better for the student when the parent has an active involvement in their child’s education. This will prepare them for life from kindergarten to their ongoing academia. Instilling that role model concept at an early age will ensure they are starting out with great habits.

Using the kindergarten readiness checklist, you are able to partner up with your little student and check these off together. By checking them off together, you are instilling the preparedness they need for later life through this engaging activity.

Now entering a new era, students are expected to know more as they enter school, especially in Math. By taking part in a new k-8 interactive program, the student has active participation in their learning and will retain any exercises they encounter.

Interactive Kindergarten Activities

When learning new activities, it is easier for children to retain information by being active within their learning.  Kindergarten is a time to build a foundation of skills that will last throughout their entire lifetimes. Skills such as reading, writing, math, also activities on the computer that use comprehension and digital literacy.

We are now in a digital age where we can design a platform that is specific to our young students learning capabilities. In the past years, Math skills have been growing over time within each student, so now schools are expecting young students to know more math as they enter school.

ArgoPrep has designed a way to engage learners with interactive math games for kindergarten students. We want to ensure that they are having fun while learning. We also want to make sure that they are Common Core based.

The kindergarten activities will engage your young learner for exciting challenges while exploring the world of the alphabet, numbers, matching shapes, and solving puzzles. Having an engaged student within the kindergarten activities will set them up for success while having fun. Our program is also based on the same kindergarten standards that your child’s teacher will be using during the school year.

We are here to help you with your child’s readiness for school. We can offer some activities to help strengthen skills that will last them a lifetime. Sign up for a subscription today so that you can help boost kindergarten readiness.