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Worksheet generator

With ArgoPrep’s worksheet generator, you can create worksheets in less than a minute! This is a great tool for teachers or parents who are looking to build fun worksheets for students to work on. On our reading worksheet generator, you will be able to create crossword puzzles, word search, word scramble worksheets and more. On the math worksheet generator, you can create hundreds of math problems with just a few clicks. Create addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems with our generator. The best part is you can choose from our incredible design templates to create engaging worksheets.

Reading Worksheet Generator

Word Search Generator

Create your free word search worksheets with ArgoPrep’s word search generator. Simply enter a word list and we will do the rest!


Matching List Generator

Easily create a matching list worksheet by entering words that match another. You can create two columns of words or sentences that have to be matched


Word Scramble Generator

ew olve tcas! Sorry... those words are scrambled. We love cats! Use this free word scramble generator to create fun worksheets.


Tracing Words Generator

Let’s get those word tracing practice in! With this generator, you can create tracing worksheets for students to practice their writing skills.


Math Worksheet Generator

Addition Worksheet Generator

Create addition printable worksheets using ArgoPrep’s worksheet generator. Easily create hundreds of problems with just a few clicks.


Subtraction Worksheet Generator

Create fun and custom subtraction printable worksheets for students to work on.


Multiplication Worksheet Generator

Generate multiplication printable worksheets using this generator. You can generate multiplication with up to four digits.


Division Worksheet Generator

Create simple division or long division worksheets using this generator.


Fact Families: Addition & Subtraction Generator

Create addition or subtraction fact families worksheets to help students solidify their understanding of math facts using the same numbers.


Fact Families: Multiplication & Division Generator

Create multiplication or division fact families worksheets to help students solidify their understanding of multiplication facts using the same numbers.


Graph Paper Generator

Create your free graph paper using this generator. You can control the size and thickness of the graph paper.


Number Line Generator

Generate number lines for your needs to help solve any math problems. You can easily set the parameters to generate any number lines.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! Our worksheet generator is 100% free. Just create your free account and you can create as many worksheets as you desire. Don’t forget to customize your worksheets with our amazing design templates.

Yes! Teachers love the ArgoPrep worksheet generator. Feel free to print any worksheet you create on our website to use for your classroom. We also automatically create the answer sheet so you can easily check student work.

On our addition math worksheet generator, you first select the number of digits you want on the worksheet. We offer 1 digit upto 4 digit addition, so you can easily create math problems such as 5,067 + 2,098. Next, select the orientation of how you want the addition problems to be displayed on the generator. Traditionally, most teachers opt for the vertical orientation so students can easily show their work. Finally, select the number of problems you want to create. The ArgoPrep math worksheet generator allows a maximum of 20 problems per page. If you want to include more, simply follow the steps again after creating the first worksheet.

As you are creating the worksheet, you will see a button called “Templates”. Click on that button and you will be able to select the design you desire which will automatically be applied to the worksheet.