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This is a popular question among both parents and students. As we all know, every student has their own learning style and picks up concepts at their own unique pace, but with that said, we strongly recommend students start studying 10 months before there exam date.
Ten whole months?! Relax! We’re not talking about hours and hours of power cramming each day. Fifteen to twenty minutes of practice is all you need each day to “kill” the exam. It’s also a great way to extend learning during the summertime and prevent backslide between grades. When school is out of session, you can bump that twenty minutes up to thirty, which helps students maintain healthy academic habits when they’re away from the classroom. Three weeks before the exam, we generally recommend students increase practice time to 45 minutes to an hour each day as they make the final push toward the finish line.
The secret to achieving an amazing score is to start early and practice effectively and efficiently. Twenty minutes is not a long time to study, but if students study twenty minutes per day with high quality materials for several months, they will see incredible results.


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