Primary Homework Help for Math

Primary Homework Help for Math

If your child is beginning primary school this year, you may find yourself wondering how to help them when they need it. Sure, it is only basic math, but helping a child learn it for the first time is not so easy. While you have been dealing with numbers all your life, your child is being introduced to abstract concepts. Primary homework help for math is often needed.

In addition, the methods taught in schools today are different from the ones in the past. Many states, districts, and school boards have adopted the new “Common Core” standards . Common Core puts an emphasis on the means of reaching a solution in addition to the solution itself. The intention is to improve real-life problem-solving abilities.

You may not even remember some of the things your child learns in school. Some of the knowledge he or she is obtaining now has probably not been used by you for many years.

In the face of all of this, what can you do to give your child primary homework help for math?

Primary Homework Help for Math Tips

Communicate with Teachers

Before you try to give your children homework help with math, you should contact their teacher to see what they are teaching. This is especially true if the curriculum adheres to Common Core standards. Teaching your child to do math one way may conflict with the teacher’s method, leading to confusion and competition. This is why communicating with teachers is so important.

During the first few weeks of school, an open house is often held. This is an event that allows parents to come in and meet teachers, who demonstrate their plans for the school year and answer questions. This is the perfect time to ask their math teacher if they will be using common core standards and, if so, how you can best help your child with their learning.

It is important that you listen to them and take what they say seriously. Your child will likely hold both you and their teacher in high regard. Deciding which of you is correct can be a very stressful situation and may even have consequences in the form of poor grades.

Brush Up on Your Knowledge

This may sound unnecessary since you yourself are able to understand what their curriculum consists of, it would be a good idea to run through a few problems yourself and make sure you can answer them correctly. This ensures that, when you go to help your child, you are not making mistakes and leading them to incorrect answers.

More important than answering the questions correctly is being able to explain how you did it. Teachers rely on the home as a place for students to continue learning, so if children are left to their own academic devices when they get home, the lessons will not be as impactful. Remember, you are not learning the material for yourself – you are learning it so that you can help your child.

Practice Patience When Giving Primary Homework Help for Math

 It is easy to get frustrated when you are teaching something to someone. You might have to repeat yourself multiple times, lose your target’s attention, or even make some careless mistakes yourself. All of these things can throw you off and harm the effectiveness of your lesson.

It is true that your child is learning something new in the form of math. You must remember, though, that math is probably an entirely new concept – something they may or may not have any experience with. They likely know how to count, but mathematical operations might be completely new to them.

Sometimes, progress will feel like it is stagnating. Your child may not be very interested in math, which can be the most challenging hurdle of all. As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

Rather than lose your temper, take it slow. Understand that learning math is not a race. It is much more important that your child complete their homework properly than it is that they do so in a short time. 

Further Resources

 Primary school children are eligible for ArgoPrep’s online math program. It’s a good alternative for primary math homework help since it doesn’t require parents to know all the skills. Our package contains entertaining games for your child to play that will improve their math skills and make a difficult, stressful subject enjoyable. If your child is having trouble in math class, this is a great way to help them catch up. It can also change an “I hate math” attitude.

Math homework can be very difficult for children completing it for the first time. You, the parent, are the single best help resource they have. If you adhere to these tips, you will surely make a difference for them in the early stages of their academic career.